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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Your Kmart CARS Day … UPDATE

Post your stories here πŸ™‚

Kmart Banner

Case Open

Still two hours away on West Coast … CHECKLISTS HERE.


Sounds like on the West Coast, there was definitely more action and more people versus the Midwest … and the store I went to had some crazy guy who kept asking for help and then during the free for all swooped in and grabbed 4 cases and ran off – nice manners there guy.

TIZMANIAN UPDATE: So I figure I am doofed as the earliest I can go check out the nearest Kmart to me here in Georgia is around 3:00 pm today but I go.Β  After waiting 20 minutes from someone to have a grip about the CARS Collectors Day I am directed to a lonely card table with ‘what is left’.Β  I couldn’t believe what I saw so I have to share it:

Kmart Collector Day SuperHaul

Kmart Collector Day SuperHaul

Now, I have no idea who showed up first at this Kmart but great Googly-Moogly – FIVE TODDS!Β Β  And a Bumper Save of course.Β  Lots of other stuff I had but I couldn’t believe there were five Todds left at 3:00 pm.Β  Moral of the Story:Β  have a Kmart out in the holler by you.Β  BTW – I like the Synthetic Rubber wheels.Β  Rolls quiet and fast!Β  They were not grooved though and I was expecting that.Β  Interesting.

UPDATE #2 – Here’s Kevin-NascarBroncosFan after his number was called … one of 75 boxes he’ll be seeing in the next few days …thanks to all his hard work.


Later … living dangerously, backed turned to …


There’s never a pallet driver around when you need one.


Separate receipts, please.


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  • JustOneForMe says:

    Sorry for the delay, but I left for vacation just after the K-Mart grab in my hometown. And yes, I delayed my vacation in order to go to K-Mart at 11:00 AM.

    First, the store was very professional and “organized.” I placed organized in quotes because they were as organized as I can expect from hourly employees who are clueless to the phenomenon. The store does participate in the Hot Wheels promotions so I was surprised that they didn’t seem to understand the interest I had in the promotion for CARS.

    Then I understood when only 3 of us showed up at 11:00. Well, actually, I showed up at 8AM when they opened just to confirm that they were following the rules. Then I can back at 10 AM to get in line. I was joined by one other guy.

    Unfortunately, he was the kind of guy that you do not want to wait in line with for an hour. I know more about his past then anyone, including his mother, should know about. I brought my daughter just to have a chance at a second ticket. I had previously calculated that I needed 10 cars from the sealed box and with two of us getting a ticket there was a good chance of doing this and keep with my “just one for me” plan.

    Fortunately, I did need to worry. At 11:00 the toy manager, who was already restocking the toy section at 10AM went to the closet and opened up two master cartons to reveal a total of 12 sealed boxes. With only three of interested she asked how many each of us wanted. Oh, yeah, she handed out tickets first. This is where I got three boxes.

    What happened to “Just One For Me?” No, clue. I got caught up in the mania. Anyway, I decided to sell one sealed box and donate the proceeds to my church and I will sell individuals from the second box to apease my wife who thinks the collecting is, well, silly. The third box I opened, took out the 10 that fulfill the “Just One For Me” plan and allowed my children to open the other 8. I am glad I did. The cars with rubber tires are too cool!

    What happened to all 12 boxes? Well, I got three, one took two, and the “My Life Story” Guy got 5. But wait, where’s the other 2? They were opened, labeled with a price, and hung on the shelf!


  • Sloths14 says:

    Checked out the KMart in Saugus just to see if they had anything left. Just a few Shifty Drug, but
    I did notice (this was Wednesday) they still had the Cars KMart day poster at the entrance.

    Checked out a few Targets over the last few days. In case you MA collectors are looking:

    Saugus -nothing too exciting, but managed to score Red/Stanley (never saw him before)
    Peabody -nothing special
    Methuen-Grabbed a Tank Coat Launcher and a Vitoline Launcher. They had one Vitoline Launcher left
    and a few Shifty Drug Launchers.

    (since I am a newbie, please feel free to tell me a better place to post)

  • Nascarfan says:

    Overseas Buyers – Kmart Day Cases Update:

    My shipping / box inspector Samantha and I are still at it.

    We had and early day and well…..

    heres where we started after unboxing the boxes and chasin peanuts across the yard…

    Pics start here nd go to the right..


    We are obviously going to run short on boxes until the others come in.

    So at this point all β€œchecked cases requests” have been filled and shipped today.

    We have a few that we put together tonight that are ready to go first thing in the morning.


    (samantha doesnt have email, NOR NEEDS it, she says, she is too busy, for such vanities)

  • hoffa30 says:

    Greetings All,
    This time things went smooth foe me, anyone remembers my post from the last event were I got sucker punched. This time I left my brass-knuckles
    at home. My wife and me, our son, two moms and one set of grandparents was all that showed up. Everyone got their cars and left happy, no cops, no damage to the store displays, no ER visits no hurt Pixar cars. It sounds like everyone did well, and happy the the scalpers on EBAY didnt.
    I’m sure we all agree……………… P.S. anyone see the guy on EBAY selling the empty boxes (NO CARS) from the event for $15 plus shipping???

  • Sloths14 says:

    Umm..RPM64 do you think you could narrow it down to which KMart you visited?? πŸ™‚

    In any case, stopped at the KMart at the Assembly Square Mall in Somerville, MA (minutes outside Boston). They still had a bunch
    of Shifty Drug, some Bumper Save, one Vitoline Pitty and one Mood Springs.
    Hope this helps some BostonArea collector.

  • RPM64 says:

    Just got back from Kmart. They had 2 Clutch Aids 1 Lil’ Torquey Pistons 1 No Stall 1 Shifty Drug 1 Bumper Save 1 Todd 1 Mood Springs 1 Chase Mario 1 Todd left over and today is Tuesday!

  • RPM64 says:

    I am heading to Kmart again today to see what cars they have left over. They will probably have around 11 Lighting Mcqueens(one sold during Cars Day) and maybe some of the other cars(which would be the Shifty Drug, and Easy Idle that I retured and exchanged)The Kmart cars day cases are the fist cases that my kmart has put out since Case B of Race O Rama back around November 2008!

  • RPM64 says:

    I had no trouble at all getting the cars that Needed. Their was at least 9 of each car left over. There was not a crazy free for all. There was only 3 people looking at the leftover cars. The 2 other collectors had a shopping cart and was filling it up with cars when I left. I forgot to ask kmart for one of the posters. My kmart had the event posters up about a week before the event(one at the front and one in the back where they were selling a huge Lighting Mcqueen car for kids to drive around)and the turn out was still low, which is good for me!But next time I hope that my Kmart will keep the cases sealed untill the event, and get the same amount of cases or more!

  • brian says:

    I do not know how many familys were at my Kmart,but not as many people as there were last year.my dad came along and case picking began but me or my dad did not get picked just like last year but when the first case was dumped in it was a mad house we grabbed everything we could and in the 2ed or 3ed round a lil,torquey pistions apeered in my bin so snaced it up and at least wanting lil, torquey.all went well!

  • RPM64 says:

    Kmart Cars Day 2 from Jasper,IN

    I got to the Kmart around 10:30 to find that all of the cases were opened anwere sitting under the poster that they had up. I ask the manager if I could go through them but he said they were doing the ticket thing. I waited around until 11:00 and when It was time there were only 5 people their and there were 12 cases to go through!I got to go 4th and got the cars and got 5 of the new Racers. My sister went next and she got the other 4 that I needed. After that one of the 5 people left with only 1-3 cars(one was a Lighting Mcqueen).The other two people were collectors and started to go through the leftover cars.There was one big red tote full of cars and about 6 cases that were not touched! In all I got 10 cars, but 2 were damaged(Easy Idle, Shifty Drug) so I retured them around 2:00 and all of the cars were still their! In all it was a Good day. Can not wait until the next cars day! I hope they have Apple next time!

  • Josh says:


    I got that email as well. I guess we have to wait and see, and be “patient”. Right Nascar πŸ˜‰

  • TarheelBill says:

    Is Kmart going to do anything about the error cases some are receiving?

  • John in Missouri says:

    I grabbed all the empty cases and Master Cartons that I could, and in the Master Cartons were instructions for the event. They explicitly state in underlining that there is no age restriction for tickets, so I’m shocked that some folks are reporting that their Kmarts prohibited younger kids from getting tickets. Our followed the rules to a “T” as usual, and gave a ticket to a little guy who was maybe 1.

    • Ryansdad says:

      My Kmart tried to deny my son (3yr old) a ticket. I asked the woman why she would give a ticket to a husband and a wife with no kids. And give me one for me and my son. I had to quote her the rules and with a little logic was able to convince her to give him and I both tickets.
      Then the woman who was running the show warned me that my son had to pick his cars on his own. I explained to her that isn’t this event for the kids? And I assured her that he would pick his without my help. His ticket was pulled 2nd in the 2nd go around (before me) and he was able to get Mood Springs, Lil Torquey Pistons, Retread, Easy Idle and Shifty Drug. A good haul considering it had already been open.
      All in all we came home with 9 of the 10 new ones from the case that we needed. Mini was pulled from every case in the first go around.

  • avengr15 says:

    Only 2nd or 3rd post for me, but i’ve been watching in the bushes for months πŸ™‚

    Kmart Event on Long Island NY about 30 people including a fair amount of kids and 18 cases.

    the person running it started by asking if we should vote on the 5 car max, or go unlimited. my sister almost lost her mind when she saw that nobody seemed to care. (i recently transformed her into a Cars addict πŸ™‚

    she spoke up that there MUST be a 5 car limit and that the people could not just buy 3 cases and walk out. After they confirmed she was correct, everything else was smooth sailing. And there were even enough leftovers that we were able to do the free-for-all. Found a Torque Pistons, 4 Vitoline Pitties and 1 Easy idle in the free for all! πŸ™‚

    Event Details:

    Total Cases – 18
    People – Not sure exactly but ~30-35 (including children)
    % of People Receiving Tickets – 100% (including all children, even those under 1 yr old)
    Duration – ~27 minutes from start to finish.
    Cases with errors/incorrect assortments – MINE!
    (i was the 16th person selected, and was sweating big time about not getting into a fresh case. i got my case and went huh? no Torquey’s? wha? i snagged a pitty, clutch aid, andretti, easy idle and mood springs and sobbed) Later i was able to trade for a torquey and find another in the FFA so it was all good.

    Happy Kids – 90% (they love the Pizza Trucks!)
    9 kids that were there had a blast. my son Joey (2.5 yrs old) got a bad fever on friday night and was still in bad shape on Saturday. had to leave my wife home with my son… dropping my chances from 3 to 1 getting a fresh case – but turned out ok, and my son was happy to get his vitoline pitty and clutch aid when i got home!

    Master Carton Posters Obtained – 0
    (had 4 tickets between my sis, her hubby, myself, and a guy who gave me his ticket. 6 tickets pulled out of 12, and i didnt win a poster!)

    Total Cars Obtained – 20
    – oh and got about 30 more with my spies across the globe πŸ™‚

  • Nascarfan says:

    KMART CASES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Overseas people they are coming to YOU


    I WILL NOT OPEN ALL 71 cases

    I DO NOT have control over what was sent to me.


    I will be getting these ready Today, Tonight and Tommorrow.


    Chris Durrant, another local Salt Lake City, Utah Disney / Pixar collector Club member, stopped by to help with the Kmart Cases coming in today….and I, checked 9 boxes that came in today of 22 to 30 some coming today and tommorrow. (2nd truck coming today maybe?)

    2 out of 9 were ERROR cases.

    pics sent to Met, BMW, Greg of France forum and Cars The Toys forum.

    There was some that had green labels and some without, But out of 9 boxes, it was clearly 2 out if 9 had error case mixtures.

    Green labels DO and DO NOT have correct cases.

    Same with White labeled boxes.

