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Disney Pixar: Blu Ray & DVD Box Sets Coming + Kmart

While the John Lassetire + Jeff Gorvette 2 packs are out in Australia, it’s still impossible to tell if the Cars Director’s Edition DVD Box Set John Lassetire (diecast) will be different – I suspect it will be but ???

Remember that with Amazon, you can easily cancel a pre-order a few days beforehand by just signing on and click CANCEL. No harm, no foul.

They are also bringing back the $7 deal – buy this set and another Pixar DVD from THIS LIST and get $7 off.

Not included in the $7 off deal is the cool looking Lion King 3D Trilogy Box Set

And if you have a 3D TV and enough glasses to go around πŸ™‚ , all three Toy Story’s in 3D is also coming … (the same day CARS 2 in 3D).

If you don’t have a 3D TV, then this Toy Story Ultimate Box Collection set from last year (just a few left) is the way to go.

And hey, looks what’s still left over at Kmart, the Collector Event 20-Pack



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  • Eric says:

    Yeah, nice review on the K-Mart case. Maybe if he/she would have read the overview of the product, they would have seen that it only listed 7 Cars… By my math, you will probably get a few duplicates if you buy a 20 pack that contains 7 Cars. πŸ™‚

  • cac1959 says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Cars Director’s Edition… I’ll buy one for myself and hope that I get another one for my birthday or for Christmas.

    I’m not surprised that Kmart still has KM6 cases for sale… I think if you’d order online you’d get the Kmart 6 case and not KM1 or 2 (18 Cars per case) or Kmart 3, 4, or 5 (24 Cars per case)… I don’t think you’d get a Kmart 7 case almost 2 months early.

    And who’d have thought that Barry Diesel would still be for sale on MattyCollector.com, over 4 months after it went on sale.

  • Jack says:

    The question is: if it is a different Lassetire car, How different is different? It should be a bit more than a slight variation for this price.
    Can’t see a reason to spend 80.00 for 3 DVDs we already have, a car we will get for 8.00 and 1 new DVD of a so so movie.
    Is it me or does 80.00 sound outrageous to anyone else for this set? Considering the minimal cost of mass producing a few DVDs and 1 diecast car this is one huge markup they are asking.
    I dont see them selling well for this price. I Bet we will see a major price drop before these move well.

  • DDD says:

    I was in Kmart last night and they have huge signs everywhere directing you to their online order pickup location, like Hansel and Gretel put them out. (Also saw Crabby for the first time. He’s tiny! And seems really cheaply made, surprisingly so, especially at $16. I like the ship, though.)

  • bobbyjack says:

    Nice one star review on the 20 pack. Is anyone brave enough to order one? You might get a Kmart day 2 or day 3 case out of it!

    • John in Missouri says:

      You’d have a 90% chance at getting a Kmart Day 4 case!

    • John in Missouri says:

      By the way, the one-star reviewer complained that he got doubles and triples of the same car. Not sure if that’s worth a one-star review, but their other review was a warning about getting the wrong cars with his crew chief 2-pack order.

      • bobbyjack says:

        I want to get one of those cool Kmart Shopper T-shirts in his profile picture. I would wear it in Walmart and Target all the time just to see if they would ask me to leave.

        I tried to write a review when I got the wrong L&S car, but they wanted me to create a whole separate account and it was too much trouble and not worth the effort. We all know not to order anything from them online anymore.

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