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Disney Pixar CARS: The Gashapon Capsule CARS

Not very easy to find in the US are the Bandai Gashapon Capsule CARS …


(in the US, we tend to have the Tomy TYC ones …)

“Gashapon” is the overall Japanese word to describe these ‘capsules.’ I think it’s a direct translation of the sound the capsules make as they rotate out of the machine and plop down … at least that’s what I’ve been told 😉


This is the complete series 1 & 2 … most of the cars here comes with the blimp (Al Oft) and the CARS logo – this series are keychains I think …


They are tiny – maybe an inch at most but they are pretty detailed for tiny buggers … obviously if you look very, very closely – you can spot flaws but they’re all solidly plastic (the wheels don’t roll) and nicely done …


1:55 Tongue McQueen with Gashapon Tongue McQueen -the interesting news is that the tires “in motion” look will be coming to the 1:55 line by next year 🙂 (yep, another McQueen 🙂 ).

Baby Hamm …

McQueen Jr?

The McQueen family?

McQueen with Megsize Al Oft … still not in scale … Al Oft needs to be longer …

The Piston Cup is nice, it’s in scale to 1:55 Lightning McQueen.


Here’s Mack … in this giant closeup, you can spot flaws but also look at the nice detailed aspects for something that is about an inch long …

Thanks for pics “R”!

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