    No way to tell which is which without opening them

    Kevin / Chris


  • Nascarfan says:


    I wish I was working

  • tilden1 says:

    First-time poster, although I’ve stopped by previously for news.
    At our local Kmart, we had six cases and about twice that number of participants, all but three from one family (me, my friend and another collector I did not recognize were the nonfamily members). The Kmart representative restricted us to three cars during the initial opening(which I thought was fair) from the case before the free-for-all. The family got to go through four of the cases, and my friend and the other nonfamily member each got a case to open. I got to go through a case second. When all was said and done, I got Todd, Mario and Mini, plus seven of the nine exclusives (I didn’t get Clutch Aid and Lil Torquey Pistons; my friend lacked Clutch Aid). I did find a Clutch Aid at another store, but still am looking for the Pistons car and a second Clutch Aid for my friend. I did get some duplicates of the exclusives.
    And before I went to Kmart, I stopped at Wal-Mart and found the Saluting Sarge (times two; the duplicate went to my friend), plus a Chase packaging pieces and The King with the lenticular eyes (I could have had the rest with the new eyes, but restrained myself).
    I had a great time at Kmart and was glad to get what I got. If anyone knows of any stores in West Central Ohio with the two pieces I still need, let me know.
    By the way, this is a great site. Thanks.


  • TrboTrex says:

    I still have it. I can take a picture if you want.
    send me an email

  • EM says:

    My Story:

    16 cases. Three, yes 3, people. Not nearly enough money.

    At the last event, there were 8 cases and 12 people. This one was better.

  • Materlover says:

    Hi all,

    It has been awhile and I admit I haven’t been visiting Take5aday on a regular basis since I lost my job, car, and computer. Been kind of depressed, but things could be alot worse.

    It is great to hear how well the K-mart collecter day went and I was even able to attend as my daughter and grandson invited me to join them for the day. Like most of you we did get most everything we wanted and like a few of you, I really need to watch what I spend for now.

    I did finally get an old computer and a telephone hook-up, so I should be good for awhile.

    Nascarfan, Did you get back to work yet? It sounds like you have been pretty busy with getting CARS to a lot of different people. Is this maybe a new pursuit?

    Monica, I am glad to see you are still active. It seems like so many have quit communicating. (including me)

    Met, Sounds like things are going well – Congrats and a belated happy BD

    Well, enough rambling – It’s good to be back and nice to see PirateDad, FuturePixarGoddess, Flik’sFriend, John in Missouri, and so many others picking up the slack.

    May each and everyone of you have a car in hand and two on the track!

    (MET: Hope things are better soon!)

  • rdivizio says:

    How do I post a pic here?

    Rich Divizio
    mortalkombatactor who loves CARS.
    Thanks fellas.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Chris I recieved several Shipped Thank You For Your Order emails about 30

  • bhutsell says:

    I wouldn’t call it a “shipped” email, unfortunately…

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We want to thank you for your recent Kmart.com order for the Disney Cars Collector Event 18 Pack (item number 004W025571110001). We want to assure you that we will be fulfilling your order as soon as the shipment from our supplier arrives at our warehouse. We are expecting additional product early next week, and upon receipt, our warehouse will promptly ship your order. You will receive an email when your item has been shipped. Thank you again for your order.

    Kmart Customer Support

  • Chris says:

    Has anyone received an email from kmart about their case being shipped?
    I received a second conformation email on the 18th.

  • Jon says:

    Hi Lorri, it was my Dad’s birthday on Saturday too! That was a coincidence. We went over to France for the day, picked up a Trunk Fresh hauler and a Fiber Fuel launcher. I can deduct the cost of 3 magazines from what I owe you, they are Β£2.25 each. Do you need anything else? We have Storytellers over here now if you missed any of those. Or ROR Flik and Flea? I saw a few of those last week.

    Do you want any more stickers for your album? Originally I bought a whole box, but I didn’t need to open all the packets, so I have some left if you want them? They were 40p each, and I might have about 10 packets left? If you do then I can work it all out cost wise, then convert my pounds to the almighty dollar!


  • Nascarfan says:


    Ray Hondaz….said I went to ebay with my cars.

    WRONG apparently this joker hasnt read anything about where or what I have done for this commuinity.

    and oh Ray…….KMA

    If there is any way you can find that Mini in Mario packaging again I will buy it from you. – service@PitStopToyShop.com

  • BigYeti,
    I’m in Niagara Falls. We should meet up sometime.

  • BigYeti says:

    West Seneca, NY 12 cases and about 40 people. Luckily my brother-in-law and I had 8 tickets between our families. He got 2 called for the first round of picking the 5 cars. I told him to get the set of real rubber tires and we will worry about the rest later. I got 3 called the 2nd round. between the cases we were able to get a complete set together(mood springs package is beat up bad). It was a good thing that some kids picked from the 1st round and we got one of those cases. We were able to get 6 extra cars then nothing left other than McQueens. Without kids I drove to 3 other Kmarts, 75 miles later and nothing. At least I got 1 set and my son is happy.

  • GeorgeHP,
    Email me about the extra Mini that you have – service@PitStopToyShop.com

    I was actually looking around the car for something to do while he was writing up my ticket. Finally settled on a couple of text messages. πŸ˜€

  • Hey Lorri,
    Actually Tyler’s birthday was Sunday the 21st – yep, an actual Summer Baby – (now Monday here), but since it landed on Father’s day this year I figured nobody would show up for a birthday party on the same day, so we did it on Saturday. We planned for rain so no burgers or hot dogs, but you know how we do in NY. Pizza and authentic Buffalo Wings – 8) 1 1/2 trays (36 slices) of pizza and 48 wings gone in less than 20 minutes.

    Here’s a poster on The Bay right now, less than an hour to go, pretty cheap so far: http://cgi.ebay.com/Disney-Pixar-Cars-2009-POSTER-New-Release-KMART-EVENT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ65Q3a1Q7c66Q3a2Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318Q7c301Q3a1Q7c293Q3a1Q7c294Q3a50QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem2301c3a471QQitemZ150353454193QQptZLHQ5fDefaultDomainQ5f0QQsalenotsupported

    (MET: How many wings did Tyler plow down? πŸ™‚ HB not-so-little dude! πŸ˜‰ ).

  • Lorri says:

    oops lranslam @ verizon.ne t

  • Lorri says:

    Did I mention my son REAAALLLY was upset he didnt the poster? Anyone get an extra they wanna trade for?

  • Lorri says:

    Hey Jake! Was Tylers actual birthday yesterday? Cuz my daughters is too!!!
    We also did the Kmart day and her party on the same day. Who’s idea was that??!!!!! And we were having the party at our house, so had to have it all ready before. Came back from the event and get ready for 15 kids and assorted adults. Guests come, go in the backyard as planned. Rain comes. All those people inside. I say honey what about the pinata? He says do it in the living room……15 kids and a bat.
    PS she is 6 and opened Mini first in the car on the way home.

  • GeorgeHP says:

    Once again I have some extra Mini’s and Patti’s. If you need one, I got you…cost + shipping.

  • GeorgeHP says:


  • rdivizio says:

    How do I add my pics to show you guys?

  • Nascarfan says:

    Kmart Day case Owners

    If you have extra cases that you want to sell I have been getting people asking for them.

    lorri and others I can help

  • Nascarfan says:


    let me know if you still have that backward Clutch Aid

    cannot use reply it says:

    cannot find comment.div

  • Nascarfan says:



    I have GOOD NEWS ! ! !

    I checked UPS tracking numbers from Kmart.com shipped emails.

    I am getting at LEAST 22 boxes tommorrow 06-22-09, and a minimum of another 15 on Tuesday 06-23-09 .

    Some tommorrow are goingto be 3 boxes per carton!!!!!!!

    Some appear to have been shipped from Kmart.com without getting Kmart.com SHIPPED, “Thank You For Your Order” emails

    I will be taking pictures as they arrive !!!.. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

    WOW nice day tommorrow and Tuesday!!

  • Hey PD,
    Yes, I did get pulled over during the SWS Promo, but not for speeding. I got a ticket for talking on my phone while driving and not using a hands-free device. Coincidentally, I was reaming a TRU corporate office person when I got the ticket.

  • PirateDad says:

    PitStopToyShop….LOVE the post…didn’t you get pulled over at the first TRU promo for SWS too? Exclusives and you do not mix!!! HAPPY Birthday Tyler!!!

  • DEREK AILES says:

    Got some of the rubber tire cars at the Kmart I was at before I went to work. On the way home stop at another Kmart and got 2 more of the cars. This morning went to the neighboring city and got Clutch Aid, the last one I needed. The only car I didn’t get was Mini. That’s the one all the kids wanted. I noticed one of the Mini’s in the box was mispackaged on the Mario Andretti chase package.

    Hopefully, I’ll find MIni or I’ll just cave in and buy it offer of dealer.

  • Matt B says:

    Mine was pretty much the same as all of the above. We arrived at the Kmart in Canton, GA around 10:40. We (myself, son and daughter) were second in line to the event. They even had a Mattel Rep there. She set out 2 long tracks and had 4 cars set up for the kids to race them. She also gave away certificates to the kids for playing with the cars as well as giving out Cars stickers. She was a very nice lady!!

    By the time event started, there were around 15 people and 2 master Cartons (12 cases). Everyone got tickets but their rules were 3 cars for 5 mins. So my son and my numbers were called first and second. My daughters was called much later but still was able to open a case. Then for the numbers that were not called they hand picked from the tickets that had not been able to open the cases and gave away the posters (2 in the boxes and 2 from the Mattel rep). After that it was the free for all. We of course got the ones we wanted (22 total). So my kids and I were happy!! I definitely cant’t wait for the next one in October!!!

  • jestrjef says:

    Jake . . . sounds like you were kinda bored . . . πŸ™‚

  • Darth Tony says:

    Forgot to mention that Buffalo / Monticello is in Minnesota (about 40 minutes outside of Minneapolis).

    Sorry for leaving out that critical bit of info… πŸ˜‰

  • Darth Tony says:

    Went to the Buffalo / Monticello K-Mart Saturday night about 8:30 PM and they had about 8 different boxes that had barely been touched. Not sure if they are all still there now (as it is end of the day Sunday) but by the time I left I had a complete set of everything offered and there had to have been about 12+ of literally everything.

  • Kmart Cars Event Collector Day 2 in Niagara Falls, NY:

    Comment #2 – Pre-Event & Post-Event Updates:

    Time of wake up – 6:45am
    Time from wake up to out the door – 37 minutes (7:22am)
    Time to drive to Mt. Morris, NY to pick up Tyler – 1 hour and 24 minutes
    Minutes spent waiting once I got there – 17
    Time we left to drive back to Niagara Falls, NY – 9:17am
    How long it took before I got pulled over for speeding – ~8 minutes
    State Troopers with nothing better to do on a Saturday – 1
    State Troopers with absolutely zero sympathy for KMart Cars Day, Father’s Day, and Tyler’s Birthday – 1
    My recorded speed by radar – 61 mph
    Posted Speed Limit – 45 mph
    “Let you off with a warning” Received – 0
    Speeding Tickets Received – 1
    Minutes delayed due to pull over – ~12
    Fine for 16 miles over speed limit in NYS – ~$150
    Average speed the rest of the way – ~70 mph
    Time we arrived at KMart – 10:58am

    (Read previous post for in-store KMart Event results)

    Time of home arrival after event – 12:11pm
    # of Puddles in the driveway Tyler jumped over – 3
    # of Puddles he miscalculated and in which he landed flat on his butt – 1
    Time it took to go through the cars to see what we got – ~6 minutes
    # of Cars we opened before I changed his clothes – 4
    Time of Arrival at my parents house for Tyler’s Birthday party – 1:38pm
    Number of “old” people present to greet us – 2 (my parents)
    # of questions they asked about the party – 18
    # of times I answered with “I don’t know” – 17
    Time of Tyler’s nap – 3:13pm
    Time spent reserving the ice cream cake – ~30 minutes
    Time spent reserving the pizza and wings – ~17 minutes
    Time spent reserving balloons, plates, and napkins – ~25 minutes
    Time spent buying chips and pop (or soda for you freaks/non-NY’ers out there) – ~15 minutes
    Time spent wrapping presents I just bought plus extras from Christmas that I just found – ~1 hour and 15 minutes
    Time of arrival at the party – 5:04pm
    Time the party started – 5:00pm
    # of total guests – 18
    % of guests who brought gifts – 100% – NICE!
    Age Tyler is today – 3 years
    Tries it took him to blow out the #3 candle – 4
    Pieces of Ice Cream cake he ate – 1 1/2 (his plus half of mine)
    Time spent tearing through presents – ~25 minutes
    Time we finally left for home – ~9:30pm
    Time it took Tyler to fall asleep once he laid down – ~3 minutes
    Time spent typing these ridiculous updates – ~50 minutes
    % of T5ers who will be driven crazy by all of this – ~100%

    And you thought you had an eventful day!

