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TakeFiveADay Racing Team: Don’t Pity Us No ‘Mo – We Are a Go! Go! Go! Go!

Thanks to Nathaniel Binns, the Take Five A Day Race Team is not just sitting around eatingย Tony’s Frozen Corn Dogs or Papa Riveraโ€™s Low Fat Lard.

We are now fully staffed are rarin’ to go.

As McQueen learned, hard to race without a Pit Crew ๐Ÿ™‚

Thin Pitty

You need a nimble guy …

Wide Pitty

And you need a fat guy for heavy lifting …

Fat Pitty

And you need a wide Pitty for eating all the leftover lard.

Or order the full set!


Of course, you need a Crew Chief …

Crew Chief

And of course, a guy who can turn left all day and all night long … and sometimes – right …

Take Five Piston

So, contact Nathaniel for these beautiful hand-crafted, hand-painted individually-made customs.

(click on link to launch email).

Again, all the proceeds go to him as he’s doing all the hard work and we believe artists should get all the thanks and all the proceeds. So, thanks, Nathaniel!

And in case you lose this link, we have added Nathaniel’s work in OUR STORE listings so it’s always there.

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9 August 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Toys 14 Comments


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