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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Launchers at Lewis Drugs, The New Walmart

This is how it begins. The cutting slash of retail capitalism … Woolworth’s replaced a million five-n’-dimes, Kmart crushed Woolworth’s, and Walmart took down Kmart … Monty Wards was replaced by Sears and Target has knocked down Sears … and so it goes … and now, Lewis Drugs has struck the first blow against Walmart … Dismissed as some upstart with “only” stores in 32 stores throughout South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota, they are perfectly primed to take down Walmart … far from major transportation hubs, they are all about stealth …

Sure, they’re all about the cute …

But beneath the free cider and cookies, they want you to practice your marksmanship at their stores with live reindeer … behind every cute message, you have to read their cold harsh words …

This is Serious Ming-Ming

Indeed, this is serious Ming-Ming. Is that a stick of dynamite?

Or their main graphic, what are they saying – life is a bitter square pill and you will swallow it …

And that is you in the center and we build more and more stores to trap you …

Mattel is listening … why else would they get these before anyone else on the planet?

Of course, not really unexpected in the bigger sense as they were all listed as launchers coming out in late 2008 or 2009 but I’ll bet no one had money on LEWIS DRUGS as the first place they would actually show.

What’s also interesting (and telling?) – it just asks you to collect THESE 6 launchers on the back …

So, this is CASE A. Now that the secret is out, it is available for resellers to sell … so who knows where it might show up next but Mattel is shipping from their distribution center now.

CASE A is:

Chick Hicks (1)
Shifty Drug (2)
Tank Coat (1)
Vitoline (2)

First, Samuel R, thanks for the picture and enjoy your first in the US launchers 🙂

And of course, this means other than the BUTTON STORE, you pretty much have to stop in each store, grab the first employee and ask, “Where be the Octane Gain hauler?!”

And since Mattel is being secretive about these, we’re not exactly sure if CASE B will contain 3 more “new” launchers or more likely 2 of “new” launchers and a repeat of some here but the next four on the list are:

Fiber Fuel 0-27084-71734-1
Mood Springs 0-27084-71735-8
Retread 0-27084-71736-5
Shiny Wax 0-27084-71737-2

Vitoline 0-27084-71732-7
Shifty Drug 0-27084-71733-4

So, if you thought you could pass by the SIP & GO … think again, Horatio …

CARS – it’s dull and it’s always different.

Happy Hunting (not just reindeer)!

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