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Lego MiniFigures Wave 3: The Secret Bump Dots Visual Checklist
Posted in Retail, Toys on 1 February 2011
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That wacky Lego company … for some reason, they keep upping the ante on trying to blind people from figuring out what’s in each blind bag of minifigures … Since it’s not like they are manufacturing a million karate guys and 400 Sombrero guy, I’m not exactly sure what they are afraid of … since […]

iPhone Choice – Verizon or AT&T & How to Save a Few Bucks
Posted in Internet, iPhone on 1 February 2011
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If you’ve been waiting for an iPhone, should you buy the Verizon one or wait until June for the new iPhone? Of course, no one knows exactly what the next iPhone will be but not every iPhone release is a must-have … for instance, the 3GS was not a quantum leap over the 3G … […]

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Meat of the Lineup – Miles Meat Truck Malone & Leroy Traffik Tires Arriving (Marco … POLO … Update)
Posted in Mattel Disney Pixar CARS on 1 February 2011
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Case confirmed by CTC – The next oversized Deluxe case is arriving this week … Prototype pic so his final color and mattress color might be different (plus windows will be tinted … kids, avert your eyes!) And Hey Meat … Service & shipping this week – FN, man – FINALLY NOW – with a […]