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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Return & News of Sarge

Returning in mid summer …

Chase Salutin’ Sarge will be returning first … I know there are a couple hundred reasons this is not logical as ‘chase’ generally implies something that might be as less desirable so you want to goose sales a little with variants and ‘chase’ variants but then, why ask why did it take a year to find lead free green paint?


So Salutin’ Sarge, I salute you and see ya in Quintilis.

Then a few weeks later, REGULAR SARGE will be back in a regular case … uh, hope they pack him more than 1 to the case … by then it should be a case of 24 … so may I suggest at least 8-10 Sarge’s in CASE M or N (or whatever the dash code is then in the new shorter cards Race O Rama).

sarge1Sarge will the same size as before – no scale decommission or reconsideration (yet).

Further news … now that TJ is megasized … no more Sarge & TJ Movie Moment …

dead-tjIs that all meatwad?


Other than the good luck required in finding Sarge on regular recon …

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