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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart.com Shipping

Unlike last time, the Kmart.com cases seem to mostly okay. I have not heard of too many problems and the cases I have opened all look okay.

But Angie &Kevin F. win the contest for the weirdest case MAYBE EVER … (they are in the US).

All of the cars were on tri-logo European packaging. The case breakdown was:

2 x Nitroade
2 x Chick Hick
3 x Regular Mcqueen
3 x Bling Bling McQueen
1 x Dinoco McQueen
1 x Doc Hudson
1 x Fabulous Hudson Hornet
1 x Sarge
1 x Boost
1 x DJ
1 x Sally
1 x Mater
1 Guido & Luigi
1 x Luigi only
1 x Radiator Springs McQueen

Synthetic Tires
1 x Trunk Fresh
1 x Vinyl Toupee
1 x Octane Gain


& Amazing!

Kevin’s cases for int’l friends all pretty came in okay – one case apparently was missing a CAR …


They went back on sale the other day if you need more cases HERE.

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30 October 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 23 Comments


  • LoolarMcQueen says:

    I had no Chick, and an extra Octane Gain. I have not physically removed them from the the case – just did a spot check to make sure I didn’t have 24 LMQs – so who knows what other shenanigans await, but I figure I’d rather have an extra Octane Gain than Chick.

    Of course, now I have ten tons, since I was able to get to the event after it happened and get a set of racers. I think the secondary market for these won’t be too healthy for those of us seeking to get rid of extras.

  • woodshopwill says:

    k mart case arrived with complement nearly as predicted. NO mcq’s- no ramone. Extra Trunk Fresh and Octane Gain.

  • BMW says:

    I decided not to get a case, after my first order was cancelled.
    tonight at Target on the pegs were three rubber tired Leakless among the Final Lap cars. So another Target case mixup getting the KMart cars in it. They would not ring up at the checkout of course, as the Kmart cars aren’t in the Target system. So she rung them up at 2.99. Don’t like the short cards. Wish Mattel would have been consistent on the KMart Collector cards from event to event. the cardbacks are so fragmented, there is now no way anyone can complete a set of anything on any single card design, even the lenticulars are now changed.

    Glad I gave up being a completist, and went to a first on card collector. Even so I have way too many.

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Well look at the bright side Angie, if you weren’t collecting Lenticulars you now just about have a whole set, plus extras. Seriously though, that is really bad. I hope you can sort that mess out.

  • tinosa606 says:

    My K-mart “case” arrived Tuesday 27 OCT….they still cannot get it right!
    5 Octane Gain
    5 Rev’N’Go
    4 Trunk Fresh
    3 Leakless
    3 Revolting
    2 Vinyl Toupee
    ZERO/ZIP/NONE N2O Cola!! No Yellow Ramone, No New Mater, etc
    1 LE Lightning McQueen
    1 LE Sheriff
    At least there were 24 in the case, and only 1 McQ, 1 Sheriff and no
    other re-packs!
    Fortunately I ran over to the closest K-Mart and picked up 2 N2O Colas
    to go with the 2 I bought Monday after the “event”…..just a hedge and
    thank goodness it worked out! I will never buy an on-line case again!

  • bmc says:

    My Kmart case had two extra Octain Gains and no Lenticular Yellow Ramone and Lenticular Chick Hicks, all the other Racer quantities were correct.

    • Ace Diamondrunner says:

      Mine had two extra Leak Less cars, and was missing the lenticular Ramone and Chick Hicks. Plus one of my Rev n Go cars was put in its bubble upside-down.

  • Brown Fury says:

    What a beautiful Pullman Brown vehicle that is!

  • JPK says:

    I too got a weird Euro mix, except I had no synthetic tire racers.

    They were all Euro lenticulars with the exception of one “chase” chick hicks with a piston cup trophy. Has anyone seen one of these?

    John P. Kelly

  • ERNO2 says:

    My case from kmart in the mail came with all synthetic tire racers. Nothing else, no lenticulars.

  • Samuel says:

    All the preorder cases that I ordered (and tried cancelling without success) did arrive with the correct case assortment so much better than last time. Now returning them to the store was not quite as easy – according to the clerk they do not have a quantity button on the register anymore so they had to scan each individual car for the return!! And I returned 9 cases! 🙂

  • L8rM8r says:

    Well that definitely has to take the cake on the strangest packing assortment. Someone in packing was a little bit off that day and just started grabbing whatever was within reach and shoving it into the case.

  • Carsaholic says:

    Wow! The FIRST thing I have to say is this site ROLLS! It’s a one stop shop for everything Cars (and some things not!). Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site!

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