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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Days Month

Hopefully if you pre-ordered, you finally got your confirmation or shipping notice.

Shoot us an email when you actually get the case …

For those who missed out, this post should get you up to speed.

If you missed out or simply want to get another set, don’t just look on the shelves at your local Kmart and walk away if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Some people reported that their stores did not put anything out so everything is still in the back – be sure and find someone in toys to ask. The toy manager or the toy section employees would rather you buy CARS than have them sitting in their back room.

Now, some stores only got one master case so there might not be much left but other stores might’ve gotten as many as 6 master cases.

Some stores simply do not want to devote more peg space and have anywhere from a few to more than 10 cases of CARS left so if you ask, they should bring some out for you.

And of course, be sure and post in the TRADING FORUM what you are missing or are still looking for – some people might have extras or they might be willing to stop in at their Kmart to help you out. Please be sure you work everything in advance and do not set up too many deals or renege on an offer.

And Kmart is having a 3-pack this week also …

So, good luck all …

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27 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 47 Comments


  • Indykjt says:

    Good post from carscrazydd… and I do appreciate all that nascarfan, BMW, and others have done behind the scenes to help pull these off. I also appreciate the fact that Kmart is in fact the only major retailer to step up and have these events at all.

    Having said that, I think much of the frustration from collectors lies with the fact that this is the 4th online presale event, and the issues are continuous throughout, and pretty much expected at this point.

    I know Kmart also does the Hotwheels events, and they do the same kind of presales with those events as well… right? I am not 100% sure on this, because I don’t collect those. Are there the same issues with those events? I would be curious to know.

    The fact is that Kmart is a major retailer, and logistical nightmare or not, issues should be few and far between, not the norm and to be expected as it is now.

    I do quite a bit of online purchasing from most of the major retailers, and I can say, by far, Kmart has the most issues in regards to these sales. I’m not just referring to the presales either, as others here can attest to.

    Again, I am not calling out Kmart just to do so, as I love these events and will continue to attend and support them, from KD6 onward. My hopes are just that they do get it figured out, before the next one.

    • NascarFan says:

      To my knowledge KT… this is the first presale online for Kmart Hotwheels that I sent out.

      I dont follow that but got the link wayyyy before it went live and thus posted it on several forums including HW collectors forum themselves.

  • NascarFan says:

    Dennis, thanks bud….

    Thanks BMW on the Kmart Day #6 Update, I hadnt posted that info yet but yea I think we see Chick, King, Mcqueen in RT for a safe bet.

  • BMW says:

    edit, I read that the movie is to open on June 24 elsewhere on the internet, but Gerard clearly said June 18 in his email to me. Unless he has the date wrong?

  • BMW says:

    Thoughtful and excellent post Carscrazydd. You and everyone who said thanks to Kevin,myself, Met and Kmart people are so welcome

    Your thoughts are right on regarding what a major endeavor these events are for Kmart. I totally agree with you as we do not see other retailers ever having Collectors Days events.

    Met, Kevin and I have worked together on Kmart Days 2-5 and yes every event there have been glitches, whether its been during the preorder process, the instore events, or case assortment errors (not Kmarts fault here).

    What I have to say is that Kmart’s VP of Toys, Dev, originally reached out to me, and Met and asked for suggestions and ideas to improve their collector events during Kmart 2. How many executives would do that? Since that time he has turned things over to his people to help us out, Chris, Gerard, Samara and Amanda as direct contacts when needed and they have been stellar working behind the scenes to fix the problems.

    The in store events have improved dramatically compared to Kmart 1.
    The preorders still are rough, but at least they do it. Try preordering cases of Target Final Laps? Yea, right. sure.

    We must give credit to Kmart these events are a logistical nightmare if you think about it–the distribution–the employees in the stores— management–the rules–followup–preordering–negotiations with Mattel.

    The fact that they listen to collectors and bring these racers to the marketplace, through their negotiations with Mattel is what makes Kmart special.

    Kmart 6 is going to be awesome. Yes they will offer 3 Cars the Movie racers in rubber tired singles, and another chase car will be in the mix. I suspect the 3 will be King, Mcqueen and Chick singles in rt.

    Since Cars 2 opens Saturday June 18, Kmart will to try to run the event the same weekend the movie opens in theaters- This date is not confirmed as it will need approvals.

