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New Zealand Earthquake Toy Boxes Ready to Go

There was a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand a few months back and Michael H. (aka: Man-I-Fold) took it upon himself to gather up toys for kids who need a little levity back in their lives. Thanks to everyone who sent in something and if anyone wants to help out Michael on the shipping costs, drop him a line.

Thanks for all your hard work, Michael!

And of course, you need Mater & LM to make sure everything is a-okay.

Oh oh, has anyone seen Guido?

Michael, if you want to leave your email, I’m sure people will pitch in on the postage – thanks!

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  • Tom says:

    A big thanks to Kevin, Mike & Jeaks!
    Way to “do a good turn”!

  • carscrazydd says:

    Special Thank You’s to the organizer’s of this Toy Drive; Nascarnbroncosfans (Western USA), Mike Manifold (Eastern USA), Jeaks (on the receiving end of the shipments, getting the toys dispatched), and anyone else who made this Toy Drive a go. Also, Special Thanks to all those who donated (including Lorri R.) to the cause of helping out some youngster’s we don’t even know. Great group of people we have on this site showing the true spirit of humanity and not thinking of only themselves.

  • Mike good photos.

    I was the one that started it, Mike chimed in. My two boxes left in April.

    I hope they get to needy children.

    Lorri R sent some and so did some locals and Dennis in Ohio and I donated about 8 launchers.

    • Postage was for both boxes I sent was 116.00 and change….

      It is my giving back or “paying it forward” A few TFAD people have helped us in the past 2 years, including Dan W. a few times more than he needed to and was lways there for an emergency. (thank you sir)

      I didn’t mind forwarding those items from those TFAD people that donated cars and stuff.

      Children smiling when they get a toy from a person they will never see or hear of, is fine with me and thanks enough.

      please no need any donations to shipping on my end.

    • Mike Manifold says:

      Children smiling when they receive their toy is definitely what this is all about. Again, this drive wouldn’t be possible without Nascarfan’s selfless direction and Jeak’s gracious help. The bulk of the donations seen in the picture above, really the second of two shipments to New Zealand, are from Bombero1956, Mia Tia & NJM, Metroxing, and the rest of the items were extra stuff from the Manifold family. Thanks everyone. Feel the love, people! 🙂

  • Eric says:

    Well played, Mike (and group)! How much was shipping to NZ?

  • Bumper Save says:

    Very nice of you! There are some things in there I don’t even have!

    • Mike Manifold says:

      My 5-year-old was very excited to “check in” each donation, and was quick to note the items he didn’t have. Of course he doesn’t know that he does have many of the items already tucked away for future gifts and prizes. 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:

    Very nice!!

    Mike, like Met requested, please post your email address and I will send you some cash relief.

    • Mike Manifold says:

      Thanks John! It’s mchlhff @ hotmail.com (remove spaces). I really appreciate collaborating with Nascarfan and all of the gracious T5AD members across the country who donated so much great stuff, as you can see in the pictures. This wouldn’t be possible without Nascarfan’s and Jeaks’ involvement so thanks must go out to them foremost. ~ Mike

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