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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater Save Christmas Storytellers Checklist UPDATED

The Christmas CARS Checklist requires a slight revision and perhaps the picture is a little clearer on the two different cards.

Target is DEFINITELY getting the Storyteller design cards with the velcro flap (much like the original Storyteller cards). Thanks for the great photos, Moe … and it comes 12 to a carton, 4 “Hotshot” Lightning McQueen’s and 2 of each of the other Holiday CARS. As the checklist has been updated, it is the artwork & cards in the center column.

And Target is the ONLY place in the US that sells the box set with the exclusive Reindeer Mater – shown at bottom of checklist.

Holiday CARS Checklist

So, the other “ornament” like cards? We know they have shown up at the Disney Stores in the UK. Will they show up in other US stores or the US Disney Stores?


Why the confusion? As alluded to the other day, there is a SECOND listing for these showing them in a 6-to-a-carton which UK readers avow is correct while Moe was kind enough to see that the Target velcro versions come 12 to a case so the mystery has sort of been resolved. Anything designating STORYTELLERS COLLECTION is Target only in the US. As you’ll notice the Box Set has that in the corner and now the Target velcro cards have been revealed – they too say STORYTELLERS COLLECTION … so again, in the US – Target only.

But since the longer card versions do not say STORYTELLERS COLLECTION. Mattel is free to offer them to the Disney store UK (for example) … why do I kept saying that it might come to the Disney Store US? Because so far, every diecast or play car type item offered at the Disney Store UK shows up sooner or later at the Disney Store US and now that the Disney Stores are back in the Disney corporate fold – everything serves as promotions so while there is no definite word, it might be possible.

But they are apparently NOT sitting in the Mattel warehouse – well, as of now – sometimes even they do not know what is showing up next … it spoils the surprise? :-/

So, the long card version might show up at another retailer but who really knows.

Hey, it’s never dull …

So, the ones marked STORYTELLERS COLLECTION are available now at Target or showing up soon (reset between 11/1 & 11/8) – Box Set DPCI – 087-07-0107 and Singles 087-07-0250

So, good luck!

Out of box pics courtesy of Nikko HERE.

Mater Saves Christmas – The Book is available on Amazon.


BTW, as you notice, the drawing of Hotshot Lightning shows him with lights and snow tires – too big to fit in the package though so they went with his first design in the book though it’s not really correct as in the book illustration, he’s wearing plain tires with the tree-lightning design versus the diecast which is more festive with whitewalls and the tree-lightning bolt design.

Mariela P. sends along pics … after you get your flu shot, you get CARS!


Is it one CAR per flu shot?

5 set

Or did I sleep through Thanksgiving – is it Christmas already?

He’s opening his gifts?! I’m telling!

Thanks for the cute pics, mom Mariela P.

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