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Cars Mater-National Video Game Cheat Codes

For all of you Mac OSX video game Cars race fans – now you can take on the Cars: Mater-National with a little old help from yer friends here at Take5!  That’s right, this fun game from THQ that came out a few years ago now has a few ‘assistance’ codes (ahem *cheat* *cough* *Chick Hicks*) to use in the game.

To unlock these cheat codes in Cars: Mater-National, select Options from the main menu. Then choose Cheat Codes and enter the codes below. You’ll know you did it right if you hear the sound of a car alarm being disabled. An incorrect entry summons a police siren.  Here are the codes to use in game:

The Codes

PAINTIT — Change the colors of all cars, except Lightning McQueen

NCEDUDZ — Change Lightning McQueen’s colors

0TO200X — Extreme acceleration

ZZOOOOM — Infinite turbo

BUYTALL — Unlock all bonus art

MATTEL07 — Unlock all characters

ALLYORS — Unlock all game content, except story mode races

VRYFAST — Unlock expert difficulty level

PLAYALL — Unlock all arcade mode races and mini-games, as well as all story mode worlds

INSTYLE — Unlock all story mode wheel sets available at Luigi’s store

Here are the system requirements to make sure your home computer can play the game:

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X version 10.4.10
  • Intel Core Duo processor (Core 2 Duo processor recommended)
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 128MB video RAM (256MB recommended); Nvidia 7300 or ATI x1600 or higher (Intel GMA 950 chipset not supported)
  • DVD drive


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