  • Derrick Hill says:

    Would love to read any comments from people who attended an event close to Canadian border towns. Could not make it down from B.C. into Washington state and would love to catch some stories of any who tried.

  • TrboTrex says:

    Hey I picked up a clutch aid that is Facing the wrong direction. Is this an error card or not worth mentioning.

    In Latham NY and Clifton Park NY there were as many cases as people so it was a free for all. everyone got what they wanted I walked out with one of each plus doubles of Lil tourqey and clutch aid and vitoline pitty. My wife got one of each at her store so we are good.

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    To carsmama, re: ‘McQueen’ cashier…

    “Life is a Highway” was the song that was playing at my Kmart when they wheeled out the case of cars. πŸ™‚

    Met, the reply link doesn’t work…here’s the error code: Can’t find the ‘commentformid’ div.

  • PoPeYe says:

    We were able to find everyone but Todd at 2 KMs … We picked up 2 Elvis though…an extra Mood Spring Mario and Patti
    If anyone could find a Todd for us I’ll buy or trade ..loose or opened


  • Dunroamin says:

    I had to split 12 cases with another couple…I was so bummed πŸ˜›

  • Lorri says:

    Hi everyone
    I have an extra Kmart case coming if anyone is interested – cost only plus shipping, paypal, etc. (lranslam at verizon. com)
    I am looking for one Easy Idle, and does anyone want to trade a poster for last years one? Fliks friend didnt you get like 100 of them?!
    Our event was great. They had 3 boxes, so 18 cases. There were probably 20 people there, but they didnt buy much and there were tons left at the free for all. (but I gave away my one easy idle) anyway so I went back today, and there were 3 shifty drugs on the pegs. I wandered all over but did not see the hundred cars I was expecting to see,and no one knew anything about them.

  • handoe213 says:

    Im glad to here that alot of people had a great time at Kmart. Unfortunately for the Kmart in North Van Nuys California, it was a mad fest. I was one of the first ones there and the turn out was pretty big around 50 people. The event went well with the calling of numbers and opening boxes but once they opened all the boxes it was a crazy free for all. We had people pushing little kids and the elderly. I especially found 2 older males pulling away and elderly woman from New Zealand who was on vacation and getting some cars that they cant get at home for her grandchildren. Later i found out these guys not only didnt want to trade with anyone else there cause some people counldnt get a set of racers, they had a cartful of duplicates. Damn Hoarders and later we found out they were Fleabayers. For the lady from New Zealand a couple of collectors and myself gave her some of our own cars to complete her list. All in all it was a fun event but theres a couple of people out there that just know how to ruin the mood in a great event. Now i hope i get my case from the presale to get the ones i gave away. Cant wait till the next event and im bringing a baseball bat

  • carsmama says:

    As a side note…We found out that our KMart cashier’s last name was McQueen. Now that’s good carsma.

  • kevin roche says:

    so when is kmart.com going to release the last of the cases..

    also the next event, will there be 9 more rubber tire piston cup cars?

    if so do you think kmart will release all 36 cars in rubber tires.. and if they do will they have a case for sale to put all these cars in, i know it wont be like the hotwheels case but it could happen

  • Mike H says:

    How in the world do people think these toys are free? It’s not like going to a baseball game and getting a beach towel after paying your admission!

    Anyways, I attended the KMart on Addison Street in Chicago, IL on Sat. I left a little later than I intended, and ended up getting their 20 minutes late due to a street festival rerouting the bus line.

    I got there at 11:20am, and made my way to the bikes, to see an employee standing alone and beginning to push a cart full of the K-cases back to the toy aisle. When I stopped him, he helped me to find the ones I wanted (The 5 new racers, as well as Todd, Mini, Vitoline Pitty and Patti.

    I asked him what it was like before I got there. He said that originally, 7 people were there but 15-20 minutes before 11am, most left leaving only 2-3 people. By the looks of it, this KMart got 6-10 cases. The ones I looked through hadn’t even been touched (and the raffle tickets weren’t even torn)! I got my 9, and then went to the check-out.

    The good news is that’s some new cars on the shelves…the bad news is, they were the ONLY new cars on the shelves I’ve seen in the last 2-3 months (I won’t even dignify calling the lenticulars ‘new’). I purchased the racers I wanted, with the mental assuredness that I’d never see them packaged with the ‘Lightyear Launchers.’ Target hasn’t restocked launchers in maybe 4 months.

  • martian410 says:

    K-mart Cars Day 2 went well for us too(30 miles away in Chula Vista, CA). Except at the end, when during the free-for-all, these 3 women (who thought the cars were free), literally cleaned the table of Cars…

  • Monica says:

    Which one did you go to Racerguy? I figured you’d go to Ramona.

  • Mr. T says:

    Just got back from the KMart I was at yesterday – still 3 large rubbermaid tubs FULL of them!!!

    Is there something I don’t know????

    (MET: Not at my Kmart).

  • Altan says:

    Go Kevin Go.

  • TarheelBill says:

    Our Kmart was 4 cases short of everyone getting one. One man got his ticket drawn, opened the case and said he had “heard” there was a Rusty Wallace car in these cases. πŸ˜† Everyone was like WHAT??? So he gave the case away and left with no Rusty. Another woman saw the gathering and walked up and got a ticket about 10 seconds before they started to call numbers. Of course hers was called. She said thank you and started to walk off with case in hand when the event person stopped her and explained it all to her. The woman said “you mean I have to pay for this?” 😯 Anyway, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you dads out there in Carsland.

  • Bill in Simi Valley, CA says:

    Nothing better than the quiet roll of synthetic rubber on the floor.

    Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

  • Nascarfan says:


    I know people that have cases fairly cheap if you do not find any.


  • jedijson says:

    Our nearest K-Mart is in Shawnee, about 35 minutes away. Because my wife insisted she go with me and the boys, we got there five minutes before they started the event.

    There were twelve boxes, and 36 people–30 more people than were there last year.

    We did end up getting everything that we needed, but it was difficult. Had to do the lottery thing, and we could only get three Cars each time. Fortunately, one of our numbers came up each time, so we could stay at the same box the entire time. So, we were able to get everything out of that box.

    The boys are very happy, which was the whole point for me. My sons are happy, so I’m happy.

  • Bill in Simi Valley, CA says:

    Went to the local (30 miles away) KMart last night at 9 PM. They had lots left. If you didn’t get them already, keep trying other stores!!

  • racerguy says:

    There were 8 that I wanted, so I was able to get those and two others (they did the 5 in 5 minutes thing). There were 4 cartons and 24 cases; definitely way more people than that. My son got called in the first round, but I didn’t get called until the cases had already been picked through and were going through again. Luckily, I think I got the case that some kid went through, as the good ones were still in there. Pretty nervous until I got called though.

  • babychristianscars says:

    Did anyone get extras that we can buy? No stores near us and my mum in WA refused to go stupid car shopping her words.

  • Jon says:

    FAO LORRI! – Hope you get to see this. I am having trouble emailing you again, my messages keep getting sent back to me. If possible could you please check my case to see if it has the correct contents? I can pay you the money first thing tomorrow, (Monday). Thanks a lot!


  • Beav says:

    Since I’m deployed to Iraq and my wife had a soccer game at 11:00 for our 2 year old, she didn’t get to K Mart in Niceville, Florida until about 12:30. Lucky for us, only one collector had showed up. Therefore, she got to pick through the cases and get one of everything! So far, Todd is my son’s favorite.

    Two cases are in the mail as well.

    Happy hunting!

  • CaptainChunk says:

    My kids and I opted to visit the Chehalis, WA Kmart again this event.

    In October there were 6-7 people at most, and one master case(plus two mini cases). Everything was great.

    It was a bit of a nightmare this time around.

    The local hoarder’s whole family showed up with a ‘shopping’ list. So, with them, there were around 18 people. And again just the one master case.(No minis) They also had staff running it this time that had never run an event before, and I had to give them a lot of tips on what to do. They did pretty well after it finally got started.

    The daughter and I had to wait until the third round to get our turn, but remarkably did manage to get the cars we needed. Thankfully since I pre-ordered I was only looking to complete an extra set.

    It was great to see a fellow TFAD member get to do his case early before the jackals picked everything else through. And many thanks to him for helping us out during his son’s turn when they were done picking out theirs.

    When everyone was done and it was time for the remains to be put out on the table there was next to nothing left of the exclusives. Just lots of McQueen, Patti and Todd. Strange enough, the most popular items were Mini, Chase Mario, and Vitoline pitty. Two of which you know are going to reappear in a regular case sooner or later.

    I ran up to the Lacey Kmart an hour later and they had the table sitting there that still had lots of the exclusives. Which is funny since some of the people at our event decided to come down from that area after things went so poor for them in October.

    So Dev if you’re reading this, the Kmart in Lewis County, WA definitely needs a second Master Case next time around. πŸ˜‰

  • Monica says:

    She was actually the greedy one, demanding that people hand over their Cars to her, when she did not arrive on time :(.

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    ok……so I thought I was feeling lucky, so I decided to head to WM to see if they had anything new… hmmm, let me see……nope, not a stinking thing on the pegs except for a sea of LMcQs, 1 Chick and 2 Stacys….no more luck for me today….

  • BMW says:

    Dev had a conference call with all the store managers and district managers, to make sure that they understood and followed the rules. Better than the miserable free for all that so many talked about last Oct.

  • PDIDDY55 says:

    Things went well here in Kalamazoo MI this morning. There were 18 cases for the 3 or 4 of us that were there. We thought it was funny that they still made us draw numbers and go through the whole pick 5 process.

  • rumbler74 says:

    Interesting to note: The Synthetic Rubber Tires CAN be taken off from the wheels. The Lightyear logo on the tires does fade quite easily and right away from the rubber tires to the point of having the tires all black. As Luigi would probably point out, how boring. I think Im going to “whitewall” them to make Luigi proud. I think I might also remove the rubber tires from Bumper Save and add them to McQueen so he could be done just right as he should have been. After all, he IS one of the Piston Cup Racers too.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    * John in Missouri
    June 20th, 2009 at 2:11 pm I’d like to know who spent the most today. Anyone want to admit this? *

    by the looks of it…. it is between you and NascarFan…

  • John in Missouri says:

    Too bad no one captured her antics on video — that would make for some great YouTube viewing!

  • Marcus' mom says:

    We were at a Kmart in Phx, AZ today. The event ran very well. They had 12 boxes of cars on the table. They did tickets. They pulled 5 tickets and let those people pick a box to open. You could pick 5 cars from the box you chose. After 5 min the rest were put on the floor (still in the box). Then 5 more were called and they got to chose a box (same thing happened). During third round there were only two boxes left that were unopened so the first two tickets got to pick from those and the next three got to pick from the previously opened boxes for 5 cars. After 5 min the gal who ran the event asked if there were any other tickets that weren’t called. She then let them come up and pick 5 cars from the opened boxes. Afterwards it was a respectful free-for-all. I ended up with one full set of racers, a few Marios, and some extra LTPistons, ClutchAid, and Re-tread. My son LOVES Todd.
    The event was over in 20 minutes (free-for-all included).
    I was handed a poster by the gal that ran the event but I heard that my grandmother in MI had gotten one for my son already, but thought… ah, what’s another? And then I heard an older gentleman asking the gal if there were anymore. I turned around and handed it to him. He looked like he wanted it for his grandkids.
    Some older lady came barrelling down the aisle with a small boy in her shopping cart (who I swear must have hit is head a few times as she whipped the cart around) and asked “WHERE ARE THE CARS?!” We told her that they were pretty much all gone and she stomped her feet and started yelling at me and another family (who had a bunch of race cars in their shopping cart) at how greedy we were and how we should just give her some since she has a little boy. (yadda yadda yadda) I told her that we were all there prior to 11 and I’m sorry that she missed it. She kept telling us that we were “greedy, greedy, greedy.” And stormed off (she actually got about 5 cars from the table). I kinda felt bad for the little kid for not getting cars, but that mother/grandmother was so rude that I didn’t feel like I should help her. Had she asked nicely, I would have helped her out. I was checking out when she was leaving the store and she wanted to let me know one more time that I was greedy… thanks! At least I’m not rude!
    Our Kmarts seem to be dwindling here in the valley but I am looking forward to October’s date. Hopefully the one I went to will still be open.

