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Speed Comparison GT Race Car Versus Formula 1

GT Race Cars fast …

Formula 1?


For Non-American readers, here are 10 things American know slightly more about than anything about Formula 1 …

10) The Hapsburg Empire

09) Mario Andretti

08) Kippers

07) That Alsace is the fifth-smallest of the 27 regions of France

06) Tartar sauce does not require Cream of Tartar

05) Proper use of an Emasculator Verboczy Triple Crush implement down on the farm.

04) Negotiating a deal on a rug at a bazaar

03) Latin

02) Naming at least 10 US states (okay, you might have to spot most Americans 8 states … including Canada as a choice)

01) Formula 409

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29 August 2011 CARS 12 Comments


  • With regards to the link from 5oclockshadow… I hate to be negative but…

    Sounds like all those toys that u guys have extras of especially from Cars 2, will soon make the endangered list like Sarge back in the day…

    Recalls are near? Non??

    Does it pay to clean up the shelves now and hold out for a dry market? I dunno…

    Sad to think that there will never be a real investigation…

    Mattel seems to be on the objective side of things though don’t ya think?….

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Cars toys are making headline news , and it isn’t positive.


  • Tom says:

    I think that’s a Ford Fiesta at :21

  • Tom says:

    Of course we know about Mario Andretti, and Patti! Two of our favorite Cars.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Yeah, but F1 cars aren’t self-starting, either; they require a mechanic with what amounts to a modern-day crank-starter.

    Come to think of it, Francesco should have had a pitty following him around everywhere, carrying around a long “probe” to shove up his aft end every time he needed to start his engine. Guess Pixar didn’t do their homework after all!

  • WillsCars says:

    I love this video. NASCAR would be even slower. I was lucky enough to be at Watkins Glen International this year for the Demo run of Tony Stewart’s NASCAR and Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car. They would do a few laps in their cars, then switch. Seeing Tony drive was cool, but I was so excited about seeing Lewis. The F1 car was so much more exciting to watch and unbelievably loud! When I told all the sport fan types at work about it, they all said “who’s Lewis Hamilton?” I would say, “What do you mean who’s Lewis Hamilton?? The 2008 F1 Champion!” They all still had a blank look on their faces. Then I just said, “Never mind.”

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    so you are saying Francesco would have really lapped everyone at the World Grand Prix.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Those are 10 things I don’t know much about either…
    10. I think they ruled Prussia/Germany for a little while.
    9. He drove the Kmart car for a few seasons.
    8. My kids watch that show. Isn’t about a dog that speaks in a British accent?
    7. Is it near the border with Belgium?
    6. I like to scrape tartar off my teeth.
    5. ???(don’t like the sound of that.)
    4. Never been to a bazaar.
    3. I know Pig Latin.
    2. I can name most of them.
    1. I use a lot of that stuff with little kids around.

  • Dunroamin says:

    hmm…F1 seems a bit faster…”you should go open wheel…you’ll love it”

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