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Toy R Us – The Giraffe Never Sleeps … Open 88 Consecutive Hours!

Get rested today as TRU will try and outlast all shoppers starting tomorrow …

“Toys“R”Us® today announced that its stores nationwide will remain open for 88 consecutive hours beginning at 6am on Tuesday, December 21 and continuing through 10pm on Christmas Eve.”*

“.. offering the most last-minute shoppers every opportunity to find the right toy for the child on their holiday gift lists. This is the first time that all Toys“R”Us stores across the country will stay open 24-hours per day during the final countdown to Christmas.”

There is also another sale starting Tuesday …

Tuesday, December 21 and Wednesday, December 22, while supplies last**:

* FREE $50 Toys“R”Us Gift Card with the purchase of Nintendo® Wii™ Game System and Wii Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (in-store only)

* FREE Hot Wheels® 10-Car Pack with the purchase of Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set – $9.99 Value


* BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF ALL Video Game Accessories Priced up to $19.99 (in-store only)

* OVER 50% OFF Riptunes 2GB MP3 Player – Was $29.99; Now $14.47

* 50% OFF BABY ALIVE Real Surprises Baby Doll – Was $39.99; Now $19.99

* 50% OFF Imaginarium® Spiral Train Set – Was $49.99; Now $24.99

* 50% OFF ALL Liv™ Dolls, Sets and Accessories – prices vary

* SAVE $150 on Big Backyard Carlisle Wood Gym Set – Was $499.99; Now $349.99

* SAVE $81 on Coby® 19” LED High Definition TV – Was $229.99; Now $148.99

* SAVE $60 on Power Wheels® Kawasaki® Brute Force – Was $299.99; Now $239.99

* SALE on Mattel® Sing-a-ma-Jigs!™ – Was $12.99; Now $9.99 each

AND if you’re in NEW YORK CITY – the city that never sleeps REALLY never sleeps … The Times Square TRU has already started the marathon of shopping … good thing retail clerks in NYC are never grumpy. 🙂

“To help New Yorkers and out-of-town visitors find time to complete their last-minute holiday shopping, Toys“R”Us Times Square will remain open from 6am on Friday, December 17 through 10pm on Christmas Eve, providing gift-givers with 184 continuous hours of shopping. In addition to offering the same deals and savings as Toys“R”Us stores nationwide, customers at Toys“R”Us Times Square can hear the roar of the life-sized T-Rex dinosaur or make themselves at home in the 4,000 square-foot Barbie® dollhouse, two of the store’s many unique attractions.

Toys“R”Us Times Square also offers specialty services, such as Personal Shopping and Corporate Sales, where highly-trained staff can provide one-on-one attention and expert assistance in helping shoppers find the right gift quickly and easily. Personal Shoppers are available Monday through Saturday from 8am to 11pm and Sunday from 8am to 9pm. Gift-wrapping and shipping (to local, national, and international locations) are also available at Toys“R”Us Times Square to offer customers a convenient shopping experience.”

So time to get out there at 4 AM to finally get the Guido and Ferrari Fan Guido you’ve been pining for …

* Some states prohibit 24 hour open-shopping – crazy commies! (Stores in Paramus, NJ, select stores in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, as well as the Toys“R”Us Express stores, will not be open 24 hours per day, largely due to local ordinances. Some Toys“R”Us store locations will close at 8 or 9pm on Christmas Eve).

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20 December 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 19 Comments


  • quercy says:

    TRU 20% OFF ALL DISNEY CARS WOODEN SET until dec 24th…. Already???

    Me I’m saving 100% because I won’t buy any… 🙂 It WOOD be nice if the 20% was also applicable on diecast…

  • moe says:

    Now if TRU had a new exclusive Car or set that only went on sale at this time, then everyone would be lined up to get them no matter when it was. 🙂

  • Jack says:

     It’s so sad that the real powers that be have eliminated so many jobs in America that people are happy now just to be able to work long hours to live in a system created for them and to pay taxes to those same real powers that be. 
     In an honest system no one would have to work long hours unless they really wanted to. In an honest system there wouldn’t be large corporate owned stores trying to get even richer by making people work these kind of hours. 
     Yes you can bet the people that will be making the most money by keeping the stores open will Not be working. 
     They will be enjoying their lives like everyone should be. Same goes for the people collecting the extra taxes that will be taken out of all these poor hard working souls that need the extra cash the most. 
     Ah but it’s the ability to divide all the regular hard working people that have allowed the private clubs of the wealthy to get even more wealthy and powerful. 
     While the regular law abiding citizens point fingers at one another, argue over petty issues and blame each other for the ills of the world; the ones who really are to blame for most of the worlds problems go unnoticed. 
     I find it extraordinary to live in the world in which 90% of the population just have no idea how the world is really run or who is really running it.    Most people know many things are wrong and getting worse they just don’t know why. 
     It’s a shame the people creating the real problems that profoundly affect each of our lives each and everyday are not held accountable whatsoever. 
     Some things never change- it’s good to be the king. Especially when your servants and tax payees that fund the kings lifestyle just have no idea they are being taken advantage of. 

