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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Team Octane Gain & Better Slot CARS

“Chuki Mama” spotted these Octane Gain Team Hauler’s online at Target.com

Oct Gain Team hauler

They are also listed as Team Leak Less so it might be a roll of the dice which one you actually get …

They are not on any official list though of course, not exactly a stretch to see these as all three have been released individually. If you spot them in the stores, send us a pic!

Chuki Mama also noticed that the “serious” Carrerra GO!!! slots were also on Target.com … they are a little cheaper at $82 something at Amazon.

This is from Germany that we covered last month in this POST.


The post also has links to cool track add-ons and closes up of 1:43 scale Lightning & Chick.

If you live near a Hobby Town, Charles C. found one there for $8 bucks less (@$74) … and you get a FREE giant sticker sticker with a warning about not giving yourself an electrical shock … like your toaster, do not submerge under water and use 🙂


King is also available separately.

Looks pretty cool – if I only had the room … if you get, be sure and send us a review.

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