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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: TRU Clearance?

Not sure if this is nationwide or just one store …


Carrying Case “launcher,” Mini Playsets, “Step on” Track with stolen 2-piece Lightning McQueen, Radiator Springs Challenge and the oval Carrying Case …


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  • carsforchristian says:

    wow a flo cafe for $15 what an awesome deal, wish we had tru. Flo’s was the only one I didn’t find back when it first came out.

  • Ryansdad says:

    I did pick up the Flo’s V8 Cafe playset at TRU last Saturday for $14.99. I could never get myself to buy it for $30.
    It made a nice addition to my sons Easter morning.

  • Nicole H says:

    My TRU has had those all on clearance for months! And I don’t think one single one has sold! The last thing new I found at TRU was Case E and it was only 1. They did have the new hauler case there but I have already had those for over a month and also pre-ordered the case back in Dec.

  • collectormom says:

    On the TRU website they have the Cars Mini Race Rescue (the newest one with Mini Red) set clearanced at $18.88; not sure if they have this in stores though. If I find it in the store at that price I may get one; $27 is too pricey for what you get

    • Tad Ghostal says:

      That is a great set (and at $19, worth it IMO)- and I haven’t even “opened up” mine – it’s at the north end of my Radiator Springs display, anchoring the entire display (with all the other Pixar character Cars on the roof)

  • MiaSenorita says:

    How much is the red circle track case? (on clearance)

  • rpag says:

    man i need one of those race cases. my tru does not have them

  • Captain_Chunk says:

    Those were clearanced out of our TRU months ago.

  • iamspeed says:

    I thought the biggest joke involving TRU was easily predictable……….for Easter week, they ran a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on the CARS and Mega Size, and then they didn’t even get a CARS shipment that week!!!!!!!!! Nice job, TRU! You had a fine selection of nearly empty pegs for 2 weeks!

  • Mike H says:

    If TRU ever needed a sale on CARS merchandise, it should be those vehicle two-packs and Movie Moments sets. The pegs for those items were bursting off the shelves when I went last Saturday.

    Or better yet, mark down the launchers to 50% off…clear some space for the RoR launchers!

    • John in Missouri says:

      Same thing in Columbia, MO — the TRU Movie Doubles were ALL OVER the place.

      As for this post, they had clearance tags and “SALE” tickets on just about everything in the store, so my guess is that it IS nationwide.

  • John says:

    Is it just me, or does the whole McQueen case assortment thing really seem to be killing this line… Not much news to report; CTC still not getting the haulers cases in yet despite the fact that it is the middle of April, only two real new cars per mainline case, one real new car per oversized and launchers case, and no word on the release of the new three packs, which even when finally released, will not be ordered due to the fact that there are 500 dinoco mia and tia’s sitting on the shelf.

    Unfortunately, my 4 year old son has given up on the line as he has literally gone months and months without seeing anything interesting. Hard to sell a child on Milton and Andrea when all he really wants is the Pitty’s and Race Cars. I think that I am going to check the gold in the golden age of cars for fools gold.

    Glad that I made the decision long time ago to stop collecting when the transition to CARS 2 takes place. Anyone remember the name of our ranting and raving collector friend in UK who bashed Mattel prior to throwing in the towel, and selling his whole collection. I have seen many here do it, and would not be surprised to see many more follow suit. Mattel has really made this line stale, despite the fact that they have had awesome ideas for “new stuff”. However, I would love to see every hauler, pitty and oversized made before I stood in line for five hours to get a Rescue Squad Mater from a cartoon short that lasts 45 seconds. I really wish they would stick to the main line, and fix it before they kill it.

    • racerguy says:

      We’re all free to have opinions, but in my personal experience this line seems to be gaining popularity.

    • Deal or no cars says:

      YEAP YEAP YEAP NO sign of the CTC presale Hauler case D ..but this case is out on Ebay and at TRU.. now I need my case that I pre-bought back in October.. … for sure this was my first and last pre-order, never again!

    • Roswell says:

      i agree!
      ive switched from cars to star wars now,
      im still on the look out for new cars, but im not going out of my way, and ill check in here to see whats going on,
      but star wars seem to be getting it right,
      2 main lines, Clone Wars & Regular, good mix of characters, lots of new ones regularly and great work done of making them.

      while cars look great and are well made, mattel seems to fail at everything else!

      • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

        If you’re into Star Wars, let me recommend http://www.Rebelscum.com. My son’s collection goes back to the original figures- 4″ and 12″. Stopped buying/collecting in 2007. The packaging on the various lines is great.

        • Roswell says:

          cheers, got that site on my fav’s right after T5aD,

          i like their image gallerys of the figures, showing you pics from all angles and what parts move ect…
          and im loving the new figures, as im a droid collector, they got loads coming out,

          maybe T5aD should do a Cars image gallery with each car clearly photographed from the front/back/sides ect…

    • TJH-AZ says:

      I completely agree that it’s hard to sell a 4 year old on Andrea and Milton when all he wants to play with is the pitty’s and race cars. However, the interest in just the “racing” aspect of the movie Cars is kind of funny considering the races at the beginning and end of the movie probably take up less than 12 minutes total of the whole movie. The movie wasn’t about racing. Most of the race cars and pitty’s take up as much screen time as the obscure characters such as Dustin or Edwin. So why would you think Mattel or whomever was licensed to make the diecasts would spend any more time making the race cars or pitty’s? I’m sure they’ll all be out in due time, but like the rest of us, you either wait or give up. If the lines popularity is growing as Racerguy says, than maybe they’ll show up sooner than later. And if it’s slowing down, than maybe giving up is the thing to do. That’s up to each of us. Personally, my 3.5 year old still loves all the characters that have been released and he continues to play with them almost everyday. I love the details and still find this line to be the coolest one out there. With the release of Cars 2 I think everything associated with this line will only get better. Yes, there are problems, but in the end, they don’t add up to a reason for me and my son to stop collecting. We’re in it for the long haul, good or bad.

      (MET: You mean your 4-year old won’t sit still as you explain market segmentation? Plus when the Mater the Greater diecasts come out, I’d like to see the Herculean strength needed to just brush the hand by the card or go – me’h).

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Wish we had a TRU. I will have to have my husband check in Tulsa!

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