    (MET: That same woman probably showed up today to yell at someone in gardening buying two bags of fertilizer).

  • John in Missouri says:

    I believe Kmart Day 3 will have these guys with Synthetic Rubber Tires:

    Leak Less
    N2O Cola
    Octane Gain
    Trunk Fresh
    Vinyl Toupee

  • Luciano24 says:

    Will there be a Fall Kmart Day? If so what can we expect to see. Storytellers, MegaSized, Mater Tall Tales. More exclusive Singles?

    (MET: There’s one tenatively scheduled so don’t plan anything yet, let’s wait until at least after SDCC πŸ™‚ … more Piston Cup racers – rubber tires).

  • Mara says:

    I forgot, did Case D of the launchers come out before Case C? If so, I might have a shot to find it in a store.

  • L8rM8r says:

    Yeah I did see him he was very chill, and a nice guy. He did mention something about his daughter going nuts over “these” things. It was a good time and everyone was very cool there. I couldn’t believe that they were not going to even let me help him get the cars out of the case so he could pick.

    I can’t believe I missed the error car. It was a little chaotic and was having trouble focusing during the free for all.

  • Mara says:

    I wasn’t going to go since I bought a case, but after seeing some people end up with the wrong assortment I of course panicked. I was out of town during the event for a meeting. So when I got home, I had to go to KMart, around 3pm PST, here in Modesto, CA. At first I couldn’t find anything, I thought they might place them on pegs, but they didn’t. They were at the end of the toy dept near garden on a table, all lined up. I am not sure how many cases the got, but I counted at least 6 Marios. I was able to be picky and look for cars that weren’t chipped. But the 2 cars that were really short were Retread and Easy Idle, only 2 left of each. Lots of Todd/Patti/Vitoline Pitty (I think non-collectors don’t like them) and a lot of the other race cars. Even 4-5 Minis. So I picked up one of each just in case my case doesn’t work out. Not many people in the area were interested. One lady looked at them, asked me how much they were and put them down. I won’t be paranoid about the next K-Mart day there. Also found Retread launcher at Target yesterday, lenticulars at WM today-no Sarge, only 9 McQs, Doc and Fillmore, & a Tank Coat launcher. I found Frank at a different WM last week. Still trying to find Sarge, Sven, No Stall semi and the case C launchers, haven’t seen those. Just have seen case B & D launchers. Sounds like most people did well!

  • Marni says:

    Wow, so much fun! Thank you so much for this website. I check it every once and awhile because my 3 year old son and I love to collect Cars! We were both so excited about the KMart event. We went to the KMart in Ramona, CA. They had 4 large boxes and only about 6 groups of people there so we had our run of about 5 cases apiece (though I didn’t purchase as many — left some for those who came later!). It made everyone so happy. We just don’t seem to have any luck trying to time it on our own when looking for cars so I am so appreciative to KMart (and this website!) for doing this and telling us about it. It was so much fun!!

    (MET: Thanks – glad it was fun!)

  • Shelby says:

    Hey L8rm8r –
    You probably saw my dad in Portsmouth – I was in Rochester. He was a big guy, nicknamed “Bear”. He won one of the posters. He mentioned how ridiculous it was that little kids were going to have to go pick on their own but that everyone there agreed that it was fine if parents went with their kids.

    I couldn’t resist – and DID go back out tonight. I hit the one in Portsmouth and that is where I found the error Vitoline pitty (or guido as my nephew calls them!)

  • L8rM8r says:

    Oh and one other thing all of the cases were correct there was not a single case that was not what we were expecting.

  • L8rM8r says:

    Great time had at the Portsmouth NH Kmart. They ran a tight ship there even though there were 12 cases and 11 tickets, but they played it by the book. 5min 5 cars NEXT.

    My son and I were picked early on and the guy running it was very nice, but said that the rules state that I can’t help my 4yo with getting the cars. I was not even supposed to help him get the cars out of the box. Everyone was very cool and he asked if anyone minded and everyone agreed it was OK.

    Once the first round was done the opened up the remaining case and dumped everything into bins and the free for all began. It was very civil and I tried to help everyone get what they wanted and told them what they should have (thanks for the little cheat sheet Met)

    Great day, great people, and we were able to get two sets of all the cars. Same as Shelby there were lots left behind, but I had to walk away. Although I must admit I almost went out tonight before they closed to get more, but was able to hold off.

    My son couldn’t wait to open Todd and we also won a poster. I just sent some pics of the event to Met so feel free to post if you so desire.

    I hope everyone had a blast and got what they wanted it seemed that Lil Torquey Pistons and Clutch Aid were the cars to get. There must have been 10 Mood Springs left behind and even a Mini or two.

  • BMW says:

    Yes, NascarFan got some, and 4 others have reported finding the error Vitoline Pitty. Seems to be the only error car found in the event cases. Not in my cases.

  • BigP says:

    KMart we went to was pretty empty. Easy to get what we wanted. We found a Shifty Drug racer with a Shifty Drug card backing, but the front ticket label says Mood Springs on it.

  • Shelby says:

    Did anyone else find Vitoline Pitty with BLUE tires and BLUE tool chest? I think somebody mentioned it above and then I found one tonight when I went back to a Kmart in Portsmouth, NH.


    (MET: You’ll be ‘friended’ by lots of collectors soon πŸ™‚ ).

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Hey Mike! I was kicking myself for not getting your name! I had a great time too and THanks for hooking me up with Frank! We will definitely have to keep in touch it is the first time I was able to meet a collector in person!


  • Aaron and Jeanne from Joplin Missouri says:

    well i printed off the 5$ off coupons too and they wouldnt let us use them πŸ™ i dont really mind lol but kind of dumb that some kmarts did and some didnt? did you guys mix your cars with food and other “consumable items” lol πŸ™‚ hahah I’m glad everyone had a great day!! i cant wait until October!

  • TarheelBill says:

    Our Kmart Cars Day went great down here in NC. First, every case had the exact contents that Met posted! Our store had 18 cases and 22 people who got tickets. That’s about double the people from last time. Me and my wife both got a case and were able to get exactly what I needed, 2 of everything new and 3 Marios. I think everyone left there happy today. Great job Dev and your entire team! As if the great Kmart day wasn’t enough, I found 2 Saluting Sarge and 2 Chase Ferrari at one WM and 3 Frank at another WM. I hope all of the Cars Dads out there have a blessed Fathers Day tomorrow! πŸ˜€

  • Tollfree says:

    I was at Kmart in Forest Park Il at 11:ooam this morning was able to get all the cars I needed plus extra. The event was held in the appliance department not the toys department. Went back to the same Kmart this evening at 8:00pm and the same 6 case they had this morning are still in the appliance department untouched on top of a washing machine.

  • unimog says:

    We walked into KMart at 11:30 and located the “Cars” table next to the toy department. There were tons of cars but no people. An over zealous employee handed me a case and said, “Buy this! It will be worth a lot some day.” Then he handed a case to my wife and one to my 6 year old daughter. As we were standing there looking, he snuck another one into our cart. Later, as we were walking around KMart, I over heard an employee comment to another employee that there was a customer who actually bought four of those Cars cases. I think she was talking about us. And yes, they were happy for us to take 2 “Cars” posters off their hands.

  • ForgottenMemories says:

    Not many people at the local store (Rockford, IL) so everyone was able to get what they wanted. Lil Torquey Pistons was the hardest car to get only two remained after the free for all. Was the LT Pistons the lowest produced car?

  • momtocarsnut says:

    My Kmart stunk so bad (Brookhaven, Pa). Apparently, an employee messed up and opened one case yesterday so this morning, they just opened the cases and left them out. I got there at 10:30 and there wasn’t much left πŸ™ I was able to get mood springs, bumper save, and shifty drug. I’m really glad I didn’t hype it up to my 3 year old. He would have been crushed.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Sloths 14

    Chase car has something different on the car or card.

    Piston Cup cars are the ones that were in the Piston Cup race in the movie.

  • Uncle Skip says:

    I’ll say it loud and clear…


    Got the final 2 Cars needed… crisis averted…. YEAH!!

    Thanx to all….

  • Nascarfan says:

    Jason, nice job bud…

  • acuransx

    My son had sooo much fun going thru his box of Cars at the KM Cars event. We both just love Todd! He actually hid his Todd in a secret place because he’s afraid mom might steal it from him. πŸ˜‰

    I have to go now…my son is in bed sleeping…must search for Todd…hehe

  • Nascarfan says:

    should be 955.00 not 1138.00

  • Nascarfan says:

    Got my 3 cases I was short for international.

    PLUS 112 extra cars…..

    Of them I made up 5 correct cases to pass onto International people.

    NOT including in this is the 3 cases I drew 1, my wife drew 1, “Bucky” from CarstheToys handed me one..(thanks “bucky”)

    PLUS picked up ANOTHER 122 leftovers and passed them on also to Overseas people.

    ALLREADY GONE….i am sold out

    5 total correct cases and My 3 correct cases

    8 total and a LOTS of overs that sold very fast

    I had 30 – 5.00 off coupons printed up….

    handed out about 8 or ten of them and used the rest of the coupons myself.

    (see pictures at the top of this post)



  • Nascarfan says:

    John in Missouri:

    I Spent near 900.00

  • Cappy says:

    North of Seattle, we hit two K-Marts (sent my sons to one whilst I visited another). Both stores went well; generally worked out to a case per person for the first five, then a fairly civil free-for-all. The store employees understood and followed the decreed procedures. Thanks all!

  • Sloths14 says:

    Just became aware of this event a few weeks ago.
    Wasn’t able to make it until around 4:30PM to the
    SuperK in Salem, NH. Went to the toy area and
    was disappointed to see no new cars. Mostly older
    Mega size and mini-packs, we have had this stuff
    forever. Disappointed, started moving on, when
    I noticed a table with a Lightning McQueen tablecloth. Was able to pick up:

    Mood Springs
    Vitoline Pitty
    Tow Cap
    Lil Torquey
    Clutch Aid
    Bumper Save

    They also had (but I didn’t need)
    Shifty Drug
    Lightning McQueen
    No Stall
    Mario Andretti

    So it looks like I missed out on
    Easy Idle

    Since I am relatively new to this, didn’t notice
    any cases or anything like that. Not such if I missed anything else (Mini?). Thanks to PoPeYe
    for the Billerica info. Question from this newbie-
    what is the difference with the “chase” and “Piston Cup” cars.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Four tubs of Cars are sitting near the lawn and garden department in Lakewood, WA. The only casting missing is Chase Mario. Abundance of leftovers are Portland Avenue. The pegs should be fairly well stocked this week. WalMart down the road continues to be well stocked with birdseed and toilet paper.

  • Jason says:

    I will come forward and admit that I spent a lot….
    I went between 2 kmarts and was getting Cars for everyone I know. One of the stores had 18 cases and no one was there at 11 so guess how many cases I got— 18 and then at the other kmart I was able to get around 50 cars. I am dividing them up for people right now but I spent over 1300 dollars today and I used a lot of 5 off 50 coupons too. My friends got to stay home and relax as I went to work— Now it is play time every kid in our neighborhood is happy

    (MET: Thanks for helping the economy & Kmart! A true patriot! πŸ™‚ ).

  • so so says:

    went so so in California, Redwood city

    about 40-45 people showed up, only 2 master cases, so lots of people actually got NO CARS, and some lucky families got to go thru about 4 times… I got 5 racers.

  • acuransx says:

    ataloa & fiddleheads,

    I think it’s great that you all found what you wanted.