    Since the event is going to closely coincide with the movie premier you can safely bet we will meet the new racers/characters in that case too. Its just logical first movie cars meet new movie cars, old meets new, etc etc.

    The date should be finalized by Late January/early February 2011.

  • carscrazydd says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just a few thoughts on the Kmart Day 5 online ordering problems, I’m with Kevin (Nascarfan) on the thought of either a Hard Drive crash or a Software bug that sent the Kmart online ordering process to the depths. I cannot come up with any other reason for why this happened to this degree after all that was done by Met, Tiz, Kmart Rep’s., Kevin, Barbara
    (BMW), all T5aD or any other blogsite members who participated in how to improve future Kmart Cars Day events (post 5-28-2010).

    I did not order any cases online, but I feel for all the people who did as it could not be good to not get a confirmation email that you ordered merchandise. That said, I understand that all who ordered have a right to be upset with the situation, but a little patience would have gone a long way here, I believe. I envision that the comments would be “Got my confirmation email, took a little longer this time – but Thank You Kmart, T5aD, Kevin & Barbara for all your help – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! (obviously better than some of the comments I’ve been reading lately)

    I hope that all the negative hype toward Kmart on this website doesn’t hurt us on future events, I’m still short 4 SRT racers to complete my sets and then there is Cars 2. I think it was very nice to have been listened to as collectors by Kmart, the First to Market Chase Paint Mask Lightning McQueen was a big score for all of us – bested by the fact that we didn’t have to Chase him!

    Kevin had cases ordered also and was already teamed up behind the scenes with Barbara working with Kmart rep’s on a solution. I know from experience that Kevin is a person who stands up for what is right and will do what he can to help, one only needs to ask – this isn’t new news, he’s been there all along. I also know from knowing him personally that he has been hurt by all the negativity, as I have – I don’t want the events to be dis-continued!

    We all can entertain the thought that these events should be much better organized online and in-store. The truth is each one of these events are major endeavors for Kmart, it’s nation-wide – there are going to be problems, but nothing that can’t be resolved. Besides if it is so easy, why don’t we see other major retailers jumping on board holding their own events with First to Market items – no one does this but Kmart!

    To Kmart, Kevin admits to me that he can handle the job of online ordering and distribution, both domestic and international. My thoughts are you should seriously consider getting him on board!

    Big Thank You’s go out to you Kevin, Barbara, Kmart Rep’s and of course, Met and Company!

  • NascarFan says:

    Jeaks / HTB / Piston Car Hunter: you are very welcome

  • Jeaks says:

    I would say thanks to Kevin for all the work he does for collectors like me who are overseas. It is not just the Kdays but with SDCC and other items or events. He is the man and if I was a member of the Utah Collectors club I’d nominate him for lfe membership (don’t if you do this in US but it is somthing we do in Australia when someone has done significant service for a club or the like).

    I also say thanks to Barbara, whilst she does not get my Cars (only coz I get from Kevin) I know she helps others out and also provides info for us all.

    Three cheers and a big round of applause as thanks to both of you from me

  • NascarFan says:

    Me too:

    Your Kmart Order Has Shipped notices are being sent out now….

  • Bombero1956 says:

    Just got an email indicating that one of my orders has shipped. Coming via UPS.

  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart Canceled Orders UPDATE:

    From Kmart Reps:

    I will have an update shortly. We are planning on reposting the item for purchase later today – I will follow up when that is available, so that you may disseminate to your respective boards.

    S. T.

    Kmart Rep

  • Josiane says:

    For someone who helps with takefiveaday Kmart canceled orders and sending them Overseas, Kmart should at least send him a few hundred cases to get these orders Overseas and or USA orders going on time and no problems. Give Kevin the job KMart!!!!
    How about giving him the job of Disney ” Cars ” toys period? Maybe then we could get the correct 3 packs and correct Lightyear Launcher sent out !!!

  • NascarFan says:

    I think that we should at least thank Kmart for being closer to collectors with this stuff than any other retailer regardless of order problems though.

    I do want to see more Kmart Days

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    Oct. 28.
    It’s a good thing I went to the event 5 and picked up the cars I really wanted. I also had ordered a case online but didn’t hear anything from Kmart. I sent an email to them to say how disappointed I was on how long it was taking-I cancelled my order, I received an email saying they did cancel-then a got an email saying they couldn’t fill my order. Strange isn’t it. No more pre-orders for me, besides, it’s more fun going to the event anyway.

