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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Stores Shopping
Posted in Retail, Toys on 8 August 2009
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It doesn’t look like every-many Disney stores have gotten in the giant Frank – or has not put out the giant Frank so call or ask for it by name or UPC (see below). Here’s the UPC (thanks, Dan!) And not available on just yet. However, you can buy the cool Mack TV that […]

Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Frank As Big As I Can Get Him …
Posted in Toys, Uncategorized on 8 August 2009
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The Disney Store finally comes through … It’s a shot across the bow of Mattel … 🙂 Please thank “Nikko” for these great pictures. And I mean pictures. I kept peppering him with requests 🙂 … Can you send one where the moonbeam is coming off the South? Do you have tiny blades of grass […]