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SDCC San Diego Comic Con Mattel Pre-Order Procedure

Mattel Booth SDCC 2008: In-booth selling … Rioty with a chance of circling long lines around the booth … eventually you had to go upstairs to get a number for a time allotment to stand in line – since the booth space was tiny and no way to get more merchandise as the went on – there were daily limit sellouts but not necessarily actual sellout.

A new plan was needed.

Mattel Booth SDCC 2009: Side of Display Booth Selling Separated. Rioty with a chance of circling long lines around the back wall. After you got a number, you could get back in line at an appointed time unless you got the VIP pass which let you in the side line …


A new, new plan – hopefully with a less chance of rioting …

The following items will be available for PRE-BUYING and PICKUP at SDCC.

Masters of the Universe® Mo-Larr vs Skeletor® Figures
Masters of the Universe® Orko® Figure (with SDCC-exclusive color-change features)
Cars Toon Tokyo Mater
DC Universe Plastic Man Figure (with suitcase)
Justice League of America presents Starro the Conqueror (with Starro spores)
James Cameron’s Avatar™ The Final Battle – Avatar Jake Sully vs Colonel Miles Quaritch Figures
Retro-Action™ The Real Ghostbusters™ Peter Venkman™ Figure
Toy Story 3 Disney/Pixar Collection Lotso Figure
World Wrestling Entertainment® Undertaker® Figure

More pics HERE.


* Be here at MattyCollector.com on Tuesday, 7/13 at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET).

* Choose the items you want and add them to your cart. Purchase limit of 6 per person applies to all products.

* Your credit card will be charged and a confirmation email (voucher) will be sent.

* Bring your voucher, the credit card you used for the transaction, your identification, and your Comic-Con badge to Manchester Room 1 at the Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina, which is just next door to (and connected to) the San Diego Convention Center.

* Pick up your product on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday: 10 AM – 12 noon or 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM. All sales are final. There are NO REFUNDS so be sure to pick up your purchase(s).

* If you are only attending Comic-Con on Sunday, this option is not available to you.

* If you don’t pick up your product by the end of the show on Saturday, your product will go into the products available for sale at the show on Sunday. You may be able to purchase it then, but there are no guarantees.

* Products cannot be shipped. This option is for pick up at SDCC only, and only available to SDCC attendees (badges will be required).

Please note: there is a limited amount of each product available for pre-sale. It’s first-come, first-served and there are no promises you’ll be able to purchase a voucher for every product. But if you’ve successfully purchased a voucher, you’re guaranteed to get your product – including SDCC-exclusive Starro spores, Plastic Man suitcase, and Orko® with color-change features!

In summary – you can buy and pay for 6 items to pick up at SDCC. You must pick it up yourself IN PERSON with YOUR BADGE, YOUR VOUCHER and your CREDIT CARD so NO ONE ELSE can buy and pick up things for you unless its in your name …

In other words, when Matty tells you to meet him up at the Marriott Manchester Room #1, he will make all your biggest fantasies come true.*

*Provided your entire fantasy is to buy items pictured on this page.

This may cut down on the lines a bit unless of course, the voucher scanner stops working at the Marriott and we have just moved the riot next door … you know what they say, hope for the best, plan for the worst. 🙂

BTW, here’s a shot of badge pickup line on PREVIEW NIGHT …

Lotso Bear begs you – I may be strawberry scented but please, do not use me as a deoderant – think of the children!

Note – the Marriott is right on the other side of the convention center but from the front door of the convention center to the Marriott is a good 15-minute walk from the nearest exit and can be up to a 45-minute walk if you’re at the far end – kind of like saying a casino is ‘right next door’ in Vegas so note that the voucher thing ends at 4 PM so give yourself plenty of time.

Thanks for the heads up, “Ev,” “BMW” and “NascarBronco.”

BTW, the Hot Wheels Ghostbuster car is being sold by the Hot Wheels Group, so not available from the Matty Group.

For those who can’t attend the show, the MattyCollector.com POST SDCC SHOW Online sales start on 8/2 at 9 a.m. PT (noon ET)

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9 July 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 27 Comments


  • NascarFan says:

    2010 SDCC Buy List is CLOSED

    I will be sending out an email to those that are on this list for address check/shipping labels and get these printed up ahead of time.

    Some of you were sent emails that all or part of your “wants” were filled from the SDCC Pre-Sale Pre-order Day. Again thank you.

    Thanks to most everyone for pre-paying, I will be filling the remainder of this list in the order they were PAID For FIRST. Only a very few have not paid.

    I am taking some boxes with me to get some of these sent from San Diego, and will bill you for shipping after they ship.

    (and yes some of you will be receiving the rare and hard to find “CHASE” Kmart Day stryofoam popcorn)

    You will have the choice of REGULAR mail or Priority Mail.

    ALL domestic packages WILL HAVE delivery confirmation and minimum insurance.

    Overseas Shipping:

    Be aware that overseas small packages (under 4 lbs) are NOT trackable BUT do have a customs form # that I will be sending you on your paypal invoices the same way as I will be doing for OVER 4.0 lb packages going overseas.

    You have the CHOICE of “declared value” YOU want set OR on packages OVER 4.0 lbs you can choose matching the “automatic insurance” to the same as declared value

    Packages UNDER 4.0 lbs DO NOT come with automatic insurance. If you do not buy any I will not buy any for you.

    Packages OVER 4.0 lbs do have SOME automatic insurance

    I will send you a copy of the forms that needs to be filled out so I can fill them out accurately and not mix up

    streets / counties / cities / countries so they get to you safely and not get lost.

