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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Aroldo McQueen Pit Row Customs

He’s done it again!

A few days, we showed the great Apple customs by Aroldo Pongetti just so you get a future glimpse of what a Mattel Pixar CARS diecast setup would look like … but of course, he didn’t rest after he did those amazing customs …

Lightning McQueen Pit Row!

And note, Mack is HUGE so he didn’t just scrape these off a Crew Chief, he diligently crafted a to-scale replica headset for a giant head Mack!

This is so great. I would be more than happy to buy another Mater with this pit row sign … I’m sure it has an official NASCAR or racing name? Who’s gonna answer first?!

I cannot figure out how he made this one … I’m pretty proud I can get the CARS out of the blister without a paper cut … clearly my standards are too low … This is just right on so many levels. It’s cute, it’s righteous, it’s funny and it’s cool … pretty hard to top. For all I know, when you walk near it, it’s says “Van Dutch style!!” 🙂

The CAR itself is already great and this is CARS GREAT SQUARED!

So, brilliant, nice and amazing! Thanks for sharing your great pieces of art with us, Aroldo Pongetti. We look forward to seeing what you’re going to do next!

Of course, it’s nothing compared to my personal equivalent to Aroldo’s CARS …

Okay, maybe not in skill, quality, design or artistry … but in the time it took him to build 15 CARS, I managed to get 1 decal applied to this CAR so going by time spent, it’s practically the exact same thing 🙂

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