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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Tokyo Mater is Diecast Greater

While we didn’t get a look-see at a lot of the upcoming Tokyo Mater CARS … the opening salvo should entice you to …

Curb Front

Ito-San with feeling … curb feeler feelings, that is …

Curb AngleGreat detailing …

Boost Front
“Moderfied” Boost.

Boost SideI challenge you not to reach for your wallet.

Boost back

Double or nothing (literally).

Boost Angle

Will your collection just be ‘stock?’

DJ Side WMAs the little kid says in INCREDIBLES, “That was wicked awesome!”

DJ BackJust another release …

Dragon back

Dragon McQueen – Driftin’ Version (I believe the Collector’s Booklet II 2009-2010 version) features a “clean” Dragon McQueen.

Dragon Back SideWill this drift into your collection?

Dragon Front
Don’t drift away … Follow me!T

Dragon Side
Yea, don’t buy any … more for us.

There is also this Tokyo Mater Playset called Ninja Knockout Track Set.

Comes with plastic Dragon McQueen and launcher …

Crane launcher

Of course, the coolest part is it comes with Mr. Crane …

Crane with ramp
McQueen lands on the ramp on the ramp, triggers and trips over the two plastic blue cars and speeds on his way.

Mr. Crane is all plastic but nicely detailed and looks to be in scale …

Mr. Crane doesn’t do a lot but he does pivot … I do not believe the arm raises and lowers … you can remove the pipe holder but not the pipes …

Probably be out when the Toyko Mater CARS start coming out – the post holiday toy reset in February-March?

Of course, be expecting many of the CARS you see below …



The quasi announced CARS of Tokyo Mater are in this POST & in this ONE.

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