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Kmart.com Shipping & Confirmation Issues UPDATE 6/19 6:40 PM PDT

From Dev of Kmart.com

Dear Car Collectors,

I understand the problems a number of you have faced – primarily due to paypal and credit card declines.  I understand that our automated email system sent out the wrong email saying your orders had been canceled due to lack of inventory, and some of you had misleading conversations with some of our call center associates.

We have had a small team working on how the problems happened, and working to call you in the sequence you placed your orders to either replace the order or take another method of payment.  This is a new procedure, so not all of our call center associates are aware of it, and their systems show them the same issue that triggered the “out of inventory” email.

Rest assured – we have reserved all the inventory associated with your orders.

While tempting, please don’t call the 1-800 number, or send your order numbers to Barbara or Kevin.  They have been very helpful in passing on your comments and helping me reach out to you with updates.   Instead, please wait for an email from us or for a Sears Holdings associate to call you.

We will hold inventory for your order until we hear specifically from you that you want to cancel the order.

I expect all orders will ship in sequence today or early next week.

Thank you for your patience.  Please visit your local Kmart tomorrow to take part “live”.  I’d love to see or hear your feedback from the event.

Cheers, Dev

Thanks, Kevin, BMW & Dev.

As noted, “Uncle Skippy’ received this oddity … since we rarely get much of a deviation or at most one or two CARS, this is definitely an oddity … just a guy at the end of the day saying – “I’m not walking three feet to get another Fiber Fuel, I’m filling this box and calling it a day”


Or Uncle Skippy had the misfortune to meet the HK’s couples friend who filled his quota of boxes to ship but scurried off with as many Piston Cup racers he could abscound with (in his pants?) 🙁

Wrong Case

UPDATE – add’l info Uncle Skippy:

“I received cases 529/807 (the good pack) and 346/807 (the error pack)”

Chime in below or email with info if you got/opened a deviation pack – is your number around the #346?


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  • edward says:

    I just received my case from UPS and opened it. I have case 383/807. Here are the contents:

    (4) Patti
    (3) Lightning McQueen
    (2) Greta
    (2) Bumper Save
    (2) Mood Springs
    (1) Easy Idle
    (1) No Stall
    (1) Torquey Pistons
    (1) Tow Cap
    (1) Todd

    So what do I do now? Are there any processes in place to get replacements for these? Or do we simply return them for refunds?

    (MET: The official policy is they have to be returned to Kmart.com).

  • handoe213 says:

    Wow things just keep getting worse and worse with me and this presale box. My girlfriend surprised me with one for fathers day and i opened a little while ago when UPS dropped it off and got 3 mcqueens a bunch of patti’s a greta but no mini or clutch aid. Thanks alot i shall now be cancelling my box that i pre ordered and still havent gotten a confirmation from. Im really disappointed with Kmart. Hey Nascar how can i put a pic of my great box of Mcqueens on here lol. Funny thing they said they cancelled mine but still charged me. It just amazes me how it feels like this it the first time they ever placed orders online. Never again Kmart never again.

    (MET: Sorry to hear it – is there a XXX of 807 number?)

  • jayleo says:

    Hello all,
    I’m new to the forums but a long time visitor to this site.
    I ran across a website that is selling the Kmart Cars and offering free shipping on orders over $50. Check it out if you’re missing any from the weekend’s event – Kmart Cars

  • Dunroamin says:

    Uncle Skip…Have you heard of any other OddBall Cases…or are you jsut the lucky one…My fingers are crossed for the delivery tomorrow…

    Hey mmatthie…I ordered 2 cases on the second pre-sale day…one is coming monday, and the other is being shipped on the 29th?…

  • Uncle Skip says:

    Kev (Nascarfan)-

    With all that you pre-ordered…. did you find any “oddball” assortments in the bunch???

    Just curious.

    Uncle Skippy
    (breathing a sigh of relief that all assortment issues are now fixed!!! Got all that I need now!!! Thanx Take 5 Community!!!)

  • mmatthie says:

    Ok can some one explain to me how I could’ve placed my pre-orders literally in the first hour of the FIRST presale day, but now have to wait until the 29th to get my cases in the mail? How on earth does that work? I thought they were shipping the eve of the 19th?

    I had no ordering problems like some had with declined cards or whatever…everything was smooth on my hour-one purchasing.

    Can someone fill me in as to why/how I wouldn’t have gotten my cases as early as possible since I bought them (preorder) so early?


