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New Server at Take5 – Update

Hello there, Take5ers!

Well, it looks like our new server is up and running!  The small downside is I believe we lost some posts from earlier today [sorry Metro 🙁  ].

"Just finish this bad boy up and then off to cause some havoc over at T5!"

We have been having some behind the scenes server issues which some of you may have noticed us going offline here and there.  It was very annoying to us as well as to you so the upgrade was necessary.

The good news is that the server load times should be really fast now.  The downside is that we now have our own dedicated server which costs 3x more to operate.  Ouch!

Have I mentioned our tip jar lately?  😉

What the Hey? Donate Today!

The Donate button is at the upper right of our home page as well.  We try not to mention it much but every little bit helps.

So, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year from METRO and TIZMANIAN here at Take5!

Stay tuned for some new announcements. 😉

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30 December 2010 Uncategorized 9 Comments


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