    Thanks everyone.

    P. S. If you missed the BUY LIST, and want to be on a “Standby List” for anything at the Mattel Booth, Now is the time to be on it.


  • Monica says:

    Anyone get in yet? I am stuck on obnoxious Matty reload screen 🙁

  • Jinzo says:

    Oh man… why can’t we preorder it and have it ship? 😀 I have no one going this year… 🙁 Damn it! Better ask for 8/2 and wake up early to get it… don’t really like it but want one just because it’s SDCC Mater… and at my location, I still haven’t seen anything paste Dr. Mater & Mater The Great singles… 🙁

    By the way, how much are these? $15? Looks like that to me…

    • NascarFan says:

      jinzo…… arent you in Australia?

    • PDIDDY55 says:

      I hope they aren’t more than $15. Thats what LSM cost and he was done a lot nicer than this.

    • NascarFan says:

      Scott at Mattel/Mattycollector post this on Mattycollectorforums:

      SDCC fans,

      I’ve received a lot of questions about the presale, so let me see if I can clarify.

      One item that comes up a lot from multiple international fans is why we do not ship the presale SDCC product and why we can’t ship it international for fans not coming to SDCC.

      To clear up any details, the presale product is not at Digital River’s distribution center to ship. We are selling a “voucher” online which you need to bring to SDCC to pick up the product. We don’t actually have the product in a distribution center ready to mail out. It is all going to SDCC and divided up into the presale pickup and the retail booth.

      We are going to be selling many of our SDCC items on Aug 2 on Mattycollector.com and most items are available to ship to the majority of countries (I think Plastic Man not being able to ship to Australia/NZ is the only issue with local country codes).

      For the record, we will not be selling the SDCC Hot Wheels items (GB Ecto 1 or WW Jet), Polly Pocket pack, Monster High doll, Wild Grinders item or Barbie doll on Mattycollector.com on Aug 2. Check with Hotwheelscollector.com and Barbiecollector.com for any details on these items.

      We will also have a few other items at SDCC including some JLU Lobos and MOTUC first run She-Ras. These will also not be sold on Mattycollector.com on Aug 2 and are only at the show.

      The presell is only for those attending SDCC. Please do not purchase a presale if you are not planning to attend SDCC. The product will not be shipped out and there are no refunds. You must pick up your product by end of convention on Saturday night or it will be forfeit. And again, not refunded if not picked up. You must remember to pick up your product.

      We will have all the items advertised for sale (check out Facebook for daily updates) at the Con including the presale items. So even if you miss out on the presale you still can pick up items at the show on a first come first serve basis.

      Speaking of which, the Plastic Man and Starro packs presold are guaranteed to have the extra SDCC item (Plastic Man suitcase and Starro Spores). Otherwise, much as with the rest of the product for sale at the show, the give away bonus items (Suitcase and Spores) are a first come first serve. For the record much like the Wonder Twins and Gleek, we do have more Plastic Man figures and more Starro packs then we do their give away items. So to be clear you are not guaranteed the give away bonus with the item. It is first come first serve (outside of the presale).

      Hope this information helps and hope the presale works well. We put a lot of work into making the buying process as easy as possible within SDCC’s rules and regulation (and allocated space!).

      See you all in San Diego!


  • NascarFan says:

    Anyone looking for the Medicom Tron Bears?

  • Seanus says:

    For an overseas Cars collector, looks like I’ll be up at 1am to get my order in on the 2nd of August. 😀

    Tempted to get the Lotso bear as well. Is it an ‘action-figury’ type, or plush? Looks the former to me.

    (MET: Yea, I’m guessing he’s in the same scale as the other TS figures only with ‘flocked hair’ and strawberry scented).

  • NascarFan says:

    Met: Is Hot Wheels going to be in the same booth this year, like last year or a different booth as it was in 2008/2007?


    (MET: Waiting for an answer).

  • I-am-speed says:

    SDCC Tokyo Mater’s already showing up on Ebay, here’s one ending in a couple of hours with a starting bid of $25


  • Terri says:

    I am sad. Pick-up times do not allow for people in panels to get their orders. Once you enter Hall H you are there for the duration unless you don’t mind not being able to get back in. I wish Sunday was included in the pick-up days. Hopefully, Sunday will be slower and I can get into the line then. The last couple of years have been a nightmare getting into the line. Maybe the lines will be better because of the pre-sale!!! I hope!!

    I really thought Pixar would have a CARS 2 panel this year. Pixar is always there for their up and coming films, but so far nothing on the schedule. They were there for CARS. Hoping they show up on Saturday’s schedule. It will be released before next years comic con.

  • pwschuh says:

    I’m SOOO glad it’s only Toon stuff this year and not something from the movie. Big savings or time, money, and aggravation for me.

  • BMW says:

    Has anyone found out if all the Tokyo Drifting Maters loose on ebay for around 10.00 is the same one as the SDCC car?

  • NascarFan says:

    Met: I have photos of the 2008 line going around the Mattel Booth 3 times if you want to add that photo

  • NascarFan says:

    I am wondering about the 6 items, I did post a question on Mattycollector.com forums about 6 TOTAL Items or 6 OF EACH Item limit.

    No response yet

  • Micky says:

    For anyone interested in Lotso, TRU is selling a similar version of the SDCC Lotso for $14.99. It isn’t flocked and it doesn’t smell but it’s the same size and comes in the same box. It’s great for display if you have a set up of all the Toy Story 3 toys (like someone I know LOL) 🙂

  • Mr. T says:

    This is an event that is probably something to witness…….

    Too many people for me – I will get it on Matty…….

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