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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Trev Mini Carrying Case Now Available

These are available (in theory), has any retailers actually ordered them? Anyone actually see one on the store shelf? Maybe it’s in a box under a tarp in gardening?

Children’s Toy Closet just let me know that they are arriving in a few days so if you want to order one from them. Otherwise the UPC is 0-27084-68010-2.

You’re still going to resist?

And not buy the 16 MINIS to fit into the “Trev Carrying Case?”

With rolling wheels!

Trev in case you don’t remember is a 1949 EMD Trevithick Electro-Diesel Locomotive. (named for Richard Trevithick who built the first steam engine locomotive) that McQueen races across a crossing …

Can you resist?

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