  • BMW says:

    Glad its finally getting sorted out. Kevin and I have been in constant communication through this whole preorder/email event. Its taken lots of his and my time, but worth it.

    Give Kevin the job Kmart!

    Eric, Kmart 6 will be very exciting.

    • NascarFan says:

      Yea BMW remember the ITS LIVE call list? and the babysitting the website when it goes live that one week?

      Thanks BMW I could do way better with just paypal, a few replacement ink cartridges, paper, a coffee pot…

      (No offense Kmart).. Too bad since this is voting season…. I cant be elected to it!!

      I would have no problem with doing it all or half of the orders, then we could get the overseas people done at the same time too!!

  • Eric says:

    Maybe next time they can just allocate a couple thousand cases to Kevin and he can take PayPal orders until they are all gone. At least we can rest assured that we would have an organized event and those couple thousand cases would reach the folks that ordered them. Of course I would expect that Kevin would require all of the cases be in front of him before he actually took the orders and fulfilled them. ha

    Now that I think of it, unless Apple somehow makes it to K6 and we get a Cars 2 car or two, the K-Day 6 assortment is going to be a big disappointment anyway…

    So in short, ask for a “seasonal” K-Mart job for the month of June, Kevin.

  • TarheelBill says:

    Got the confirmation this afternoon.

  • slicepie says:

    Did get my confirmation emails plus credit card was charged! No kidding this time, it really happened 8)

  • Wraukn says:

    Check the Hot Wheels carousel at the front of the store. The 4 Kmarts near me are filled with Cars day 5 cars. Minus the chase cars.

  • moe says:

    Went to 3 Kmarts today to get 3 packs and one Kmart manager told me the ad is for the red box and not for rubber tires. The other 2 sold for sale price. The $5.00 birthday coupon was turned down at the 1 Kmart and said it is one per person and only if their birthday. But the coupon has a date span and not everyone’s birthday is in this time. Other 2 Kmarts said nothing. Always have to have a store with no sense at all. Anyway got a few 3 pks with Rubber McQueen for $4.30 with tax. πŸ™‚

  • RICK says:

    I got my confirmation so I’m a little happy. I won’t be totally happy until that case is in my hands.

  • pwschuh says:

    Got my confirmation e-mail this afternoon. Thanks NASCARFan.

  • SarahOC says:

    I did get my email confirmation. Now I can’t wait to receive my cases!

  • victoria says:

    Funny…or maybe not…the k-mart in ofallon, mo had four full totes of k-mart day 5 cars. They were sitting on the floor in the toy area. Sorry to hear of your frustration.

  • Frank says:

    Nope. No confirmation email yet but they did charge my credit card. At least that’s an indication it didn’t fall into a black hole.

  • NascarFan says:

    Your Kmart Order Confirmation‏s are being sent out.

    If you get a cancelation let me know , I will help get your info to the right people NOT someone in India.

    Generic Kmart Service reps have been telling stories about they dont have the cases.

    Which is true because ITS NOW SOLD OUT

    Whats NOT true is that they never had them in the first place. They do have them.

    Dont bother people in India who are clueless.

    Send me:

    your full name

    your phone number on the Kmart account

    2nd phone number to be contacted

    Your order number or numbers.

    and patence..please


  • Sandy says:

    I actually went to 2 kmarts around my area. And none of the Kmart 5 cars were on the pegs. So I asked a sales associate at one store if they could get me a case and said they could not. That the stocking crew were the only ones who were allowed to get the case. Then my sister drove me another 45mins to another Kmart for the manager to tell me that all they have is what is on the pegs. I told them I had ordered a case and needed those cars. She said there was nothing she could do. Extremley upset right now. I do have the cars for my son but I needed that case. I have just recieved a email confirmation for the case I ordered but now how long to I have to wait for it to arrive? πŸ™

    (MET: Doesn’t sound a good day – weird, the Kmart’s I’ve been to seem happy to sell more CARS … well, at least we got the confirmation today – now we just need to wait for the NOW SHIPPING email).

    • Dunroamin says:

      I’ve been back 3 times this week to pick up various quantities…the guy just goes out back and wheels out a shopping cart which still has the cartons and the cars in them…some with only 1 car missing (i know, cuz I nabbed the chase car)…not sure why they won’t get them for you…what kind of customer service is that?

  • kdthomas says:

    Hope everyone is glad that they pre-ordered πŸ™‚

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