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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Lightyear Launchers Land in the Netherlands

Thanks to the great “ScobbyDoo,” we have proof and pics of Lightyear Launchers in the Netherlands.

Lil Torquey Piston

Lil Torquey Pistons.


Clutch Aid.

No, these are NOT rubber tires.

The other Lightyear Launcher was (take a wide guess) … Lightning McQueen!

But not a bad assortment – presumably in a box of 6 with two each.

When will these show up in the US? Probably late summer or early Autumn …

This is what’s on the list – no case assortments for the US yet. But going by the Int’l assortment, we can probably reasonable assume the same case assortment for Lightyear Launchers A and maybe B might be Dirt Track along with Rev ‘n Go and Bumper Save?


The current launchers are still on the schedule but will go as an exclusive … Target later this year? You can read more in this post.

“ScoobyDoo” also notes that the “other” recent launchers (Easy Idle, Vitoline etc.) can be found at Intertoys & Toys ‘r Us.

Canadians avert your eyes – this was the rest of ScoobyDoo’s snacks haul…

Lightyear Launchers

Thanks ScoobyDoo!


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27 June 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, News 31 Comments


  • frustrated says:

    Canadians can rejoice
    I have seen the new launchers at WM here in Toronto yesterday June 20th
    LM,Chick and Clutch Aid have arrived
    also 3 packs for Sparemint,Shiny Wax and Chick Hicks were right beside
    the new launchers
    I was absolutely floored
    what’s next,maybe we will FINALLY see some new singles come our way
    cheers from the great white north

  • kerner7777 says:

    i can’t wait for the lightyear launchers.but will they replace the old launchers?because i still need 5 old launchers.the 5 of them are mood springs,fiber fuel,easy idle,retread,and shiny wax.

  • acuransx says:

    I hope these do well at retail but these didn’t come from my group.

    Glad you did like the Mater the Greater playset as that came from the same group that did these launchers as well.

  • BMW says:

    I may sell all my launchers and just give up on them.. Don’t like the change.

    • Dunroamin says:

      Feel teh same way, I actually Haven’t bought a launcher unless it was the only way to get a car (like Tank Coat)…excluding buying the sots set

  • Jinzo says:

    Nice! Can’t wait to get these in the US…. as of yet I still have see on the shelf Vitoline, Tank Coat, & Fiber Fuel. Last new Launcher I saw was Trunk Fresh and that was like a year ago… Come on Mattel!

    • Bombero1956 says:

      Jinzo I know this isn’t the place to say this but I have 2 Tank Coat launchers looking for a home. I don’t collect them but picked them up in case someone here needed them. Please contact me if you’re interested. Not looking to make any money on them, just want to help out. My email addy is fjr2556@ yahoo dot com.

  • Bombero1956 says:

    Cool I have relatives in Amersfort and Nijkerk. I’ll have them pick them up for me.

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:


  • cac1959 says:

    Come on Clutch Aid, Lil Torquey, and Rev N Go… and Rev N Go…

    I should have enough extras of the older launchers to try my hand at creating customs… I’ve bought cases of the B, D,and C case launchers, but don’t see myself buying cases of the Lightyear Launchers. And if they are a Target exclusive in the US, that probably means the cases won’t be available for purchase at retail…

    (MET: Current launchers will go exclusive – Lightyear Launchers avail everywhere).

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    so which one shoots better? — pit race off launchers or lightyear launchers…..

  • Very cool!

    I like the look of these wheel launchers…although I liked how you could connect the rectangular launchers side by side. I suppose you can’t do that with these new ones?

    • ScoobyDoo says:

      Nope. You can use it as a standup display however. At least that’s what they say on the back of the package. I haven’t unpacked yet, but I expect that you hardly see the car when inside.

      But it’s quite big actually, the normal launchers are much more compact. So for me, 1 or 2 of these are nice but that’s enough.

  • Indykjt says:

    Personally, I’m glad they are routing through the international market first… I can’t afford these right now :), and I’d have to get the Clutch Aid & Torquey ones!!!

    With all the Kmart cars, mega size, haulers, etc. recently, it’s been hard to keep up, but a good problem to have!

  • rpag says:

    when are they coming to the US? Especially Rev-N-Go! Also, where is Trunkfresh Hauler? I guess while I am at it, Gaskits too?

  • Daniel says:

    Do they have rubber tires?

  • GreG says:

    I leave in the netherlands (den haag) Where did you found this one pleasseeee

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      hey, pretty slick site …. I especially like the Delorean avatar …. now if I could only speak french ….

    • ScoobyDoo says:

      The lightyear launchers I bought today at Intertoys Gouda. As mentioned in the post they also had a Lightyear Launcher of Lightning McQueen. Another one with Chick Hicks is shown on the back of the package but was not available (not that I did care ;-).

      They also had recent ‘normal’ launchers (Easy Idle, Tank Coat, Vitoline), a lot of singles (including Leroy Traffik, Edwin Kranks, Van) and some of the haulers and new 3-packs. Also the plastic Frank – Tractor tippin’ playset.

      Intertoys, Bart Smit and Toys ‘r US are currently packed with CARS, after 3/4 year of hardly anything. So hurry 😉

      Note: some of the CARS on the picture were bought on that international market site, whatsisname, but I leave you to find out which ones…

  • John in Missouri says:

    Wow, nice haul indeed!

    You’d think Mattel would get wise and start thinking “Green”. They waste so much cardboard & plastic (and therefore shelf space) with their packaging.

  • 5oclockshadow says:


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