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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: When Launchers Go Exclusive …

As noted earlier, Pit Row launchers are going to exclusive status and now we know where …



Maybe this Autumn? Same as Movie Moments?

Since Target uses DPCI numbers and not UPC’s – until something shows up, not even Target employees know how to look up things 🙁

But the rumor is Autumn for Movie Moments but the Team Haulers were a surprise, unless it’s a holiday item, it’s unknown until SURPRISE!

Is this the reason for the strange disappearance of CASE C in the US market?

Unlikely but then trying to apply logic to his might be like trying to butter a live squirrel in a tree.

My guess is these won’t arrive until Fall or the Holidays at the end of 2009 … or sooner.

The only bit of big news is they are two-packs … but CASE A is not exactly a barn burner …


Of course, Mattel is launching a SECOND LAUNCHER line called LIGHTYEAR LAUNCHERS …

Probably closer to summer …


So, will we get the currently scheduled RACE OFF LAUNCHERS CASE C, & 2010 CASES B,C & D (listing in this post?) before the switchover to Target?




Why not.

Are you going to eat that corn dog?

Does this seem more confusing and perhaps, there should be a less maddening way to plan & release CARS … or CARS with launcher type devices?

If I say yes and not no?

So, um, Collect Them All and we’ll have a big sorting session in 2015?

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  • DANG IT!! Target always gets the good exclusives!! walmart has only had the 8 cars that aren’t so exclusive anymore cuz they all will soon be re-released & wally hauler. TRU has had Sidewall Shine & N20 Cola & Soon Something Else. Target Has Had Way Too Many Good Exclusives, Give Walmart & TRU More Exclusives! Target Has Had Storyteller’s, Movie Moments, Dinoco 400 Set, Race n’ Chase Set, Mini’s Regular Paint Job Set, & Plenty Others! Give Walmart & TRU A Chance!

  • CaptainChunk says:

    Ugh, exclusives irritate me beyond belief, especially when it’s for Target. They went through the motions during their initial reset to make us think they cared about this line, but since then have gone back to their “what’s a Cars?” mentality.

  • rumbler74 says:


    Clutch Aid Lightyear Launcher. Damn pic is to small. But I think you all will get the idea of how they will look like and how they will be. It looks like is going to be like that Lightyear Tire Case that came out where you store your cars and lock them in a certain area. Then, when you want to open it to play with them. You unlock it and you can Launch them all one by one at the same time by turning on the red rim on the tire. You all know what I am talking about? This is how I perceive this new line to be only the Lightyear tire is on a smaller scale and fits only one car to launch. I would only be interested in it for the the exclusive car. Still prefer the original launcher as you can actually build a race team set with it. With these new ones? Well I guess they will be just for our kids to play with though one or two of them would suffice depending on how many kids you got.

  • Roswell says:

    they need to fire whoever decides what cars to put in a case…
    has there ever been a case with no mcqueens?
    or less than 3? probibly not,

    and now its MQ & King and MQ & nitroade!!!

    i would have had Chick & King and Nitroade & RPM
    just makes more sense to me….

  • iamspeed says:

    Next up will be a line of “Cab Launchers”, with all of the hauler cabs in launcher form.

    Mack Launchers, RPM Launchers, but the best will be the “Jerry Launcher”, he’ll be (recycled) BATTERY OPERATED!!!

    (I hope I didn’t just put an idea in the head of some Mattel designer!)

    • John in Missouri says:

      WARNING: most of the Mattel designers are the ones who developed New Coke, so be careful what you wish for!

      • rumbler74 says:

        Well no wonder there are a lot of problems with the new line (paint chips, dirt, poor color..etc) and new marketing (these new target exclusive 2 pack launchers). They are all on COKE!

        • John in Missouri says:

          I picked up a Chase Chuki yesterday, and on closer review, there are several blemishes on “her” paint! Maybe that is the real appeal Chase Chuki: you get factory rejects!

          • BMW says:

            All the Chukis have this problem, the black paint flecks. The original Chukis were like this. Many complained about it, me included. Never saw a pristine pink painted Chuki. And it looks like the Chase ones are the same.

