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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Quality, Meet Control, Control, Meet … Hey, Where Did He Go?

Again, that old saying – sometimes you want to spell it all out …

Factory: “We need to cut costs – you, inspector #1 … and inspector #2 and well, all you guys wearing the inspector jumpsuits, take 10 days off …”

Hey, look, it’s S’not Snot Rod …


It’s Snot Hank.

Both are organgy …


It’s Jumpy Octane Gain …. The variant un-hitched version …


Some unknowing kid will think – hey, I got a free manhole cover!

Of course, what happened was the lock latches were not twisted into the lock position – hey that costs extra …

But these are not isolated incidents – earlier posts HERE and HERE.

Thanks for the pics SlicePie & Camlgt

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