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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Land of the Lost – McQueen 1:24 (UPDATED)

The real Land of the Lost movie is starring Lightning McQueen 1:24 who seems to have fallen into a 1:12 scale hole somewhere. No one claims to know the whereabouts or what’s happening.

The original plan was that there would be two versions. Matty would sell a version with real synthetic rubber tires and alternative channels would be able to sell a plastic tire version.

The production #’s were all over the board from 5,000 total to 10,000 for both … 10,000 was simply an unrealistic number – and maybe alternative channel sellers balked at having to compete with Matty at the same price but with plastic tires? So, now it’s only 5,000 synthetic rubber tire versions?

Plus, it seems Ramone & Doc are gone with only Lightning McQueen & Mater?

The only ones that seem to have shown up are the rubber tire versions so here’s one from “TH.”


It comes in an outer white box that reads it’s a MattyCollector item and an inner red box. No acrylic cover.


The quality looks nice but the pricing might be a bit high – @$50?


Grooved tires.


So, everything I said might be accurate or completely off base. No one seems certain …

Hopefully Ramone is not canceled, he might be the nicest of the 1:24 as we covered in this post.

Original post on 1:24 Lightning McQueen.

It does look this packaging below is the “retail” version of Lightning McQueen 1:24 above ( though presumably with plastic tires – otherwise, it would listed as a selling point) … I can’t confirm it as it’s the weekend but it seems logical. It’s up for sale at a variety of places and it’s priced about right – @$55 for the SRP … I’m also guessing the ‘retail’ version does not come with a stand – that is presumably a cardboard base?

Since this is out, I’m presuming Matty will offer theirs soon – after all, what are they going to do with 5,000 1:24 LM’s with rubber tires?

How can you tell it from the 2006 version? Well, in a box, the obvious sign is that it would not read WORLD OF CARS. While the logo was used, the WORLD OF CARS “banner” was added in late 2007. Plus that black windshield strip is not evident on the 2006 version, I believe. Anyone with a photo in or out of box? Thanks. You can email it to me or just upload it to FLIKR.


Thanks for the heads up John K.

Or you can pick up one of the new 1:12 scale Bat Cycle … very nicely detailed …

batcycleWhere’s our 1:12 scale Adam West?


Or better yet, where’s our Batgirl cycle with 1:12 Yvonne Craig Batgirl?


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