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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: First RV’s Coming Are …

These will be available as a box set only at Mattel’s online stores – whether that’s MattyCollector or Shop.Mattel, don’t know yet and they won’t be out until 2010 but get ready … to King me, baby.

It’s the Convoy Brothers!

Of course, what’s telling is AFTER they are out, clearly, it’s easy for Mattel to release OTHER RV’s (without a Dinoco Blue Face) … though clearly, all of these are all too small to re-purpose as Albert Hinkey (Lightning’s biggest fan).

Some screengrabs but of course, not much depth …

King RV

Quick Words with Friends quiz … how many other words can these guys form? 🙂

King RV4

Or when you get your 4, you can re-arrange to spell _____________________.

Look For Us Online …

RV King 3


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