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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: CHASE Errors or Variants? (UPDATED Update)


Sir Cueball (aka: Jeff G) or is that Mr. Sir Cueball is the second to write in but first to send along an interesting photo …

Spot the anomaly with Chase Impound Boost?

Yes, CHASE cars are supposed to have the confetti blister. I do not believe Mattel is phasing it out but maybe as Impound Snot Rod is turning up without confetti.

We have not confirmed if Impound Snot Rod is available with confetti yet as CASE C just started shipping but be on the lookout.

It looks like we can now say Impound Boost is a VARIANT as many people from all around the country have reported in.

For those unsure when it’s an error or a variant – by strict dictionary definition terms, variant obviously means different from ‘the norm’ but in collecting terms, until you spot dozens or hundreds of them, it is an ERROR. Until it reaches sufficient quantity to be judged a variant, it is an error.

But it is looking like it’s a variant … but as one issue gets settled, now, we have part two …

Jason T. (aka: Camlgt) found what is a new “error” Boost … the dark lettered Boost …

“Dark” Lettering Impound Boost.

“Normal” Letter Impound Boost.

So, time to look at your Impound Boost’s again … for now, this appears to be an error but let me know otherwise, if there are enough ‘dark’ Boost’s out there, this could get messy …

Thanks for the photos Jason T.!

Of course, Impound Boost already is different from regular Boost (besides the boot, of course …)

I thought something was different but Collectormom was the first to point it out … pretty obvious side by side …

It’s hard to tell if the entire rim is red chrome or if a red chrome striping is attached but in either case, a purple one to match the rest of the CAR is used here  … and again, if you look at the official Pixar screensnap above, you see the red striping on his rims … and on the original 2006 Boost (on the right).

Sorry for the slightly dark photo but the back bumper area is unpainted and the tailpipe “exhaust” is also different. Instead of the purple chrome on the right (Boost from 2006), that area under the BOOST license plate is the same piece of metal but is unpainted or painted black.

Honestly, I have not opened or looked very closely at Boost since I opened the one on the right in 2006 so what does your Boost look like? What does the back look like?


There are also reports that the Impound Snot Rod has the boot on the wrong tire … but Lenin V. has thoughtfully sent us pics of his find of CASE C in the wild and everything looks okay …

Note, Snot Rod is sans confetti so perhaps mock confetti meets the cost cutting bullet …

Cost Cutting Bullet -One

Mock Confetti – Zero

(and no, not a glue or steamroller issue – this is known as son going ‘yoink’ and running off followed by ‘rip.’ … of course, that’s the proper way to play with CARS).

Whew, glad to know the Sun rises in the East, and Snot Rod wears the boot on the right side …

Though not CHASE, here are the rest of the photos for the NEW of Chase C.

Yoink and yoink …

Thanks Lenin V. for the photos – now you can safety throw away the cardbacks 🙂


One of the questions people ask is about value but that’s always completely subjective … and it seems dumb to say but it all depends on what people are willing to pay … we can presume any CAR is worth at least $3.50 – anything extra really depends on the buying party but it is safer to say that any CHASE CAR variant or error is going to garner just that much extra interest but it will all depend and ultimately on you and the buyer. For instance, you can figure that a 20% return on top of what you paid is breakeven (for fees) but what is your time worth and handling time and costs (never mind postage) so what is it worth your time & effort in order to sell? For some people, any error is worth the extra return – whether it’s a few dollars or less than $5 “profit,” but for others, it’s much more … so there are no hard and set rules on errors or variants but type that phrase into eBay and gauge what kind of return you might expect. Good luck!

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  • Slkenda says:

    Has anyone else found an error with Doc Hudson? The car and packaging is correct, but it has the ticket of #14 Ghostlight Ramone inside.

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