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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Thug Pitty’s?

There’s no official new list of Mater Tall Tales singles 2011 but there is an addition to the list …


Presumably these guys?

Not exactly hard to mold & glue a plastic “knit cap” on the head of Pitty’s …

Or a couple of metal drums … or a stack of counterfeit tires as accessories?

Unlikely to be these Thugs as it would require a whole new sculpt and mold for the dude on the right.

But these two guys might appear in another packaging … since we don’t really know much about 2011.

A 4-pack or deluxe release (s) would definitely include some of these TOON CARS …

Color and/or monochrome?

And of course, I know you all know this but since there’s only a handful of days left in 2010, we should tray and raise our IQ … if not the amount of trivia in our brains …


The English word “thug” comes from the Hindi word “thag”, meaning “conman”. It is one of many Indian words borrowed into English during the British colonial period.

The English connotation of ‘thug’ is synonymous with terms like hoodlum, indicating a person who harasses or attacks others, usually for hire. People regarded as thugs might menace, commit assault, battery, robbery or even grievous bodily harm, but they usually stop short of murder. They work alone, in pairs, or in groups, and are typically open about their presence (except to law enforcement officials).

The Indian “Thuggee” were covert and operated as members of a group, often called a “Thuggee cult” by the British. Hence, the word “Thuggee” is capitalised while the word “thug” usually is not; which enables distinction of a “Thug” (here, a short form of “Thuggee”) from a “thug”.

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27 December 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 21 Comments


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