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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The T5 Readers Roundup

“RedRansburgMcQueen” found a nice (and was soon to be discarded) CARS standee to use as a display …


Holds 72 CARS.


From Altan in Turkey, the very amusing Fillmore you get with the Fillmore” cover issue of the European CARS magazine …

Magazine Fillmore

“RobertFlopy” has found Fillmore’s Cousin …


“Lenin V” spots Snot Rod’s cousin in LA … while he’s driving at 80 🙂

Snot Rod cousin

“Micky” sends us a great photo montage of the “old school” CARS of CARS …

(click on the photo for the full size version)Old School CARS

And Brent (and family) spotted another Tow Mater in South Dakota, Waterstown, SD.

Tow Mater Cousin

Or maybe a cousin?

Tow & Son
I hate it when my teeth fall out and I need to rivet them back in …

Tow Mater
How come Mater is always surrounded by attractive girls? 😉

And “DaddyO” tried to convince his son this was the real Dale Jr. car …

Dale National
DaddyO’s 3-year son took one look and said, “That’s not Dale Jr., Dale Jr. is red” and he proceeded to dig through all of his CARS to find the “real” Dale Jr.”

Der. Sheesh. Doesn’t everyone know that? 🙂

“Jeaks” sent this a while back but with the craziness of Kmart Days and “the move,” … Western Telegraph (a newspaper) is having a contest for CARS books …

“Fans of McQueen, Mater and the gang are set to discover the answers to these questions and many more with the launch of the Disney/Pixar Cars Storyteller’s collection of books and toys.

The books unlocks whole new chapters in the lives of favourite friends from the hit animation before they all met in Radiator Springs and, with the brand new character cars, kids can take the adventures even further.

Cover price: £5.99 Disney/Pixar Character Cars are the most hotly sought-after vehicles for kids and these 1:55 scale die cast vehicles will help little fans recreate their own Radiator Springs adventures.

And now Presspack has got its hands on a set of cars and a book for one lucky winner, with two cars sets for the runners-up.

All you have to do is draw us a picture of a new Cars character. Make it as colourful, wild and wacky as you can, then send it to the usual address (Presspack, Western Telegraph, Old Hakin Road,Merlin’s Bridge, Haverfordwest SA61 1XF) not forgetting to include your name, age address and Presspack number.”

I could not find attention info online so good luck to those in the UK! Though most of you might prefer the £20 contest entry fee to win an actual pub.   🙂

Speaking of winning, “Bill” H points you can “win” this cool illuminated CARS sign from the Disney Rewards program … though 10,000 points means 100 DVD’s the hard way …

Disney Reward

So let us know if you earn one …

And some fun photos from the “JoeyCARS” Las Vegas Meet & Greet held after the Kmart Days CARS Day event …

The hard to find “Cake 6-Pack,” well, maybe only the red velvet version …

Ferrari Boy
No lenticular eyes – DISAPPOINTED!

Doc Girl
Fab Hudson Hornet with Red Rims – SCCCCOOOREE!!!!!!!!!!



CARS ARE#1 – You know it! Looks like a fun store and a fun time for all, thanks!

And not too-much-to-drink-last-night-red-McQueen also available in Turkey & the EU …

Red McQueenThanks, Altan.

And Glenn H.’s daughter sends us a great poem … oh oh, I sense blogging competition …good thing there’s a height requirement and not an IQ requirement to blog … so I’m safe for another 6-months 🙂



Get there quick

But you tore up the town

On Route 66

Stay there some time

Make it look swell

Even though you’re trapped in “Hillbilly Hell”

Made some new friends

Even found love

Observed the town’s beauty

From the canyon’s above

The big race is near

And off do you go

At last it was time to put on your big show

All alone without a crew

Surprised by your friends

Your racing worries have come to an end

You’re almost there

To your Piston Cup

But, unfortunately, the King’s crash put you to a stop

Decided to push him to the finish

Even though you wouldn’t be the victor

Dinoco and the fans believe that you’re the true winner

You’ve changed since that town

You got a personality fix

And now reside in Radiator Springs

On Route 66

Thanks everyone. Some things were delayed due to the craziness of Kmart CARS & our move so sorry it too long for some photos to get posted – thanks!


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