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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Gift 3-Packs Update FINALLY!

Presumably with the switchover from card design to mini box, that explains the apparent hibernation of the 3-packs just as they were getting interesting …

Here is a sample pic of what the Chick Hicks Pitty’s & Mater box will look like when it gets released in early 2009.

The bad news is that Sparemint 3-pack looks to have been pushed back in line and won’t appear in the US for several more cases. It’s still on the list – only at the bottom of the new list.

Instead, ready to ship in a few weeks, CASE B.


Guido, Luigi & Whitewalls McQueen (2)
Dinoco Mia, Dinoco Tia & Dinoco McQueen (2)
Chick Hicks, The King & Finish Line Lightning McQueen (2)

And the others in this order will be all starting in early 2009 …


Bruiser Bukowski, Wide Chick Pitty, & Mater (2)
Dinoco Showgirl #1, Dinoco Showgirl #2 & Lightning McQueen (2)
Chick Hicks, Chick Phase “Green” Mia & Chick Phase “Green” Tia (2)

sorry, no pics yet of the Dinoco Showgirls …


Dexter Hoover (with CHECKERED FLAG!), Lightning McQueen & Race Damaged King (2)
Others TBD

Beyond CASE D, there is no official case configurations – so Sparemint 3-pack is way down the line as of now. That could change but the Sparemint 3-pack is definitely not scheduled for release in the next few months.

(in other words, as soon as you open the singles pack of your Kmart Sparemint, the 3-pack will show up).


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