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Every NHL Goal Horn Recorded & Ranked

Have you ever had too many Molson’s & PBR and thought, I’m gonna gather and record every NHL goal horn and rank them … well, enjoy your cans of suds in piece, the Awl.com has done all the work for you.


That’s right – all 30 goal horns recorded and ranked – and available for downloading … I’m sure your spouse will enjoy a new secret ringtone at volume 11. 🙂

Or trojan horse it onto your work buddy’s computer so everytime he hits return, BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA …

While I’m no Boston Bruin fan (sorry! 🙂 ). I do enjoy the lighthouse horn. 🙂

Your hearing loss is not my responsibility.

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28 April 2011 Sports 13 Comments


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