  • Flik'sFriend says:

    well…… let’s just say that the event was great… 18 cases, 16 people…. lots left over…. happy day indeed!!! 😉

  • Nascarfan says:



  • Luciano24 says:

    just got back and all three cases i got to open was the correct contents. I think the people that ordered them probably will end up with wrong things. Just a guess. I wish it wasn’t correct but thats the way its looking.

    I have two extra Mario’s if someone is interested in one.



  • iamspeed says:

    If my Kmart orders come in next week as planned, I should have at least 2 extra cases. tjgraham at hotmail dot com. I’ll put a note in the trading forum as well.

  • iamspeed says:

    Hey, I should add that all 6 cases had the correct contents.

  • iamspeed says:

    Well, here’s what we found at Kmart at 11:00 EST.
    They brought out 6 cases, with just my wife and I standing there waiting.
    So, they handed us both a case, letting us take as many as we wanted.
    An older guy came in, but he was more of a Hot Wheels collector…….he was actually looking for Barney Stormin’.
    A woman was looking them over, but when she realized they weren’t 97 cent Hot Wheels, she lost a little interest.
    So, it was literally just me and my wife with 6 cases to pick through. Hello Mario!

  • Tytornados says:

    Just got back from the K-Mart in Crofton Maryland. Got there an hour early and by 11:00 AM There was one other person in line. This K-Mart had 18 cases for the promotion, 3 boxes with 6 cases in each. When we started opening all of the cases had the proper mix. There was a limit of 5 cars per purchase, but I brought my wife and son and we made several trips each. It was fantastic! No one was there and they had all these cars available. By the time we left at 11:20, we were still the only ones interested.

    Hope all of the other K-Marts went as smooth.

    Also a big shout out to the weather that canceled my sons baseball game and let us all make it to K-Mart.

  • Flik'sFriend says:

    getting in the shower, then heading out the door!!!! Wish me luck, as I have my hopes up!!!!

  • Nascarfan says:

    LIVE from Utah its Saturday DAY…….

  • acuransx says:

    DRAMA………………………wish it was better.

  • Nascarfan says:

    If anyone is going to do Twitter this year…..


  • Nascarfan says:


    This LARGER WHITE, multi-part form is an over 4lbs form that you use at the United States Post Office. It IS ONLINE TRACKABLE. …Includes SOME insurance

    The Green / White UNDER 4 lbs form DOES NOT include insurance. Not trackable either

  • Nascarfan says:

    If anyone else is sending stuff overseas and has questions about the larger white customs form


    I have a sample prepared to share with you and your customer(s)/ trader should you need information. Or not sure how to fill one out.

    Green / white form: (under 4 lbs)
    Is NOT online trackable


  • TarheelBill says:

    How is Dev and his team going to fix this case assortment mess? This could turn out to be a real killer for future pre-sales. Hope all of this gets resolved for everyone. Met NEVER misses a case assortment this bad!

  • Nascarfan says:

    I have had some questions about opening and sending correct cases….

    I cant open all 68.. and make sure.

  • Nascarfan says:

    Well taking care of everybody elses stuff i forgot some of my own.

    Need 3 cases if anyone finds 3 cases

  • Micky says:

    I’m not sure I made myself clear in my last post. What Cars are “exclusive” to this case?

  • Micky says:

    Now that I’m going to try to get all of them, my first question is…is Mario “Chase” exclusive to this case or will it be in other cases later on? I’m going to try to get all the racers but if I can’t get all the rest, I’ll avoid the ones coming in other cases like Patti and Todd.

  • Uncle Skip says:

    I’ll be honest with you… I am taking the “bad” case with me today in hopes of finding the correct cars at the store.

    Hoping that when scanned, the cars ring up as an assortment SKU and not individual UPC’s…

    I will then return the 3 extra McQueens, 3 Patti’s and 2 Mood Springs so I will have the correct listed case.

    If they won’t return them at the store (which according to my packing list on the back it clearly states that I can take them back to the store with original packing docs and my CC) then I will get more forceful with Customer Service.

    I have sent a message through Kmart website regarding this (Kevin- if you think you can be of assistance, I would appreciate it!) and I will see what they can do. But I am not going to wait for that… Baby is fed, changed and ready to go to the event. We leave in an hour and a half and are going to try to have fun with it!!!

    It’s just a bit of a downer… I had pre-ordered the cases to avoid the store as last year my local Kmart gave out ALL the cases they had prior to 11am (I arrived at like 11:02 and all were gone) to 3 customers. NO ONE would help me… even with my 4 year old nephew (with a cast on his arm!) when I asked for someone to give up just one of each car to him!

