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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: And in this Corner, 1:24 Scale Ramone

And in this corner – weighing in at 4 lbs (ish) – 1:24 Ramone in the purple body & who will jack you up!


And from our earlier post, 1:55 scale Ramone High ‘N Low megasized … weighing in at a few ounces … who will beat you with his purple deliciousness …


As I said in the first post on the 1:24 series Lightning McQueen … when the 1:55 is the greatest of all time, how are you gonna top the champ? It ain’t a fair fight … 🙂

1:55 CARS: “Cause we are the champions … of the wooorrlllldddddddddddddd.”

In other words, suck it giant CAR 🙂


Um, if diecast CARS could talk, of course.


But of course, collect them all!


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