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Disney Pixar CARS 2: The CARS 2 TV Ad Frame By Frame … Diecast by Diecast

The first TV ad spot aired for CARS 2 – featuring a lot more information and of course, CARS to add to the CARS 2 diecast list …

Pixar will make oil rigs look beautiful …

Sure, marine life might like oil rigs blowing up but as movie goers … we want them blown sky high …

Like Star Wars, those Expanded Universe characters are now all mainline characters so for those who thought you could skip collecting these Tokyo CARS … dude, you are so behind now … 🙂

We want jumbo jet, jumbo characters and jumbo carrying cases …

Flight attendant Pitty’s.

Yet, Darrell Cartrip is back … along with Brent Mustangberger (Not only do we get a Mustang CARS onboard for CARS 2 but Bob representing Cutlass is so old school as not only are Cutlass’ no more, so is its makers, Oldsmobile). They might be talking to Miles Axelrod and of course, Pitty camera operator.

Finn variant, I’m sure …

Fans with Thundersticks … hello Datsun 240Z …

New Ramone’s House of Body Art? Definitely new Lime Green Ramone.

Is this McQueen with Racing Wheel variant?

So after about 4-minutes of footage total, we have a few hundred CARS and a couple mega playsets to yearn for. 🙂

You can check out the TV ad spot here …

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  • Nitroapolis says:

    Anyone notice Kabuto at 0:19?

  • Shawn says:

    I want a Pope-mobile.

  • Tom says:

    Oh and everyone knows our favorite “NASCAR” is the fastest and will win the WGP! I would like to see Cars motorcycles too! “Hardly Dangerous”, “Soichiro Honda”, “Erik Buell” and on and on… Maybe in Cars 3…

  • Tom says:

    Looks like some cool new Cars on the way. Mustangs, 240s, Century’s (I think Ito San is a Century?)I’d love to see the jumbo jet, ladder truck, refueling truck, etc. Why were the Pacer and Gremlin chosen as bad guys? They are almost the same car! Why not a Trabant or Lada or Yugo or some other truly crappy cars? Why pick on the US makes?
    I agree with Jack. As a parent of two boys, I think kids (and adults for that matter) don’t need terrorism, oil platforms, missiles, explosions in a Cars movie! Cars should be a fantasy escape from the troubles of the world, not a reminder of how effed up it is! They will get enough of that as they get older (Transformers, Iron Man, Spiderman, GI Joe, etc.).

  • Jack says:

     I don’t know. I believe there is no need to include the whole terrorism, blowing up things  plot. 
     I don’t mind a little funny spy espionage type side story but I don’t care for all the bombs and explosion scenes. Especially in a children’s movie. They kids have their whole lifetime to be subjected to many years of bombs, terrorism, explosions and the like by the media. We don’t even watch any movies or TV which contain violence, explosions or things line that.
     I could see young children even being scared or confused as to why people are trying to hurt others and blow other Cars up. IMHO The kids are too you young for that kind of stuff.       
     The first movie was such great family story. I love the Cars 2 take on the world racing challenge in different locations. I just hope they don’t ruin it with too much James Bond and diehard type stuff. 
     I know one or two other collectors have commented on this. I wonder how some others feel? Or is just because it’s Cars 2 it doesn’t matter or do other parents not mind explosions and bombing plots etc.?

  • cac1959 says:

    Awesome screen shots… I wish May 16 (for the toys) and June 24 (for the movie) would hurry up and get here…

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Are thundersticks the CARS equivalent to vuvuzelas?

  • por356 says:

    I want to see who will make the first custom oil drilling rig!

  • I-am-speed says:

    Ramone must be pretty busy…..he’s got THREE paint booths! 🙂

  • Dekoy says:

    Seems like the auto industry is a lot more onboard for this movie, as even background vehicles are easier to recognise.

    In the crowd scene, beside the 240Z is a Mini Cooper, a minivan that is escaping me right now, and a dodge minivan.

  • dikenlitel says:

    I can’t watch the video, it says “This video is private. Sorry about that.” Private to who, does anybody know ? I want to be “private” too.

    (MET: Fixed).

  • John in Missouri says:

    Just don’t give the Jumbo Jet assignment to the Haulers team at Mattel — it’ll be just a tad too small!

  • Mr. T says:

    Some AWESOME cars….. to collect or not to collect…that is the question……

    How about finishing the original line FIRST!!!! >:(

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