    I think Kmart did a fine job reacting to collector’s concerns with regards to the 2nd presale day… it is unfortunate that the factory sealed cases are or will be hurting some people’s experience with this Collector’s Day…

    Lousy Squirrels…

  • iamspeed says:

    As I mentioned earlier in the week, I had stopped by our nearest Kmart just to verify that they are participating. “Yes, all of the cases are safely locked away in the manager’s office……..one of them got opened by accident, but I’m sure everything’s in there.”
    What part of the “Do Not Open until June 20, 2009” did they not understand?
    I don’t want to be handed that pre-opened case if I’m one of the first tickets called.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Regarding the case # of 807 cases, I really think it is a moot point what number you have and which ones have bad assortments. Kmart.com randomly numbered those 807 cases, not the Mattel case packers. So, #001 could be as bad as Uncle Skippy’s #346, while #’s 002 thru #345 could be correct.

  • jestrjef says:

    Half the kamrts don’t even know they are having the event, what makes you think they now or even care about the case contents?

    This is really just amazing to me. I just woke up, in thehopes that I would read some good news before hitting the east coast wave of Kmart day.

    How can such a cash cow get ruined?? how many people do you think are NOT going to go trough this next time after the difficulties this time?

    All of the people that are being helped by someone here. What happens if they get the “peg-of-fortune” case instead or the one we expect?

  • iamspeed says:

    My wife read through the website return policy. According to that, the case(s) must be returned to Kmart.com, cannot be returned to retail stores. They’re apparently not quick about refunds, either.

    My temptation will be to take any cases that I receive and take them to my nearest Kmart and open them in front of the store manager. What better proof that they were incorrectly packed?

    Too optimistic?

  • Micky says:

    I mentioned my concern a few days ago about something being wrong with the cases. My first thought was it would be lost or damaged, not even thinking the assortment would be wrong. I just had a bad feeling about this whole pre-order thing. Next week when we get our case(s) and they don’t have the advertised Cars in it, then what? I thought today was going to be fun. Since I already had a case coming I’d just buy a few fill ins. Not so much fun any more 🙁

  • Whoseline says:

    yea thats what I’m saying, but some people just refuse to see the truth.

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    well I would be miffed about this. The “unique mix” i thought refers to the fact the cars have rubber tires and that makes them unique. The box is for the “collectors event” and as such you would expect to find Kmart Exclusive Cars in it. It also says “will feature Kmart Exclusive Cars Racers Vehicles with Real Rubber Tires including: #33 Mood Springs, #35 Shifty Drug, #90 Bumper Save, #79 Retread, #51 Easy Idel, #123 No Stall, #117 Lit Torquey, #121 Clutch Aid, #4 Tow Cap ” which to me suggests you will get those cars. “Other highly collectible Pixar Cars Character cars as well” suggests other hard to find “cool’ cars like, Todd, not four McQueens and repeats of others.

  • LUCA says:

    An error case….MMMHHH..interesting..

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    and it does… the cases are mixed with those specific Cars….

  • Whoseline says:

    The fact that it says Unique Mix just proves my point that this is NOT an assortment case, it was to have specific cars in it.

  • Lorri says:

    I bet you cant return the case to the store, you would have to return the individual cars. The box probably has a I-2/5 case barcode on it. I think that even if they could scan them at the register, that code tells the unique quantity/mix of objects in the case. I bet you would have to return it the same way you bought it, from Kmart.com.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    notice the *unique mix* part above… they don’t state any quantities…

    I honestly hope Kmart does not accept returns for OPENED cases. Otherwise, it opens the door for the inevitable. People will just stuff 18 McQueens or whatever from Walmart in there and send them back…… then Dev gets to see the dirty side of collecting…

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Now for a limited time only, you can purchase all of the actual Kmart Collector Store Event vehicles on Kmart.com. We are offering a limited supply of the Cars Character Cars cases (18 per case) packed especially for this event online! Better grab ‘em while you can as these cases will disappear fast! These cartons will feature a ***unique mix*** of Cars Character Cars and will feature Kmart Exclusive Cars Racers Vehicles with Real Rubber Tires including: #33 Mood Springs, #35 Shifty Drug, #90 Bumper Save, #79 Retread, #51 Easy Idel, #123 No Stall, #117 Lit Torquey, #121 Clutch Aid, #4 Tow Cap and other highly collectible Pixar Cars Character cars as well.

  • BMW says:

    614/807 Case 614 out of 807 is the case number on my correct case.

  • mike says:

    Does the “hill of beans” have the inverted license plate?

