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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: No Seasonal CARS Again?

Sure, Darth Vader can offer you a candy caning light saber and Boba Fett, feared bounty hunter has decorated his gun with Christmas lights … but nothing from the Radiator Springs gang?

Sure, we have a lot of CARS to buy this season but who doesn’t want Mia & Tia painted like a candy cane? Or Sally with Cone & Christmas lights? How about a CARS diorama where they are a parade float and the MINI’s are the parade balloons? Who wouldn’t want that?

I do, I do … sure, not exactly canon but that ship has sailed a long time ago …

In the spirit of the season, gimme, gimme, gimme … but, er, um … I mean for the kids of course …

And no, mock Bulbs do not count

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