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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: This is Not the Final San Diego Comic Con Exclusive 2009

As many of you have seen this pic posted on Matty’s FaceBook page …

sdcc-mattelIt is A picture of the Mattel CARS San Diego Comic Con 2009 offering but it is NOT the final representation of what the exclusive Fire Engine Mater & Dalmation Mia & Tia will look like at SD Comic Con 2009. The DOUBLE Ransburg finish is on its way but has not arrived just yet.

However, this is mostly what the store-retail version will look like when they arrive in the Fall of 2009. I’ll bet Mater is a lot less “chromy” in the stores however.

The SDCC exclusive box set will retail for $30 and be available at the show and online after the show. Show starts July 22, 2009.

So think of the above pic like the protos of Bubba


A good first look but NOT the final.

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