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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Saturday Target & TRU Post Holiday 2008

Target customers are pretty amazing. I went today and the Christmas candy & trinket section was pretty much wiped out … I hope that Starbucks mug & coffee candy set holds until 2009 🙂

At one Target, they had this setup in toys … maybe an employee made off with the pegs or they realize this was easier? Lots of TRUNK FRESH PITTY & TUMBLEWEED McQUEEN and not much else so odd … Storytellers NOT on sale or clearance.

And yet another Target with Lane Mates …


It will be interesting to see if the “regular” CARS become lenticulars, then does the Lane Mate line become the de facto “classics” line?

Meanwhile at TRU …

No, I’ll just play wth this here …

Of course, at this TRU, Collect Them All means you can Collect Them All at anytime …

Though in all honesty, the WOC Ramones just arrived as they opened up a case a few weeks ago … (though not sure if the carton just came from Mattel or they unearthed it behind something else in the warehouse).

Sadly, I could not find a WOC Sheriff nor Desert Back Sheriff to really complete the collection but it’s a good start.

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