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Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online Free To Play This Weekend

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Metro passed along the news that there is free online play this weekend only with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean online!

Want to be like Jack Sparrow?  Why, not?  I signed up to play as Lightning McBeard but that was my screen name only apparently. I then had to choose a new handle from three rotating lists.  It makes funny combos like Billy Candlemaker.  I ended up with something like Bobby BarrelBreaker if memory suffices.

You need to download some software to get the online experience to work but they walk you through that all online.  There is a tutorial on how fighting etc all works but if you have played any first-person type of games online it is very easy to figure out and if not it still seemed pretty intuitive.  Here is what the home page looks like:

Pirates of the Caribbean home page

If you want to have a lot of fun, you can always talk like a Pirate on Talk Like A Pirate Day (for real!) or just type in some text and you get this “Where are all of the new releases for pete’s sake!” translated into Pirate-speak which reads like this: “Aye, whar be all o’ the new releases for pete’s sake, gar!”

A real hoot!  Speaking of Pirates…wazzup PirateDad!  Har!  Or is it – Gar!

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23 July 2010 Computing, Disney 7 Comments


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