    I just hope that we can keep providing the product that you all crave.

    Go Mattel/Pixar/Cars.

  • Mia, Tia and NJM says:

    Color me happy! Drove 200 miles (to pick up grandkids) and 30 more to go to the nearest K-Mart. First to arrive and had five family members with me. Store manager ran the event according to the instructions and my son-in-law was first to be called. I was second and when the manager realized there were 12 people and 12 cases he just started handing out cases. The extras were put out on the table and everyone got what they wanted. Now I know why Pirate Dad ended up with so many last year–it was just so much fun being able to pick up lots of new cars after such a dry spell. There were 5 kids present but two had left when they gave out the posters so both my grandkids got one. My grandson gave me his and my granddaughter kept hers (go figure). I left the big city with 2 grandkids, 36 cars and a poster and material for my hobby. When we headed out of town, I turned to my hubby and said, “There’s another one in October.”

    (MET: Woohoo – it sounded like you were a little worried a few days ago – glad it all worked out … 36 CARS and you returned with the same two grandkids you started with – what could be better πŸ˜‰ … ).

  • Aaron and Jeanne from Joplin Missouri says:

    Lol well I posted on the other one earlier lol but I’ll post here too ! We got to the kmart we were going to at 1030 and then people started showing up like 10 til 11 they brought out 3 master cases so 18 total and there were only like 10 of us there so they said open the cases and take whatever we wanted to lol so we bought another case and a half of mcqueenless cars lol we also got the collector poster and an advertising poster yay! Everything went super smooth and eveyone got what they wanted! I also told all of them to check out take5 if they were all cars freaks like us on here! Great day!!

  • Hey ataloa!

    You weren’t suppose to tell! I wanted people to think I had ruthlessly taken all the leftovers. Darn it! πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. Glad you and yours had a great time and nice to see you post. I forgot to tell you about the New England area Cars group. We share info about our recent Cars finds. If you would like to join email me: heather at bloominorchidco dot com. πŸ™‚

  • BMW says:

    Met, saw your update. There’s always one in every crowd. Sounds like the east and western states KMarts were more crowded than central states.

    (MET: Guess next time, we’re caravaning to the Midwest … we’ll promise to stay out of Texas … πŸ™‚ ).

  • swb says:

    did my good deed as well gave out 5 $5off coupons to kids and tore up the rest i printed out in front of a 65 year old ebay hog who grabbed 2 cases swearing they were for his 4 year old son.(not to call 65 old but to have a 4year old come on!!)

  • ataloa says:

    This was our first Kmart Collectors Day! Met Fiddleheads in Maine and was very impressed by the way our Bangor, ME Kmart handled the process. I was the mom who gave my called ticket to the little boy whose family had not been called at all. It was the right thing to do. He and his dad had been there first, waiting quietly. The dad was grateful, and, when that dad’s number (but none of our family’s) were called for Round Two, he, in turn, insisted that I take his called ticket. That was also a very nice thing to do! And his son, as well as mine, got to witness both acts of kindness. So, I came away from this event having had a lot of fun, but also having experienced the goodness of people. It was a nice lesson for the kids all around. And, one thing that Fiddleheads in Maine didn’t mention: She shared some of those leftovers at the end with my family, and I suspect she may have intended to take them had we not expressed an interest in some additional cars. So, thanks Fiddleheads! And thanks to everyone for their kindness and for keeping the event fun for adults and kids alike! I am smiling!

  • Rich says:

    All went good today and I have my9.

  • swb says:

    any new kmart car you need email me yankees2008champs@gmail.com. i am willing to help anyone (Paypal only).

  • Jon Grizz says:

    Went to San Mateo, Ca. 18 cases for over 30 people. It went pretty well generally, but not too good for me specifically. There was no table so the numbers were drawn one at a time, it took over an hour to go through the cases twice. The free for all lasted about 5 seconds with dealers scarfing most of the leftover cases. I ended up with a dozen cars, including two Pattis. I’m going to a different Kmart next time.

  • PacificNWBuckeye says:

    I went to one in Vacouver Wa., not a huge turnout, but there were about 16 people for the 12 cases. I got the ones I was after and a few for a buddy. I got to talk to a family I saw at last years and when I was picked for one of the posters at then end I gave it to one of their boys.

  • kd says:

    Which Mario is correct, red or yellow wheels? I didnt realize but I had yellow so the red is new for me.

    Also, I had to laugh when the girl who took a ticket after me, was just there for McQueen.

    (MET: Red is correct … I’m sure that woman could’ve gotten a McQ free for selling her ticket πŸ™‚ ).

  • Cars4kids says:

    Awesome day. My wife and I went to 2 different places. There was about 30 cases with only a total of 25 people. Got about 5 each of the new racers, mario, mini and vitoline. Couldn’t ask for anything better. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

  • kd says:

    I had an excellent kmart day. My friend and I got everything we need and could have walked out with more but we are only in it for 1 for the kids. I was hppy to see no ebayers atmy walmart, just parents getting for the kids.

    BTW, who is Patty? I can’t find her in Meet the cars or the book with night vision McQueen.

    My Frank came in the mail today too. I splurged on him bc I didnt want to hunt.

    (MET: Patty is in the Collector’s Guide – she’s Mario ass’t).

  • HOUSTON MIKE says:

    I drove about 80 miles to the nearest K Mart in Lufkin, TX. I did not attend the event last October, so I wasn’t sure how crowded it would be. I also couldn’t get any other family members to
    come with me for backup. I was a little worried that I might not be able to pick up all of the new cars that I wanted. There were 12 cases and 12 tickets passed out, so everyone got to go through a case. I picked up all the cars I wanted – the 9 Piston Cup cars, The 2 new cars and the chase car. By 11:10 it was over. Plenty of McQueens, Pattis and Todds left over.
    I had a great time chatting with Future Pixar Goddess. Thanks again for the poster. We’ll have to keep in touch and help each other find Cars in the Houston area.
    On the trip home I saw 3 Franks, the lenticular cars including Sarge and Ferrari at the Wal Mart in Livingston. I even saw an impound Boost at Hastings in Conroe.
    Looking forward to the October event.
    Thanks, Kmart and Mattel.

  • jestrjef says:

    April . . . email me!!

    jestrjef at hotmail dot com

    I think I can help you. I can give references if you need them. πŸ™‚

  • Oh… and to all the Dads out there…


  • Reporting in from Bangor, ME


    Stopped by KM yesterday to ask how the event was going to be run this year. I was told that they would by giving out numbers to both adults and children no earlier than 11:00am. So today I arrived at 10:45 with my son and was directed to got to the automotive section where they usually hold their HW events.

    Now last year there was only four people that showed up, my husband and myself included, with two or three master cases to go thru. Tons of Cars left over. This year more people were there with kids which was nice…11 people total including me and my son. Only one master case to go thru though. Numbered tickets were given out to everyone. Both our numbers were called and everyone waited until all the cases were given out. A very nice Mom gave her number to a little boy when it was was called because her family already had two of their numbers called. Awww…can you just feel the Cars Love!

    Round one…we were allowed 5 mins to pick 5 Cars. Then round two…numbers were called again, people were allowed to pick a case to go thru. Our numbers weren’t called a second time and I was a little concerned because we had picked all the new racers during the first round and left the others. My son wanted Todd sooooo bad! So as soon as round two was over and the free for all began…I scooted over to the big box of Cars and YOINK!…out came the left over Todds, Minis and Marios into my awaiting box.

    All the folks there had a good time…especially the kids! Met some very nice people. I mentioned Take5 to them and they told me about how they just recently discovered this site. I told them there were some great people here and not to hesitate to post, trade or sell their Cars.

    GO KMART…GO CARS…GO TAKE5! (yes PD… I have taken out my pom-poms again. At least it’s a little warmer out this time) πŸ˜‰

  • Jammin' Jamey says:

    Reporting from Paintsville, KY…My wife saw the in-store display about “cars day” earlier this week. We arrived at K-Mart around 10:30, the cars event was held in the cafe area. Six cases were divided up between 4 kids (including my son) and 1 adult collector. Everyone got what they wanted. After the event, one lady had to be stopped at the door because she accidently forgot to pay! She was embarrassed, but her kids were happy to get so many cars.

    I didn’t know about this website until a few hours ago after I decided to google the K-Mart event. I love the site and good to read others thoughts and Cars collecting experiences.

    BTW – We didn’t have any free posters! Didn’t know anything about it!

    (MET: Welcome to T5! We’re under renovation so it’s a little messy – we hope to back up to speed in a week).

  • April says:

    My Kmart sucks!! They put their cars out at 9:00am. I got there at 10:50am and was only able to get Bumper Save, Mood Springs, Shifty Drug and Todd. I even complained to the store manager and he said all the other events in the past (Hotwheels) always started at 9am. I am so upset.

    (MET: The sign clearly states 11 AM … not your fault, manager can’t read?)

  • collectormom says:

    We had fun at our event too; a lot of people but pretty organized. We were in Vails Gate, NY this time. I’m hoping the case I ordered will be correct because we only got one of each Car. Our ticket wasn’t called for the poster but then someone gave us one. The employee running it knew a few of the people there (HW peeps) so he was trying to hook up his buddies; I wasn’t having any of that! The first few people called were his friends; he was going to let them take as many as they wanted until I told him it was a limit of 5. All worked out in the end. And yes, the rubber tires role very nicely πŸ™‚

    (MET: No one can stop collector_mom πŸ˜‰ ).

  • HollyP says:

    North Canton, OH here. Our Kmart had 10 cases, two posters. They hung one (the stupid guy actually bent it to hang it, destroying it) but since there were only four adults plus my four year old there, they gave my son the extra one (score)!

    We were given tickets but once they brought the cases out that all went out the window and everyone was handed an unopened case to sort through – no limit. We walked away with all the new releases (no dups for us today – regardless of tires or packaging). When we left, I’m quite sure there were still at least 5 case fulls left for the pegs.

    I was disappointed to see our event so pointless, but happy that it meant we got what we wanted. Side note: the other collectors there Hot Wheel collectors, and had no clue which Cars to buy today.

  • jolofa says:

    My son and I went to the K-Mart Cars event today, in San Mateo CA, and couldn’t get the race cars that he wanted, due to so many people attending and bad luck (ticket didn’t get called). What we managed to get were Bumper Save, Tow Cap, Todd, and Patti. If any of you have extras that I can trade or buy, please let me know. My email is jolofa@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  • bentaxle says:

    Milwaukee, WI
    Greenfield: 6 cases, 7 people…I was last…got all 9 racers, couple pittys and minis plus Mario.

    Tosa: Second stop 11:40 scored 4 pittys and 4 minis plus got both posters hanging up that they raffeled at other store.

    All this after securing my presale cases on phone minutes before 11:00…all is well now.

  • kevin roche says:

    i was concerned about the turn out, maybe the next one will have less cases or more advertising, but, lets see what happens to the cases, if there are extras in a week, we are in trouble, if they sell out, i dont think kmart and or mattle will care either way, so in all, looks like everyone did quite well.. very glad to see this.. god blessed us all today with the collecting jones we have been after.. be sure and say thanks and lets hope the next event in september goes just as well.

  • rumbler74 says:

    Just opened a Mood Springs and Shifty Drug with Synthetic Rubber Tires for both my boys. They won’t stop playing with them. Ok ok..I too am playing with them. They run GREAT. LOVE THEM. Much better than the regular ones. More friction so you get a smooth ride all the way through. I told my wife something I never thought I would ever tell her. I told her “honey, it feels much better with the rubber on.” And guess what, today is our 6th year Wedding Anniversary!!! What a day!

    P.S.: Met, my boys officially now have the “Wrecked Mood Springs”. See, I told you they would be the first ones with this car. They now have a “Wrecked Shifty Drug” to go along with it.

    (MET: haha … from their POV, now it looks like it’s supposed to πŸ™‚ ).

  • Sergio says:

    Our Kmart had 30 cases. Yes, 30 cases in Las Vegas, NV. There were 36 people. Everyone pretty much got what they were after. My son and I got our missing cars and were satisfied.They raffled the cardboard poster and we won it. We also won last years and both are proudly displayed in my son’s room. Even with as many people to case ratio, everying was well run. Props to Kmart. Job well done! This event gives us casual collectors an equal opportunity to get these new cars. I just hope they continue the Kmart collectors day till all racers are out.

