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Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Boom Studios CARS Comic Book Issue #2

Issue #2 of CARS: The Rookie comic is out. It’s a 4-part series on how Lightning “Bulldozer” McQueen landed the gig as a Rust Eze driver …


Our Q&A with Alan Porter, the writer is HERE (along with a preview of issue #1).

Mack as the Eggman is shown in this post from issue 31.

Spoiler-New CAR alert in this issue?

Rust Eze #01 …


The CAR McQueen replaces …

Cameos from many other piston Cup racers but you know them all already …

Next issue #3:

Cars: The Rookie #3

Lightning McQueen’s thrilling origin story continues! During McQueen’s first big race, he makes an enemy of irascible racer Chic Hicks! And why does McQueen’s pit crew seem to dislike him, as well? Can McQueen check his ego at the finish line and gain some much-needed respect?

“Diamond Code number” is: MAR094135.

Cover A (left) and Cover B (right).


Since the series is a hit, a second 4-parter is coming called CARS: Radiator Springs.

And Issue #1 was a sellout – now available as a second printing with new cover …



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  • Hi folks –

    Thanks to everyone who is picking up the CARS comic books and making them such as success. Everyone on the team really appreciates your support.

    To answer a couple of questions about availability.

    (1) Comic Book Stores – yes they are still in existence and there are thousands of them around the US. You can call the comic shop locator service at 1-888-COMIC-BOOK or go to http://comicshoplocator.com to find your nearest one.

    (2) If your shop doesn’t stock the book:
    – Tell then they should !
    – You can ask them to order your copies through the PREVIEWS catalog.

    (3) Online you can order direct from the publishers BOOM! Studios online catalog or from several specialist online comics stores

    (4) BOOM! Studios also has a newsstand distribution for the Disney/Pixar books so you might be able to find copies in stores that still stock comics on the magazine racks, like Barnes & Noble, or Borders.

    (5) In July there will be a paperback collecting the first four issues together under the title “The Rookie.” – That will be available through both comics and regular bookstores.

    BTW I post new cover images and news about the series on my blog.

    Thanks again for the interest and support.

    • rumbler74 says:

      Thanks so much for the information Alan! I think I speak for everyone here in saying that we are honored to have you in our forum. Keep up the excellent work! We will be looking forward for the upcoming issues.

  • rumbler74 says:

    I had to obtain mine through ebay as my only local comic shop did not order them and they were already sold out. I can however register with my local comic shop to request the issues for the upcoming ones. They should be $2.99 each at retail excluding the variants, which can go up to $30.00 if the shop buys enough comics to qualify to buy the variant (it is a retailer incentive). If anyone is interested, nationally or internationally, in obtaining these and don’t have a local comic shop that carries them, let me know and I can register and request various copies for each regular covers and mail them to you at cost. You can contact me via email at : rumbler74@msn.com

  • rumbler74 says:

    Yeah I have been collecting the comics as well. I currently have The Rookie 1st Print Issue 1 regular covers A, B, the retailer incentive variant cover C, the FDBC Cover (FREE COMIC BOOK DAY) and the Emerald City ComicCon Exclusive with Gold Foil. Currently waiting for Issue 2 to arrive at my door. I try and collect them this way, get at least 1 of the usually 3 covers (2 reg 1 variant) for collection and a second of the regular covers A or B to read to my kids. The 4 part story is basically a prequel to CARS the movie. I may end up with a few extra comics, I would gladly offer them in the trading forum for those who may have missed out or are in need of one or two. Just check the trading forum frequently.

  • iamspeed says:

    Has anyone seen “Bolt” yet? How about a hint where to watch for Todd?

  • carsmama says:

    Did anyone get an extra of the first issue? My son decided to start collecting them but now you can only get the second issue.

    (MET: They reprinted #1 – see above – ask your comic book store or go to Boom Studios to order direct).

  • Dunroamin says:

    So where’s the best place to get these?
    Do comic book stores exist anymore?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    ummm yeah.. what he said. I can’t get the interview link to work.

  • Matt says:


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