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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Haulers in Walmart & Approaching the Shore …

The haulers are finally starting to appear on the shelves & pallets of Walmart. Keep in mind, you will need to determine what kind of WM you are shopping at. There’s no obvious sign but now there are three types of WM when it comes to shopping for CARS:

a) Walmart’s that are putting out pallets/endcaps & CARS when they arrive at the store.

b) Walmart’s that will eventually put out CARS but it could take anywhere from a few weeks to MONTHS later.

c) Walmart’s that get CARS shipments every 4-5 months so don’t make regular stops there.

With that said, these (CASE A Haulers) have appeared on shelves all across the country …

A few people have even reported these are ringing up as “megasize” or $5 each … so happy hunting.

BTW, CASE B of the Haulers are nearing the shoreline – they should start arriving on your doorsteps late next week from a certain city in Michigan 🙂

Clear the shelves!

BTW, the WM hauler looks like it will arrive in late February/early March …

(of course, a WM exclusive)

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