  • Micky says:

    Hi Flik’sFriend,

    Please email me at carsdiecast70 at yahoo.com. I’d like to make arrangements to pay you for the SDCC Buzz. You might need the money after buying 99 Cars LOL πŸ˜‰


  • applefinatic says:

    well i had no idea that u had 2 draw a ticket they only had 6 cases and luckily they called my number and i got the 3 i needed (check the las vegas meet post) so i was ready for this kmart collector day so whats in the autum kmart cars

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    geez….well looks like the trading forum will have enough Kmart Cars to last until Cars The Movie Part 8 comes out…

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    ok here it goes….
    trips to Kmart…2
    first trip- 60 Cars
    second trip- 39 Cars (OMG!!! I bought 99 Cars today!!!! What am I thinking???)
    18 Cases….16 people
    6 posters…yep! my ticket was called
    1 Event poster….sweet talked my way into that one…
    Nobody was mean or ugly and everybody got what they wanted….
    Seriously 99 Cars….I could open my own business!
    So all in all, KMart Day 2 was an absolute SUCCESS!!!!!

  • Josh says:

    Cars77, I didnt know you were in KC. I guess that is why there is nothing on the Kansas side of KC when I go huntin.

    My wife went to the Independence Kmart and she said there were only 15 people and 18 cases. Sounded like pretty good odds. I guess they each got a case to go through. Sadly I had to work, but our nanny was able to go with her and they got everything we needed and more. Its was probably a good thing I didnt go, I am sure I would have spent twice what she did. But its all good, while all of you were at Kmart I managed to get to a Walmart over lunch and snag 2 Chase Sarge’s.

  • cac1959 says:

    Kmart in Eaton, Ohio. 12 cases, 3 people – 1 was a father with his 5 year old son who only had $20 to spend – 5 Cars… I asked dad if I could buy Mini for his son and gave him the $4 to pay for it. I ended up with more Cars than I ever dreamed possible. On top of that, Kmart called while I was in the checkout line to take care of the problems with my pre-order cases… I explained where I was and what I was doing and asked if she could call me back in one hour. She said sure…. one hour later, she called me back – we verified 5 of my 6 orders onto alternate payment methods and I canceled the last order…. Considering the problems that happened at the beginning of the pre-order leading up until finding out at 5 pm yesterday afternoon that my pre-orders were no good, it all turned out very well.

    I’d like to give Dev and his team Kudos for living up to their word and taking care of their customers. While I didn’t talk with NascarFan, I did have several communications with my friend BMW, and both of them should be commended for their efforts as well.

  • Tizmanian says:

    Got really lucky and scored five Todds and a Bumper Save here in Georgia … after 3:00 pm. Updated post above for screenshot. Wow.

  • BMW says:

    Talked to Kevin, he did well. I’ll let him post his finds.
    Dev will be pleased to hear how things went well at most of the stores.

  • Mr. T says:

    Went to KMart day and what a whopper! My buddy went to one that was about 5 miles away from the one I was at – 10 cases about 20 people – He got shut out!

    The KMart I was at was about 15 people and 23 – yes twenty three cases!!! We each got a set and a couple of doubles he wanted…..

    He went back to the kmart I was at – bout 1:00 and said that there were 3-4 TUBS filled with what was left over!! INSANE!!!!

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:


    RE: how they drive w rubber tires

    They drive straighter than non-rubber. Makes it a little harder to play “spin-out” with them, but still very fun!

  • rumbler74 says:

    Dunroaming….Kevin / Nascarfan needs 3 sealed cases…if you don’t know what to do with them, contact him as he is 3 cases short for his international orders. Thanks!

  • Samuel says:

    Well maybe the presale worked TOO well, my store had 12 cases for only 3 of us!!! My inner self wanted to buy them all, how do you leave so many Todds and Mood Springs, etc just laying there? I picked up plenty of extras though and still have cases being delivered. Wow!!

  • Todd says:

    only 6 people at the Charlotte NC store I was at and only 6 cases, I got a full 2 and half another………..my dad was at another in town where they had 18 cases and he got 4 of them………my 3 boys are all loving how the real rubber tires grip to make it go faster!!!!!!!

  • rumbler74 says:

    Kmart report out of Laredo, TX. 4 total Master Cases with 24 total cases and definitely more than 30 collectors and families. No Mini Adventures. All cases were the CORRECT assortment as per what MET had reported. Talked to the guy running the event and went over the rules with him heavily suggesting that he do as many rounds as nececesary if he wanted to avoid an inside store fight as the heavy scalpers were all there. 5 cars limit was enforced and 3 rounds of tickets was done as I suggested. Everyone I think left happy, everyone except the heavy scalpers, whom did get their stuff, just not that MANY of them. Most families pretty much got what they wanted, except a few 1 or 2 missing I am sure. I printed about 12 coupons for the 5 dollars off for 50 dls purchase and starting handing them out to collector friends and families only. They were very thankful as they had no clue about it. Me, well, since I ordered enough cases, only got my full set plus a few extras, just in case I get stuck with a bad assortment case. We did manage to go over 2 new cases, 1 for my wife, and 1 for me with the 5 limit. My nephew got an opened case in the second round as did I. My wife scored 2 posters, one for each of our boys. All in all, a great turnout, event ran accordingly (I congratulated the staff of 2), and everyone left happy scoring some great new CARS and a 5 dollar off coupon.

    (MET: Nice job to take charge! πŸ™‚ ).

  • Monica says:

    My KMart was packed, but lots of cases. Everyone seemed to get what they needed. They did raffling for a full hour since there were so many people then did a free for all once the hour was up. Funny story. There were three ladies there who clearly were not collectors. I had a feeling they thought they were free when they were scooping up everything in sight during the free for all. I followed them and when they realized they were 3.69 each, they abandoned their cart and I got a couple of extra sets.

    (MET: Monica – too smart! πŸ™‚ ).

  • swb says:

    if anyone needs any of the cars let me know at yankees2008champs@gmail.com. i just stopped by a store that told me no event and there are 12 cases still sitting there.funny tho all the marios and minis are gone so if there are anything else you need let me know

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I went back to K-Mart after 12:30 PM to get some that a friend, who forgot about the event??? Cannot be a dedicated Cars lug nut! Plenty still sitting on the table. Ebay prices should tumble pretty soon! I don’t think an avid collector went away empty handed, if they were anywhere near a K-Mart. I avoided the K-Mart in Spanaway (WA) this time because there’s always two dealers there with family in tow, who have always tried to circumvent the rules. With the anticipated arrival of the case tomorrow by UPS, I should end up with three complete sets of “real” tire racers!

    Happy Father’s Day!
    And to the mothers who also made it happen πŸ™‚

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I honestly thought there would be a better turnout…

    I am guessing the pre-sale probably took away from foot traffic in-store. Of course the event is supposed to increase traffic in-store, so maybe it would be wiser to sell the online cases after the event next time…

    I am glad to see just about everybody got what they needed. And looks like there should be more than enough on eBay and so forth to keep prices down for the ones who didn’t..

    and it is pretty cool to hear about all the Take5 checklists out there …..

  • Shelley says:

    Marshall, MI – they had the tickets at the service desk, but no one stopping people on the way in to hand out tickets. A very nice lady in line asked if I had my tickets and told me to go back and get them (I had my 2 boys with me), When I got to the service desk, a guy in front of me was given a ticket, but told his son was too small to be able to pick out so he could not have a ticket. I just asked for 3 tickets, he looked at my boys then gave me 3 (my boys are 6 1/2 and 4 1/2). Me and my oldest son got to pick 5 from the 1st round and my youngest got to pick 5 on the 2nd round. So we were able to score all the ones we wanted (didn’t care about mario chase, just want Todd and the race cars) The people were very nice that were there and I saw lots of people with their take five a day checklists..so that was nice!!

  • Dunroamin says:

    Also, i tried to get an extra poster. The guy said he gave it to the other family…he then proceeded to walk with me throught eh store and offer me all the other cardboard displays…pretty funny…I passed since I’m not that kind of collector…the poster is cool…

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’d like to know who spent the most today. Anyone want to admit this? πŸ™‚

  • Peter says:

    Just came back from Los Angeles CA, K-Mart…What started off as a small NIce crowd at 10:55am soon tunred into a slighty annoyed Mog of angry Parents, and one in Particular who started to take more than 5 when is Raffle number was called and was trying to do it very sneakly until I Yelled out “HEY 5 only” as he is putting a Chase Andretti in his Basket.. Fortunatly my wife was on the case and informed Personal who Kindly told to him to put them back. Got all that I wanted mostly Todd, but missed Easy Idle and Retread and an Extra Lil Torqe…. But all in all I am very happy.

    (MET: Good work! …).

  • Dunroamin says:

    3 people, each with a lottery ticket…they drew my number first..lol…we had 12 cases to pick from…the guy handed each participant a case…then handed out another case in reverse order…when I left with my 2 custom assorted cases :), he was opening the remaining cases an laying them out on the table…grabbed a couple extras of the chase cars and went on my way…good experience…actually better than the pre-sale debacle…now what to so with my 3 pre-sale cases…hmmm….

  • Carsaholic says:

    Monticello, MN

    2 people there, me and my daughter. The store was set up and ready for a big crowd, even had the end cap of the aisle closest to the event table loaded with Cars items! Store employee was really surprised to see no one there. We took our two cases and headed out, they wouldn’t give up the poster =( . Anyway, stopped back a couple hours after the event, and there were still 2 master cases unopened on the floor (maybe these will go back to Kmart.com for another online sale!) and looked like the first 10 cases they had out on the table had been rummaged through, but still plenty of all for those ‘late comers’! Unfortunately, having one of the first nice weather Saturdays in this area might have kept people away. Can’t wait for the third event!! Way to go Kmart!!

    (MET: Sounds like Minnesota was the place to shop … Out here in Cali, I’m surprised they didn’t try to take the table).

  • Cars77 says:

    OP KS (95th and Metcalf)

    Started out with lady saying she was going to call numbers for people to select cars in order they were given out. The angry mob informed her that was not right. She claimed she was doing what she was told.

    We quoted the official directions and she still would not budge. (I happened to make it out with a complete color copy of official direction’s and yes she was very wrong as anyone on here would already know that).

    After 10 minutes a manager said to do a raffle style. Hooray! They were strict on only allowing people to redeem tickets for those in person. So the lady who had 10 tickets and thought she was getting 10 trips was turned away on trip 2 and her tickets became official property of Kmart. She was not too happy to hand them over.

    2 Master cases. About 20-25 families.

    Got everything we needed and poster.

    (MET: Nice work – amazing how simple the procedure is and they still can’t get it right).

  • gervart says:

    Hi, glad to hear all went well in kmarts all over the US.

    We here in the UK did not have the luxury of this collectors day.
    I am looking for quite a few cars in this case if anyone is willing to sell or trade!
    please if anyone can help


  • Peter says:

    My days in Sweden started trying to find a Kmart store, And Iam still looking πŸ™‚

    But it Wood have been much worse if I did not have you and take5aday.

    Thanks for the reports


  • Matt says:

    Just got back from the Tualatin, OR Kmart. Much different than most of you, we had 2 master cases and about 30 people. It was my wife and I with our two kids, plus a friend, so we managed to get a full set and a few extras. Talked to a guy for a while before the event and afterwards he was short a Retread, so we gave him our extra. Fun event though.

  • beautifulsorta says:

    Hello! I just got back from the Rocklin, CA event. It was really nice, as there were 12 boxes and a total of 10 people so…it was really great. I went to Placerville last year and there were at least twice the people.

    I was able to get all of the cars on my list, plus a few of the boxes (I’m moving soon, so why not move in style? LOL) and a poster. I would say more than half of the cars were left over…so check the shelves at Rocklin if you’re in the Sacramento area!

    I also name dropped Takefiveaday to the even organizers πŸ˜€ It was super fun! I hope everyone else had a great experience!

