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Disney Pixar Cars: New Disney Store 1:43 20-Car Pack

Coming this Christmas, a new Disney Store exclusive 20-pack for the toons lineup …

Some of the Toons you recognize and some are coming in the Mater Wrestling coming on July 30 to the Disney Channel or Disney XD. some of the new ones are Ice Screamer and Tormentor … That’s Heavy Metal Mater on the right.

It looks like Heavy Metal McQueen on the left, Dr. Upsloggen something-something … The UFO Dude and Paddy the Cement Mixer which looks like it’s the perfect scale to mix in with the Mattel ones … Especially since Paddy is not on the Mattel list …

And also another ginormous helicopter carrying case … Presumably including the three cars seen next to it …

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20 July 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 32 Comments


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