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Stay home and watch Cars, Toy Story 1,2 & 3, UP, Wall-e, the Incredibles, Nemo, Monsters, Inc, A Bugs Life, Tatatouille. Basically, there is no reason for any retailer to keep these hours.

  • materrocks says:

    Don’t you think that the employees at TRU will get time off. The company is not going to pay that much overtime. There will be different shifts to cover the hours that they are open. Not to offend anyone, but if someone needed a last minute gift for a child-TRU was the only store open in the wee hours of the morning-you are actually telling me that you would not patronize them. By now, you probally have figured out that I work in retail. You work when you are ask to and you do what is ask of you. Like someone in an earlier post said, you are lucky to have a JOB. The cell phone users are those who have a job, but know it’s not the job they will retire in so they don’t care if they do the job or talk-the job does not matter to them. These days, you do what is needed to survive.

  • boogity says:

    i see tru are open to 22.00 on christmas eve, that is ridiculous, I pity the people who have to work til then, mind you I dont suppose their head office staff will be working to then!
    still I suppose thats retail for you


    aka the seeker of truth …and justice

  • BMW says:

    Target 16.99 TOYS R US 24.99 for the same hot doll for Christmas.
    Same thing with mini figs sell for 2.99 then a few days later raise the price to 3.99. If its a hot toy you can be sure that TRU will take advantage of the demand.

  • NascarFan says:

    Giraffe is the correct spelling

  • Thomas James says:

    PLEASE do not be “one of those people” who endorse corporate greed by shopping after hours (12:00AM – 6:00AM). You’re just part of the problem that forces workers, of said corporations (who come up with these jack-ass ideas), to have to sacrifice what little self respect they have left, to go in and suck it up. Mark my words, if this takes off, we’re (Toy’s “R” Us) is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from being open up on Thanksgiving and Christmas days. Won’t happen? That’s what I thought about Easter, New Years Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, & Memorial Day. All we’re days off when I started. Oh yeah…no holiday pay or shift premium. I swear to God the hoops that I have to jump through for a job. Unreal.

    • NascarFan says:

      having a job is better than not having a job period.

      Hows having a job with the boss posting an ad for your job while your still working?

      ( oh its a mistake ad, or oh its an automatic renewal, while they walk others through who interview for those positions)

      Then there are those that have a job and dont take it seriously. Let those that WANT a job, have it, and take it seriously….. if you cant work and commit to a job and stop screwing around on your phones. Leave it in your car or your home or GET OUT and let someone else work who NEEDS THAT job.

      Then there is those that never get hired because they are “too honest”

      • Terri says:

        Well said Nascar! I have been one of those laid off without a job. I am thrilled to have another one and I will do whatever it takes to do a good job. I knew going in what kind of a job I was taking and will be the best I can be.

        • NascarFan says:

          Thanks Terri.

          I have yet to find an employer who is HONEST and wont play games.

          Worked for some nut cases in my life and have some stories that would scare anyone from looking for a job ever again.

          But I dare any employer to be “Honest” and straight up, Do what it takes to KEEP great workers and those that “are willing to go the extra mile to keep costs down and help a company when the company needs it so that when an employee needs the help they can return that “favor”. So far none but one has even come close.

  • cac1959 says:

    Geoffrey the Giraffe = Girafee?

    Too bad I don’t have local access to a Toys R Us store… but I might be able to convince my wife to make a trip, as she wants to pick up a few more toys for each of our grandchildren… and I can ride along and look for Cars… I’m hoping to get my driving privileges back next Monday – it’s been a long 5 weeks since my reconstructive elbow surgery.

    I can’t imagine Toys R Us stores being open 88 hours straight… or me spending much time in one looking… but I guess they do carry more than Cars.

  • John in Missouri says:

    What’s a “Giraffee”?

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