  • Camlgt says:

    My Kmart experience in VA. I got there about 10 mins before 11, the manager who I had talked to the day before was opening all 12 of the cases and I was the only one around. About 2 mins before 11 a woman showed up with her takefiveaday list. So my wife and I were the first one there and the manager let us get our 5 each and then the woman who came prepared tore into all the cases in search for elvis with her 2 kids in tow. At this point the manager said had at it. I got to 3 cases that she hadn’t muffed all up and threw them in the cart and cleaned out the peg warmers from the cases. By this time some guy came in and was like oh cars cool and got a few and the woman was gone. So I was standing there with 9 cases that had no more then 20 cars out of them. I went to town. I think I got 10 full sets with the case I already have, not to mention 2 more on the way that I might cancel now since they still haven’t left. Plus I snatched the poster too. All I know is that I have bags full of cars and $400 plus more on my credit card. Now time to go through my bounty.

  • snot_rod says:

    Redwood City, CA – Unfortunately, there were a TON of people here. 50+ for 2 master cases. Staff did a great job with the lottery, but some families got everything they wanted twice over and some got nothing but scraps. They went through the 12 unopened cases, then a second time through the leftovers in each of the 12 cases, then 15 more people got to pick from what was left. Still, only one of my two numbers came up.

    Managed to get most of what I wanted except for Re-Tread and Clutch Aid. Had to trade Clutch Aid for Lil’ Torquey Pistons and Shifty Drug. There was a bit of wheeling and dealing going on after people picked. It was a bit sad to see the Ebay peoples’ numbers get called before the kids in some cases, but still fair is fair.

    I have extra Todd and Patti if anyone wants to trade.

  • tomoc says:

    greetings from HOT sunny tampa florida!!! kmart day could not have gone better i had 3 choices of kmarts (within 15 miles of our home)i was planning to go to florida ave but on the way my son suggested s. dale mabry hwy (he made the right choice!) when 11:00 came around there were 5 of us my son counts as 1, they had 6 cases it worked out great got everything we could have wanted x3 even substituted todds and vitoline pittys for lightnings! very pleased. i do think the lack of advertising benefitted those of us who went bring on october!!

  • Jinzo says:

    Just got back from Hesperia, CA. I arrived a few mins late to the event but they still had a bunch of cases. Only a man took two cases. He was the only one there. Lots spare cars sitting there in the case. Got all except Patti and Nostall (Have like 6 of those now). Will pick up Patti sometime later.

    Then a lady came by and had a list of cars. She said she got the list from toywiz then I recommended her to takefiveaday.com for updates. She said she’ll check it out! Nice! Got a new person to come to takefiveaday. Good luck to all of you guys.

  • Shelby says:

    Someone who has opened the cars with rubber tires – how do they drive???? I’m dying to know but I don’t open mine!

  • Brown Fury says:

    Got all I needed in Provo Utah! Lot’s left over. About 5 “groups” for the event with 3 master cases (18 cases inside) so everyone got what they needed!

    ONE McQueen sold, don’t ask me how…
    Todd dissapeared! Mario not moving well at all, Patti too!

    Vitoline Pitty: some have Easy Idle toolbox and tires, one of the other guys picking through claimed they were about one of every five… uncomfirmed.

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    Sounds to me like it was advertised just right…everyone seems to have walked away with an average of a case per person.

  • party says:

    Oh, and so after having my KMart days all to myself with 6 boxes, I stopped at a WM and got the Chase Sarge (left everything else), and then 3 Franks at Target…

    Also stopped at Sears Grand (was a KM years ago) for the first time ever! They had EVERYTHING: Cars, HWs, Greenlights, Maistos, Jada, WC… They have a vehicles section in their toy dept much larger than any of my WM’s. 3 areas with Hot Wheels and 3 with Disney Cars… I wonder who has been scoring the Hunts and Chases all this time???? Maybe that creepy guy from the indoor flea market…

  • jestrjef says:

    Hey guys! Kmart Day waas a huge success in our area!

    There were 2 Families and 1 collector dude. Every one walked out with what the needed and then some!

    We even left cars on the table for the next family that just happened by.

    I will have to say that this event did not seem to be advertised as well. the Kmart we were in had NO POSTERS up. They had flyers at the register, but everywhere were the Transformers Posters.

    I hope to do this again in the FALL! It was great. I do think that I will stay away from the PRE SALE next time!!

    If anyone needs extras, I do happen to have some. I knew my extended family here might need help.

    jestrjef at hotmail dot com

    Happy hunting to all!!

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Tacoma, WA K Mart at Portland Avenue and 72nd Street was a success. Sixteen cases and fifteen collectors (no dealers present). Manager just handed out a case to everyone. There was a ticket pull for the extra case and the four posters. Everybody bought what they needed and left behind a table full of Cars with the exception of Lil Torquey Piston. I scored one of the full size posters, which are really nice!

    Now I will wait for the UPS driver tomorrow!

    One of the collectors was saying there is a Patti out there with a dent in the door to match the picture. Anybody ever really see one of those?

  • PirateDad says:

    Thanks ACE…I was just wondering…I thought I read somewhere that there wood be mini’s but meh…who cares!!! Great Day everywhere from the sounds of it!! Still a little jealous and sad…. but I am getting over it…sigh…

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    Sounds like an ovewhelmingly positive day! Only one time zone left. Except for Hawaii. Anyone in Hawaii?

  • PirateDad says:

    NICE SCORE and even better SHARING John!!

    Does anyone have an extra Advertising Poster they can spare for a poor unfortunate soul in Canada??


    Tricia was WONDERFUL and shared her Collector Poster with me, but I am really hoping to get the Advertising one too… let me know!!! and THANKS!

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    PD, no special minis were sold. I mentioned Mini (Van’s wife) in my earlier comment.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Jefferson City, Missouri report:

    4 Master Cases X 6 cases = 24 cases!

    5 families (15 people) drew tickets, so we all got what we want. The lady running it also gave each family 1 poster (2 for us), and then she let us have the poster as you enter the store.

    There were no Mini Adventure Cars (thank goodness!)

    In the Take5aDay spirit, I shared our haul with 2 stragglers, one who needed 3 of everything for her Grandsons, and one who had a list of needs for her friend in Canada.

    Excellent, excellent day!!

  • PirateDad says:

    Roswell… keep the FAITH…Cars will be here when you are ready… Tell EVERYONE you know you are looking for work…most jobs go quickly to people who know people…. good luck!!

    Tricia…type TRADE in the search, it’ll show up that way! And I want your extra poster, in case you did not get my email!!

  • J and Lil J says:

    Ours was crazy me my wife and our four kids got there at about 1030. The employees knew nothing of the event. after my son almost started crying he’s 8 had his heart set on the racers. We saw them wheeling out a pallet there were 3 master cases and only ten people that stuck around everybody esle raced to the Kmart accross town. we each got a case and picked up 2 complete sets one for my son one for my nephew out of state, and a ton of extras. and got three posters. It was great to see my son so excited my two oldest daughters got in on the action as well. I guess i have to get three of evrything now lol.

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Oh no Ros…….. I wish there was something I could say to make it better. Keep ur head up and Itll work out in the end just doesnt seem to cut it. Im SO Sorry. I will keep you in my prayers though and be wishing that some good fortune come your way

  • Shelby says:

    Kmart in NH – 18 cases and I easily got everything I wanted plus a poster. We left a TON of cars behind – that was tough! I was not originally thrilled with the look of Mini when we saw her picture on here, but when I saw her up close today…she is adorable!!!!

    I have extras – if anyone has a Saluting Sarge, I’ll trade one of anything from today for him.

  • Roswell says:

    well i just got in from job hunting, still nothing,
    checked balance and got Β£30 left for food,
    doing online research to see what the standard procedure is for having no money and no job and being seemingly unemployable, im guessing its starve to death, followed by eviction, but i just want to make sure…

    …no more cars for me, you may not see me for a while…so uh…good luck and collect ’em all!

    (MET: Hope the next weeks are better!)

  • tricia says:

    I can’t find the trade board. Did it disappear?

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Hey popeye! missed you too! glad to see your posts. It seems like Kmart did an EXCELLENT job with everything!

    Uncle Skip, Man Im SO sorry you didnt get hose 2 I so WOuld have grabbed them for you if I knew! We should have a call tree LOL I hope you find someone who has them!

  • Bombero1956 says:

    Holyoke Mass event details:

    2 Master cases 12 cases total
    13 people there include 2 children

    Last year the manager of the store lost the cases and put them out when he found them. This year he approached me because he was aware that I knew how the event should be conducted. He raffled off the poster before opening any boxes

    I was the fifth person called and got my 5 cars. After everyone had opened a case he allowed people to pick through the boxes and buy as many as they wanted. When I got home I realized that I missed getting No Stall. When I left there were about 3 total cases left of new stuff and McQueens. I went back 1 1/2 hours later to try and get No Stall and everything was gone including the McQueens.

  • tricia says:

    The event was not advertised (posters etc.) here in Milwaukee. Low turnout. 9 people for 12 cases. We all had a case to go through and they picked tickets for the remaining 3. Plenty of extras left because only 3 of us wanted more than one set of anything. My husband had 4 adults at his with six cases. They just let people pick what they wanted. We now have several extra complete sets and a few extra others if anyone needs them. I will return some next week if people here don’t need them.

    I have an extra poster too.

    To make the day more perfect we found Frank at TRU on the way home. My son did the cars dance in the aisle and was even more excited than he was at k-mart loading his basket with cars. He has been playing with Frank since we got home and wants to watch Cars so he can see the funny part with Mood Springs when he crashes. He is also trying to convince me to let him open the ones we already have like No Stall because they have different wheels.

  • Carsaholicgirl says:

    My hubby was with me so I limited myself since I’m to have two cases coming. I got all the racers, mario, ms van, pizza

    We were the only people there and left eight full sets there. We were at least an hour late. There was a day out with Thomas , so I don’t know if that affected anything. I’m second guessing myself for not getting more but hubby said no. I hope my cases come and are correct!!

  • Simba says:

    This was the best Cars day ever! 11:05 I was the only person here at the Denver location for the event with 12 boxes to go through. 11:10 and I got all that I wanted.

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Okay Im posting again. Went to a small and very dejected Kmart in Lufkin LOL Its not a nice one kind of gotten a “forgotten” feel to it. Anyway We were the first there and I met a VERY nice man who drove in from Houston especially We talked and talked for like an Hour. We drew tickets but there ended up being enough cases for each person so the guy ended up giving each of us a case to look through. We were supposed to do the five minute thing but everyone had a free for all in the end. I felt bad so I helped him arrange the extras in neat rows on the table LOL but by the time I did that everyone had gotten what they wanted and were coming back for seconds ( to sell Im sure) Got every one I wanted and an extra Todd to open but when we got in the car we realized that the checker didnt charge us for the extra Todd! I felt bad but it was her mistake. LOL There was only ONE kid and one baby, everyone else were Adults. My mother in law and Hubby each got posters so I gave one to my new cars friend who in turn gave me a Frank! well.. for 5 dollars but hey that was great! He was nice and is on take five somewhere but I didnt get his name silly me. Anyway There was a guy who deals in Hot wheels there too from the Dallas area. and I was shocked when we got to the checkout and the checker asked if there was any left… I said maybe less than 10 and she said SHEESH its only 11:13!
    It was great cant wait till October

  • Gabby says:

    My typing looked a little messed up, sorry!

  • Gabby says:

    Well woday was horrible for me!! I had to have my gall bladder out yesterday and npw my 2 year old did not get the new cars……I tried to direct my mom around the store on her cell, but that didn’t work! SO DISAPPOINTED and in pain too!!!

    (MET: Hope you feel better soon – hopefully we’ll have our trading page back up soon in working order. I’m sure many T5ers will be able to help you out).

  • Azrael says:

    2 mastercases for a total of 12 cases at my K-Mart – and only me any my friend there. We each got a set for ourselves, she got 3 mores sets for her brothers, and I got a second set for a friend. Left the rest neatly stacked on the table in the back.

