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Disney Pixar CARS: New Disney Store “White” Tractor

“David D.” found something interesting in the Disney Store …

A White Tractor …

I have never looked closely at the scenes with the cows-tractors, are there mostly white ones intermixed with the tan & brown ones?

The back of the card still shows the older design but that may not mean much as Disney Store CARS packaging do not get a lot of updates.

David D. was nice enough to include the Disney Store product code – is it the same as the other Tractor? New numbers?

Interesting …

From any of the Expanded Universe CARS storyline? Books? Comics? Video game? CARS LAND?


Maybe it all depends on the product number – if it’s the same as before, it seems to indicate a “permanent” design change … maybe in the next Toons or in CARS 2, the tractor colors more accurately reflect a typical Holstein milk cow? Was there a Bovine FaceBook petition group all up in arms … or rather that it was udderly ridiculous that the tractor cows were all brown & tan?

But if the product numbers are different, we can probably presume the white ones are just an addition … or some albino CHASE? Will there be a mad, mad run on both?

Better hoard just in case? Whey you be the big cheese of Disney Store tractors in your area? Will the gathering of the beasties be a milk run? Or will you get creamed by a cow catcher? Don’t worry, I won’t cry over spilt tractors … happy grazing!

So, thanks for the nice pics, “David D.” – clearly you have opened a can of condensed sour milk worms … as the old saying goes.

BTW, in case you’re curious about the size of the Disney Store tractors – here they are next to Mattels’ Mater & Lightning …

(diorama by Micky)


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28 December 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 31 Comments


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