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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Day #5 Details + Checklists

What is the Kmart CARS Collector Event Day?

Twice a year, Kmart stores offer EXCLUSIVE rubber tire Piston Cup racers. There was on on-line presale but that is closed now.* Your next opportunity is this Saturday (tomorrow) in stores ONLY to buy them individually.

* the website says ‘temporarily unavailable,’ does this mean they will offer more AFTER Saturday – whatever cases are left unopened since some stores don’t get as much traffic?

How Does it Work?

Generally around the toy section, they will set up a table – you will also see some people gathered about (from some to hopefully not too many). At around 11 AM, they will begin letting people draw numbers. The rules are that ANYONE who is capable of physically drawing a numbered ticket is eligible to draw … meaning pretty much anyone from the age of 6 month and up … they will then call out numbers randomly from the draw – if your number is called, the will start to cut open a box for you – you are allowed to select up to 5 CARS in the first go around.

Will I get the CARS I want?

It will all depend on how many boxes the store receives and how many people are drawing tickets. the most sought after CARS are the Piston Cup racers – there are at least two in each case so basically you can do the math as to how many people there are & that everyone can select 5. Now after everyone who has drawn a number has picked their 5, some stores hold additional drawings – other stores just open it up as a free for all.

How early should I go to the event?

OFFICIALLY, they are supposed to draw numbers at 11 AM and in the order of your drawn number. So, you might show up at 10:58 and draw a low number or show up at 8:30 AM and draw a high number.

WARNING – there are stores that aren’t going to follow the official, guidelines so you probably want to show up at least by 10:30-10:45 and scope out the situation … in some cases, you actually have to remind them to re-read their instructions. It’s by the number you draw and not when you begin to line up.

If I pre-ordered, they have shipped?

Since this time they are NOT even sending email confirmations and apparently cannot confirm or deny anything – welcome to wonderland or at least the land where there is no email.

Here is a checklist for yourself or relatives as to what to buy and what NOT to buy. 🙂

The second part of the checklist covers the lenticulars. Your fellow shoppers will be happy if you load up on Radiator Springs LM.

BTW, this coupon still seems active. As noted, it does not scan but inputting the numbers work. And if they try and give you grief and say it’s a ‘photocopy,’ point it says clearly it’s a PRINTABLE COUPON – how else are you supposed to print it other than from an inkjet or laser printer?

And the overall checklist of Piston Cup racers …

Part II-page 2.

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