  • L8rM8r says:

    Oh this does add a bit of drama to the situation. I am expecting one case on Monday and who knows what it will have. I am going to the event today so hopefully I can get a set for both my son and I. We will see.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Here is what is in my pre-ordered case tonight:

    Bupkiss (2)
    Diddly Squat (1)
    Goose-Egg (2)
    Hill of Beans (1)
    Love (1)
    Nada (1)
    Naught (1)
    Nil (1)
    Nope (1)
    Nothing (2)
    Squat (1)
    Zero (1)
    Zilch (2)
    Zippo (1)

  • Steven J. says:

    I just received my case I preordered from Kmart. The Assortment was all messed up. I guess I definitely still have to attend the Kmart event. The assortment I received was as follows:

    Lightning McQueen (3)
    Mario Andretti (Chase) (1)
    Patti (4)
    Todd (1)
    Easy Idle (1)
    Lil’ Torquey Pistons (1)
    Mood Springs (2)
    No Stall (1)
    Re-Tread (1)
    Tow Cap (1)
    Greta (2)

    There was no Mini, Vitoline Pitty, Bumper Save, Clutch Aid or Shifty Drug.
    Also where did Greta come from she was not even mentioned?
    Good luck tomorrow to all attending the Kmart Event. Looks like I will need it too.

  • Uncle Skip says:

    I’d like to think I am not just some random poster on the site… been around for awhile now. Not as long as some, but longer than others…

    Recap of my previous post which I cannot find:

    2 Cases received today. Both IDENTICAL cartons…

    One contained the assortment as advertised…

    The other…

    4x Patti
    4x Mood Springs
    4x Lightning McQueen ARGHHH
    1x Vitoline Pitty
    1x Todd
    1x Chase Mario
    1x Bumper Save
    1x Easy Idle
    1x Andrea !?!?!?!?!?

    Very frustrating… and could lead to a very frustrating experience at Kmart tomorrow if they receive more oddball cases like these!

    SOOOO…. Check your cases before you send them to anyone… save the problem before it gets sent!!!! You may not have the cases you think you do.


  • handoe213 says:

    My buddy just called me and he got 3 mcqueens. in his box and he got no mood springs. wow my sisters wedding will be tomorrow and i have a box coming next week sometime but i think i need to sneak out during the ceremony to get my cars just in case i dont get all of them. So if you see a guy in a tux buying cars in kmart that would be me. Yes i need a Cars intervention. Good luck to everyone tomorrow and thanks to the whole Take5 team for there GREAT efforts to help all of us out.

  • lost says:

    what are people finding outside correct case items. and is this a lot of people or like 1 or 2 random people, or 1 or 2 reliable sources spotting this.

  • swb says:

    what r u the different case assortments

  • lost says:

    got an email tonight that states they have another shipment coming in early next week and that my order will ship once it has arrived

  • BMW says:

    Indykjt, our passion for these cars does make us impatient at times, but we all are one big Cars family! No problem here. Your cases will come!

  • Indykjt says:

    I must say that I have bugged both Nascarfan and BMW about this issue today to the point of touching a nerve, which I never intended to do… especially since they are both doing nothing but trying to help everyone the best they can.

    I want to publicly apologize to the both of them for not making their day any easier, with my constant stream of questions.

    Patience certainly hasn’t been my strong suit today, and I let my obsession over these toys get the best of me, and I am sorry to both Kevin and Barbara!

    I still hope to get the cases I ordered, and I trust Kmart will come through. I am unable to attend the in store event tomorrow, as I’ll be at my son’s t-ball parade and awards. If I don’t get everything I need tomorrow, I will eventually.

    Again, thank you to Kevin, Barbara, Met and Dev… I really do appreciate everything!

  • BMW says:

    I have opened one case and it is just as the case contents are supposed to be.

  • jestrjef says:

    Gosh I am trying to stay positive about this, but it is really getting hard . . .

    Preordering was supposed to lighten the load for the Kmart Day in my home. Now with the crazy assortment that has been reported in a case, how does ANYONE know what they have coming?

    If you do not know what is coming, how do you plan to fill in gaps at the event tomorrow??

    Most of you now that we need 3 of everything. I had a good plan until what has happened the last couple days. I fell like it will be IMPOSSIBLE for us to get what we need now.

    I hope I find a way to sleep well tonight . . . tomorrow may be a lot rougher than I thought.

  • Edge says:

    Seems that now not all cases contain the cars that we were expecting. What a freakin’ soap opera this is becoming…. you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried.

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