  • Luciano24 says:

    Went to the Kmart in Oak Ridge, TN. They had 2 master cases. There was three collectors and a mommy and her two kids. The mommy and kids got to look through 4 cases. Me and the two other collectors got two cases each and then had two extra cases, in which we did a lottery for. My number came up first and another guy got the other one. So in all I got to pick thru three cases I only bought ones my son didn’t already have. However I bought two extra Chase Mario’s. The event was ran great, even with the low turn out. But I am thankful to Kmart, and their staff for putting on this event. Can’t wait till next years event. Hopefully it will have Apple Car in it. (Crosses fingers and gets on hands and knees to pray to the Car Gods).


  • Tad Ghostal says:

    Milford CT: about 18 people (including a toddler in a stroller that popped his ticket into his mouth as soon as he got it) and 2 Master Cases. I was feeling a little nervous, especially after the old gent running the show said there was no limit… some folks did indeed make off with full cases.
    I was called on 6th or so, so I got the nine I came for, and everyone else looked satisfied, but it wasn’t exactly a well-oiled machine.

  • FuturePixarGoddess says:

    Met, I posted twice and they disappeared?! what happened? I feel sad now LOL

  • Jonathan says:

    My friend TJ and I went to our Kmart in Belle Vernon, PA, and found that there were 14 new cars. TJ got 12 and I got all 14! there weren’t many people and it looked like everyone got what they wanted! Great day for Cars collectors everyhere!

  • Matt says:

    I am happy for you Carsmama. Went to a different K-mart this time than the last….. scary, and no carsmama there, but we had 2 master cartons with 12 cases, and 12 people total including the kids. Each person got to pick through their own case, and then pick through what was left over. We even had a Mattel rep their to make sure everything ran smoothly. At the end, he gave us a big giant fold up poster that looks like a check the box collectors poster. My daughter couldn’t make it this year, but my four year old son did, and he loved it…. No hiccups at all, and no error cases. All as listed. Great pull off for K-Mart…… Way to go.

  • podso says:

    Lots of new cars, great event! We were the only ones at the event, there were at least twenty people last time. Twelve cases for myself and my two boys. I stopped by three K marts last week and was surprised by lack of advertising in store, no poster, fliers etc. for the event. If I didn’t read Take Five probably wouldn’t have known about event.

  • Uncle Skippy says:

    Had a pretty well run event here in NJ… 2 Master Cases, event run properly… a LOT of happy kiddies there in line…

    Didn’t pull the best number…

    Still Need ‘Lil Torquey Pistons and Clutch Aid…

    Picked up some extras: Easy Idle, Vitoline Pitty, Shifty Drug, No Stall, Mood Springs. (And of Course I have a bunch of Patti and *cough* McQueen from my incorrect assortment pre sell case)

    I know there is someone out there in Take 5 land that can help Uncle Skippy fill his nephews list… just need the 2… Lil Torquey Pistons… Clutch Aid…
    Will trade my extras… 2 of mine… one of yours!!!

    I’ll post some other trade items on the trading board…

    Mae my Cars Day worth it!!! Just need those 2 without going to the Bay… I’ll even send you a photo with Michael’s smiling face!!!!

  • PoPeYe says:

    This new page set up is confusing me!! At least it sounds like there will be some extras out there +)
    What Up! Pirate Dad! Glad to be back!

  • party says:

    My K-Mart had only ONE master carton (6 boxes) and just 2 posters. Fortunately there was only one collector, ME! Go figure… The toy lady and I looked at each other like; what’s this??? So I got a full box less McQ, and another box less McQ and the doubles, took an extra Todd and Mini, and offered to help put the others up on the pegs…. A couple of people came over and looked when the last call was announced. 2 nearby K-Marts had about 10 people each, and 12 boxes each, so I figure everybody got at least one of whatever they wanted.

  • carsmama says:

    Went to our nearest Kmart here in Omaha, NE. There were 6 families and 18 cases. So no raffle tickets, we just got to have our own cases. We ended up with a full case plus another set of the rubber racers and an extra Mario to trade with. Oh yeah, we got a poster too. Woohoo. Sounds like everyone else has had a positive experience as well. Great job KMart.

  • Jon VP says:

    Holland, MI – 6 cases, 1 of which was an error pack, with 6 people. Got everything we needed along with a few extra racers and one of the posters. Plenty of cars left over as well.

  • Micky says:

    Didn’t see any minis here.

  • PirateDad says:

    Slicepie…HILARIOUS post!!!

    POPEYE…I have MISSED your comments!! Glad you are still in the game!!

    NoahlovesCars…Welcome!! Glad you introduced yourself!

    MICKY…glad it worked out…good Carsma to ya!!

  • PirateDad says:

    What about minis? Were there any exclusive minis?

  • jmularczy says:

    Orion twp MI 12 – 18 pack boxes – about 25 people including kids, event ran smooth like last time and there are still a lot of left-overs as most didn’t buy more than 5. I picked up 12 cars and called it quits – since I got 2 of the pre-order cases.

  • NoahloveCars says:

    Hi all, my first time posting but I visit this site daily. Got back from KMart in Gastonia NC. 22 people present with total of 18 cases. Much bigger turn out than last year according to a lady I spoke with. I got doubles of all the piston cup racers and 4 marios. My son had a blast. My mom and sis in Raleigh NC had 10 people show up for 18 cases.

  • PoPeYe says:

    Couldn’t make it until noon here in Billerica Ma
    Was able to score Eight Cars but no Todd, Mini, VitoLine, ClutchAid, Lil Torquey or ReTread… picked up and extra Mario and Mood Springs

  • Detroit Daddy2 says:

    All was well at the Richmond, MI store this morning. 6 cases, 2 people. Walked away with a case (no LMQ) and 2 extra Todds.

  • Mr. T says:

    Awesome stories…..I hope that it works like that here in the desert…..

    t-minus 41 minutes………….

  • Micky says:

    There were 2 other couples, total of 6 people with at least 18 cases. The lady running it followed the rules so she had us pick out 5 Cars then handed us another case. Picked out 5 more then another case. We both went through 3 cases each. Needless to say I (and everyone else there) got everything they wanted plus. So if the KMart case I pre-ordered has 9 McQueens in it LOL, I’ll just return the case for a refund. πŸ˜‰

  • PirateDad says:

    Any extra posters anyone?

  • maryann says:

    Report from Farmington, NM

    Cases: 6
    People there: 1 (me)

    Nirvana πŸ™‚

    (MET: Now that’s shopping! πŸ™‚ ).

  • Jenn says:

    Johnson City, TN here – about 15 people and 3 of the “master” cases. They let my son (4 yrs old) draw numbers for everyone and he was thrilled. He actually drew my number first! Good boy πŸ™‚ We got the 9 we needed and that’s it. There were TONS leftover for everyone. Saw several collectors buying 3 or more sets. It was a great event. My son’s new fave is Todd, hasn’t put him down yet!

  • Tollfree says:

    My son and I was the only two in line so we got to pick double of each car. The event was not in the toy department. It was in the appliance department at my Kmart go figure.

  • Kmart Cars Event Collector Day 2 in Niagara Falls, NY went off with only one little hiccup, in which I had to inform the person running it that there was a 5 car limit and that the people could not just buy the whole case. After they confirmed I was correct, everything else was smooth sailing. And there were even enough leftovers that we were able to do the free-for-all, unlike last year. After that was over there were only about a dozen lonely Lightning McQueens left on the table.

    Event Details:

    Master Cartons – 3
    Total Cases – 18
    People – Not sure exactly but ~25-30 (including children)
    % of People Receiving Tickets – 100% (including all children, even those under a year)
    Duration – ~27 minutes from start to finish.
    Cases with errors/incorrect assortments – 0
    Happy Kids – 100%
    Time it took for someone to get mad at me for revealing the rules – ~20 seconds after the first ticket was pulled
    Happy Adults – ~95% (One guy got mad that I spoke up about the limit of cars per ticket)
    Master Carton Posters Obtained – 1
    Store Collector’s Event Day Signs Obtained – 1
    Time it took Tyler to open the first Car – ~0.04 seconds πŸ™‚
    Total Cars Obtained – 46

    (MET: LOL πŸ™‚ ).

  • miata492 says:

    just got back from the kmart in murrells inlet mb, sc – our first day of vacation and hanging out in kmart! we had the perfect amount of people show up so that everyone there got a complete case so we walked away with four cases! there was a pile of mcqueen’s left on the table and everyone was gone…

  • PirateDad says:

    WOW, great stories so far…a little worried about the turn out…maybe Kmart needed to put those posters up sooner. Was it in the flyer like last time?

  • CarsAddict96 says:

    I’m in Europe vistin my fam, so my dad had to go and check it out. Apparently there was about 25 people there! My dad got called 2nd so he was given a case and a free poster! Much different from last time! He was allowed to go through the case and keep the ones he wanted and leave the ones he didn’t want. He took 16 of the 18 in the case! There are some pretty serious collectors. He ran into a lady that had a thick binder and a book trying to figure things out!

    If you need anything,
    email me at internetiantv@gmail.com

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    So far it appears the lack of placing the event in the prior Sunday’s K Mart newspaper ad insert has reduced the number of persons attending. West coast is waiting! πŸ™‚

  • LUCA says:


  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    six cases, three daddies. the kids had fun, we had fun, and the only cars left were the LMQs and Minis.

    Big bonus – they had MEGA Frank the Combines too! The daddies split those up as well.

    I would think K-Mart would consider it a success if overall there are similar stories like mine. Plus, before the event, I bought a few odds-and-ends I would’ve bought at another store anyway, AND i bought a doll for my daughter since she’s not a CARS girl…yet πŸ™‚

  • Sylt says:

    Go for it Nascarfan !!!

  • iamspeed says:

    Well, here’s what we found at Kmart at 11:00 EST.
    They brought out 6 cases, with just my wife and I standing there waiting.
    So, they handed us both a case, letting us take as many as we wanted.
    An older guy came in, but he was more of a Hot Wheels collector…….he was actually looking for Barney Stormin’.
    A woman was looking them over, but when she realized they weren’t 97 cent Hot Wheels, she lost a little interest.
    So, it was literally just me and my wife with 6 cases to pick through. Hello Mario!

  • Max says:

    My wife and I hit up the Colonie, NY K-Mart. Including the two of us, there were 6 people there and *THREE* master cases, so there were tons and tons and tons of Cars to spare. I got doubles of Mood Springs, Todd, Mario Andretti, Lil’ Torquey Pistons, Shifty Drug, Vitoline Pitty, and Clutch Aid. I got one of everyone else except Lightning McQueen, who I already have god knows how many of.

    Way to go, K-Mart!!

    I am concerned that there may not be any more CARS Events though, since turnout seems to have been low in a lot of places… =/

  • LiamsMom says:

    Our Kmart (Belle Vernon, PA) had more cases than people and the lady running the event even said there were a lot more people last time. The event was run exactly like it was supposed to be. So, it was stress-free and we got everything we wanted. Plus, we found a Chick Mia and Tia on sale! Great haul today! Our only disappointment today was not getting Steelers tickets. : )

  • Mike says:

    Just got home from Kmart in Grand Rapids, MI. There were 12 cases and only 3 people, so we basically could take as many cases as we wanted. We did have them open a couple of the cases to make sure the contents were correct, and they all matched the “official” case list. We were also able to get one of the posters. All in all a pretty good day.

  • kevin roche says:

    got lucky, hardly anyone there, hung out with my kmart cars day buddies i met at the first event..had fun, got two full sets of the piston cup cars..and a todd..very happy with it. nice time, no pushing, looked like everyone got what they wanted, no disapointments at that store.. i really hope to see everyone else had the same experience that we had.

    looking to trade for the same cars not in rubber tires.. need retread, mood springs, easy idle,clutch aid lil torquey pistons, fiber fuel and rev-n-go..

    sorry but i can only trade the set for these cars i mentioned.. email me if you are in..


  • Steve says:

    Just got home and Kmart in Butler, PA had a total of 18 cases, with about 15 people there. Got all Piston Cup racers and of course Todd. Easy Idle and Mario seemed to be the hardest to get, after everyone had their chance to go through a case there was a polite free for all

  • Josh says:

    Yeah!!! My wife just informed me that they each got a box to go through and my son got all the ones he wanted.

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