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Toys R Us Sweetens Loyalty Program Rewards

Toys R Us sweetens loyalty program rewards:

” … giving members 10 percent back on their purchases this holiday season.”

“Members of the Rewards ‘R Us loyalty program can start making purchases at Toys ‘R Us and Babies ‘R Us stores to qualify for this deal on Sunday, Oct. 31 through Christmas Eve. After the Christmas holiday, the toy retailer will email a rewards coupon, which will be valid until Jan. 31, 2011.

Typically, Toys ‘R Us customers receive $5 back for every $150 they spend, using their Rewards card during specified three-month periods.

The ramped-up rewards program will be a centerpiece of Toys ‘R Us’ holiday advertising, according to Greg Ahearn, senior vice president of Marketing and E-commerce at Toys ‘R Us. The program also has other benefits, including incentives for diaper and formula purchases, access to special shopping events, and email notification when certain “hot” holiday toys are available.”


And from the same people who spent millions researching and determining that kids like ice cream and people like free money, apparently – this is a stunner & shocker of a finding.

“Many recent consumer surveys have found that sales or price discounts remain a key factor in making holiday purchasing decisions.”

Other surprising findings:

I like shopping in stores with clerks that do not punch me in the face.

I like stores where I do not pay $25 to park for 30-minutes.

I like stores where the front door can be opened easily.

I like stores where the lights are on.

I like stores that do not send me email confirmations for online orders. (sorry, couldn’t resist).

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27 October 2010 Retail 7 Comments


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