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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: In the Land of Aus … 2-Packs Like Flying Monkeys

Too many to count …

I’ll raise you a Finn …

Is that all you got?

That’s nothing, I could buy you …

Sure, as if …

I might have to fold like a cheap deck chair from Sears …

Here we go!

All stocked and loaded for bear croco-megladon-shark in Australia.

Thanks for the taunt, “Andrew T.” 🙂

Would you trade 40 Finn’s?

Thanks for the nice pics. I have a feeling your FaceBook friend requests will shoot up by 895%. 🙂

Though I heard KM is getting a pallet drop … since back to School is already done – Labor Day? Post labor Day? Next Kmart CARS Day to jazz up traffic?

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