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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater Wrestling CARS – First …

The wrestling short will air on the 30th and the wrestling die casts are here to revitalize toon die casts sales … In 1:55 scale – metal bodies with plastic tires and base …

Mater as Tormentor

The hilarious Rastacarian

Lightning McQueen as Mater’s tag team partner …

And the dullest of the wrestling CARS… Though still amusing … Dr. Feelbad …

It looks like there will be three exclusive Toys R Us 3-packs … Probably for the holiday’s?

It is a little confusing as these are all ‘oversized’ so it can be hard to tell the 1:43’s apart … But the 1:43 scale are ALL PLASTIC with the punching feature … The packaging will look different …

Mater Tall Talls Rasta Mater

Rasta Mater in the house, er, in the box! And a Walmart exclusive.

Mater Tall Tales Rasta Mater loose

And he is loose off the turnbuckle!

Frightening McMean

Frightening McMean off the ropes and in your casa.

Frightening McMean loose

Fear the mask and tremble.

I-Screamer in the box

Surely you kid.  I give you smack down!

I-Screamer loose

You want a bomb-pop?  Suuuurree you can have a bomb-pop!

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