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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Faux Wheel Drive Fo One More Month!

Good news, Knightrider sends us a good news update …

“The Faux Wheel Drive promo is being continued until the end of February.

I spoke to a Mattel UK customer service assistant today who told me, that because most of the promo stickered cars didn’t get put on the shelves till after Christmas, and due to some problems with the carystoys.co.uk website (basically some people have put in their codes and then the system has just not bothered to send out a confirmation email and further instructions), that they’re extending the date for claiming until the end of Feb.

This has happened to me and I’ve had to send my promo codes in to Mattel.”

Note the Mattel car code N9991 & the words FAUX WHEEL DRIVE on the baggie (in reverse) for the official CAR from the UK promotion.


So now you have until February 28, 2009 – nicely done Mattel – way to step up!

As Gervart points out, you should be able to find some CARS at Hamley’s …


Happy shopping UKers and more to trade!

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