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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Next Mater Tall Tales Toons Singles – Case H

Coming next for the Toon singles (Nearly all the Wrestling CARS will be in the Toon Megasize-Deluxe lineup).

Finally scheduled! Dr. Mater Mask Up.

And Komodo … these are the new two in the case … of course, both have been out in Europe already. The rest in case you haven’t seen them yet.

It looks like it’s Cho in the case and not “Cho variant,” which is the one with the orange tires …

Thanks ‘Children’s Toy Closet’ for the updated info.

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  • Stig McQueen says:

    Some good ones in this case, but c’mon — do we really need any more Nurse Kori’s or Nurse GTOs warming the pegs? Would rather have skipped those for more Tokyo Mater CARS.

    And BTW, I’m only seeing the list and Dr. Mater, too; the rest are blank.

    (MET: I re-loaded the photos. Better?)

  • riley says:

    where do you buy tokyo mater with flames?

    (MET: Int’l sales starts on 8/2. Look for post on Monday).

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Error 404 – Cute Dude-Met-Dude… Are we tying out something or is my twenty thousand dollar computer not up to speed with Radiator Springs?

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      rebooted surfin’ system and still no access to those sweet pics of new cars… Toons-bad for me…

  • Bombero1956 says:

    Still stuck on Rescue Squad Mater here in Western Massachusetts. I went to 2 different Targets today and located the Shovel Lightning McQueen, Flo with Tray and 1 Artie. All of them had the cardback bent in half. I swear somebody stopped at these 2 stores and ruined whatever they couldn’t afford to buy!!

  • Mr. T says:

    Yay!! Right clicked on page – View page info – details – media at the top menu – and for some reason the block images was checked. Works goot!!

    • John in Missouri says:

      When I right click the page, I don’t see “View page info”. There is a “View Source”, but nothing else like that.

  • Micky says:

    I cleared cache and restarted but still on pictures except for Mater in mask 🙁

  • kevin roche says:

    are any of the new tokyo mater stuff scheduled to be released in 4 packs

  • Indykjt says:

    All the pics are showing up fine on my end!

  • Rippers says:

    Only the mater pic works for me, I checked early on my work comp and its the same now on my home comp

  • John in Missouri says:

    Couldn’t they at least put Nurse Kori in a redesigned card? Or maybe not even include her?

    And what’s with 5 Komodo’s but just 2 Cho’s????

  • I can’t see anything except Mater!

    (MET: Have you toggled on or off some plugin or setting like ALWAYS SHOW/NEVER SHOW IMAGES? Try right clicking on our page and see what submenus pop up?)

  • Jinzo says:

    I think my store just got Case B or something from 10 years ago… had Kabuto, Ito San, & DMcqueen. 🙁 Too bad these are still $4.99. I wished they were back to $3.99… must get one of each… 🙁

  • CaptainChunk says:

    I’d still be collecting MTT items *if* I could find anything new. It’s been months since the first Tokyo Mater items appeared, nothing since then.

    • kdthomas says:

      We haven’t even seen the first ones in Northern California. I did spot the first round in San Antonio on vacation last week. It was funny because they are a case or two behind in Final Laps out there but they were further ahead in MTT. I stopped by Target at lunch today and there were probably 5 sets of the latest Final Laps on the pegs. What a change that is compared to the last few.

      • Jack Tan says:

        Concur on Northern California — Have been burning gas on repeat trips to multiple Targets, TRUs, Walmarts, even K-Mart with no luck for months. However, I go to Hawaii on vacation, and here they are staring at me! What gives?

  • Dolly says:

    I can’t see the pictures either 🙁

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    The newest cars toons we have here are Lug and Nutty! I will be a mom before they get here! I’m still waiting for Yokoza to show up!

  • jambouk says:

    just a taste of how europe has been treated with regards releases for the last four years, HA HA USA, Only kiddin, hope we all get them all ASAP.

  • Carlos says:

    This is a good case assortment. Bring it on. Hopefully, the U.S. can beat Europe to Case J. I think it has Otto (variant), stripped Kabuto, Dr Mater disguised, and Mator w/ oil cans, since we’ve seen them in packaging.
    Also, any word on 4 packs? I heard one has Kabuto and the Geisha girls, and another has Tokyo Mater and the 3 traffic light cars. When will they be out.

  • chris says:

    how do i clear my cache?

    • John in Missouri says:

      I’m using Internet Explorer 8, and this is how I do it:

      1) Click Tools in the upper right hand corner

      2) The last selection in the drop-down menu is Internet Options

      3) Under the middle section Browsing history, click Delete

      4) Click Delete again on the next window, and then wait until it’s finished

      5) Close Internet Explorer and then start it up again (or just reboot your computer, which is probably better anyway)

      Hope this helps!

  • BMW says:

    Target reset on Tuesday. they put out 5 cases of F Cars Toons.
    20 each of Kabutos and Ito Sans were on the pegs. We are 2 cases behind UK and Europe on Cars Toons singles.

  • jedijson says:

    whoop-tee-doo. Yet another case we won’t see here in Oklahoma City. We’re still waiting on Cases B-G.

  • old hippie says:

    Just seeing Dr Mater with mask up. Others are X.

  • Rippers says:

    Forget Case H we want to know whats in case J in the UK!

    Also whats in the next lenticulars guessing Mater with oil can chase?

  • Patrick says:

    where are the pictures?

    • John in Missouri says:

      No pictures here, either.

      • Mr. T says:

        Finally!! someone who shares my problem??? Are you guys seeing the Martin Mater at the top??

        • John in Missouri says:

          Yes, I can see the Martin Mater as well as the list of Cars in this new case, but nothing after that. Have you tried clearing your Cache, and then restarting your browser?