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Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: It’s a Gas & a Dresser!

It’s a ga-ga-gasss, okay, it’s really a dresser … I think that’s what you call it? (outside of entertainment center & bookcase, I’m easily furniture-stumped 🙂 ).


Available in Costco (and online at Costco.com) … a dresser with a gas pump on the side. The gas pump actually is a separate piece that hangs on like a real gas pump though sadly the bed does not seem to have a gasoline “hole.”


It’s pretty solid and sturdy – can store all the 2006-2008 CARS but not really any dividers or holders inside so more work needs to be done.

Sadly the 95.00 gallon thing also cannot change – just a sticker.


There is a also a McQueen bed. I know a version has always been around but I’m guessing this might be nicer/sturdier than the $49 one they sell at Kmart?


The good news is even if you’re not buying this, just the fact that people are willing to pony up for the CARS licensing fee 2 years after the film is good news for the diecast line … GO Disney Licensing!

(I think this would be about the right scale for a California Speedway playset & storage bunker, right?)

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