  • kd says:

    i’m just waiting for my son to say we dont have a launcher for mcqueen. then i can pick it up on clearance.

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Asinine is the only word that comes to my mind right now….

  • rumbler74 says:

    Just when I really started really warming up to the launchers this has to happen. This last assortment of Tank Coat, Vitoline, and Shifty Drug was awesome. I figured, what the hell, “Collect them all.” Now I wanted the “launcher” for every single racer. I wanted the hauler, the racer, the pitty, the crew chief, AND the launcher. If I have to buy a 2 pack of these for example and have to pay $19.99 only because there is a NEW racer (ex. Faux Wheel Drive) with it’s launcher but it comes with an old racer (ex. Leak Less)then it is surely going to make me give up trying to collect them. It is this sort of thing that gives way to the “thievery” that we have seen lately of certain collectors buying the product, getting what they really want, and replacing it with a junk car, and returning it to the store to get their money back. Expect a whole lot more of this happening. I do not condone it, but trust me, it will happen and I can’t fault them for doing it. Collectors feel “ripped off” too when this sort of thing happens so they retalite like that.

  • Pat says:

    corn dog? You mean Cozy Dog, a corn dog only better!

    (MET:Cozy dog? Large enough to use as a pillow?)

  • John in Missouri says:

    Are we sure this isn’t either (1) Met’s late April Fool’s joke, or (2) an accidental re-post from last year? They did Launcher 2-packs about a year ago, and most wound up on Clearance.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Target just needs to make it official, and start a line called “Peg Warmers”.

  • Roswell says:

    i just realised, every day i come on ere to see ‘whats coming next…whats new…whats around the corner’ yet i havnt bought a single car in months…because i havnt seen a single car iv wanted/or thats new even in months,

    quite sad realy…

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Wow! These will look cool next to the WOC carded lauchers that have become peg warmers all over town! Can’t wait to never see them! I’ll stick with the single carded Cars!

  • PirateDad says:

    I am still laffing at Butter a live squirrel in a tree! Who was your Boy Scout Leader Met? Hannibal Lecter?

    (MET: When you’re hungry … 🙂 ).

  • slicepie says:

    It figures, I finally get Mattel licensing and one of my favorite products will be off the ordering list. 🙁

  • BMW says:

    Those launcher 2 packs are not good. The packaging is too large, can’t separate without tearing up the package, and few collectors want them IMO If you are an opener fine. But if you want them on card, these are hard to display, they take up too much display room. They sold out at Target the last time, but only because Target had to discount them way down in price. I found the NoStall/Trunk Fresh on sale for 7.00 or so.

    (MET: My guess is when the 2-packs arrive, they will not be cobbled together like the value packs since that was a lot of cardboard and mostly to clear the shelves … my guess is it will be a smaller Movie Moment like pack?).

  • iamspeed says:

    I only buy launchers when it’s a race car that hasn’t been, or doesn’t appear that it will be, released as a single.

    Tank Coat ring a bell?

  • Mike H says:

    Mattel’d have better luck with their exclusive Semi+pitty+racer sets. I only saw those on the shelves once, and never since.

    I’m a bit tired of ‘the usual suspects’ when it comes to launchers at the stores, as the other launchers thread can attest to.

    Sometimes, I feel like a trained dog:

    ‘You want BumperSave? You want it, boy? Go fetch the Mack-pack at Walmart.’

    ‘You want Re-Volting? You want it, boy? Buy the 4-pack at Target.’

    ‘You want an iCar? You want it, boy? It’s right through that brick wall.’


    ‘Dumb dog.’

  • Matt B says:

    So I would assume this is going to be the same thing when they were doing the Movie Moment 2 packs as well. It looks like the exact same assortment as I still have the Trunk Fresh and No Stall lauchers together.

  • Matt says:

    Well it looks like Case A will be the end of the launchers as I am assuming that the two pack will retail for at least $16, and they will fester on the shelves with that tantilizing assortment of cars. I am truly surprised that they did not package a McQueen and Dinoco McQueen combo.

    These assortments are really getting ridiculous in general.

  • mangisda says:

    no comment

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